DumpDC posts something unusual – a specific warning.

George Ure and his crew at UrbanSurvival are also concerned.

Adjust or maintain your threat boards as you see fit.

12 responses to “Tuesday

  1. Jimmy the Saint

    Ok, so….a dirty bomb, a mega-earthquake, and a mega-tsunami. If they’re both right, the dirty bomb wouldn’t even amount to a fart in a hurricane – it *might* show up on Page A-35 of the 4th editioin of the newspaper.

  2. I forwarded it on. Ya never know.
    My contacts are getting used to seeing my “cry wolf” emails, and I think they’re beginning to help them understand the threats to our leveraged system.

  3. Well, I for one am looking forward to tomorrow.

    I’m gonna be really disappointed if the shit don’t happen.

    Kinda tired of the hype and waiting ya know.

  4. Huh. Probably for me just another day of living on the hillside on my side of the third world state. Word probably won’t have filtered down to the other folks quite so soon for the Time to be tomorrow.

    However: If you never see another post from me, then you might know that the other folks won that round, are licking their chops after their victory, and are coming after you people.

  5. I’m confused. I don’t have cable/broadcast TV, but thought that Congress and the UN were both in session today, the former with “emergency” budget matters and the latter arguing over creating a Palestinian state. I was watching TV at my mom’s house whilst celebrating my birthday today and these were the key topics. Were they merely recapping last week’s or the weekend’s events? Because if these folks are still in DC/NYC then????

  6. Predicting earthquakes based on hunches? Seriously ?? The Urban Survival article was ridiculous. So was DumpDC’s.

    I think we all need to get a little more focused back on reality. Some people are just itching for the EOTWAWKI. But, as I’ve said before that’s a real weakness, because the odds are high that there won’t be a “triggering event” or SHTF moment, oh at least not one that makes tough decisions easy.

    We’ve alredy had events as large as Katrina and 7.6 eathquake in San Francisco that knocked out the Bay Bridge, and that hasn’t triggered anything larger than localized mayhem.

  7. DumpDC’s post was so full of crap its amazing. Most of the data is incorrect and the conclusions … well…

  8. Still here. Still getting fucked over. Still more than a little pissed off. Still want some payback. Still want my country back.

    I’m disappointed.

    9:00pm EST September 27, 2011

  9. You’re not alone, OP…

  10. Plus 1, Dedicated Dad….

  11. Hey intel is intel. Some of its not usable and some of it is. Just be glad someone is providing information.
    I have been reading this same kind of info for a few weeks and while I just squinted my eyes and said “maybe”, I cant say I am not glad to have been given a heads up. My spidey senses just have not been perking on this one.

  12. It is my stupid and unwarranted opinion that the Scheise will hit the fan, without warning, and it will catch millions out of their seat. The only solution(?) is to be and stay prepared, as much as you can stand or able to, and calmly go about your business. Zombie Apocalypse, whatever. Training and Preparedness are the hounds of Disasters’ wake. All non-hackers can report to the rear, with the gear.