VDH: A Look Back

The Prof places the ongoing Collapse into context.

Not that it makes it any better.

6 responses to “VDH: A Look Back

  1. VDH sets up a problem, as he has done in previous linked posts here. He does not do the solution very well. Especially in the last linked one, where he was mostly whining at being a victim, seeing his property disappear in the night.

    Seems to me that the solution is very local, somewhere below the level of county commissioners. Somewhere down at that Sheriff level. Not the state government . And not, as we are being conditioned to accept, “the government”, which we are being conditioned to accept by default when we hear that gobbment word, is to mean our faithful fathers in DC.

    Seems to me that VDH and his fellow neighboring property owners might do something other than whine about their status of being ripped off in the night. Or set up by day, as VDH says.


    Maybe VDH is not on board with solving his own problems, but would sooner write about them. Pay is certainly better by coming down on one side and getting a bunch of views, rather than going broke in lawyer’s fees for doing the right thing.

    I can’t say I have much sympathy for, or a desire to read the trevails of, people who would sooner talk to the world about their problems, rather than solving them on their own home places and keeping fucking quiet about how problems were solved. That might just be my own inner self coming through, working with my local government in an area still classified by the feds as “frontier.”.

    It’s all about how you feel about the people who are effing with your property… right: If yer feelings are right, then you can kick the response up to a higher level, which you will find to be lacking… and which you will find enough in its lack to write about and get good hits on your blog. I do understand.

    The lesser response does beat the hell out of grabbing your balls and solving your local problems locally, if an audience is desired.

  2. Francis Parker Yockey had quite a bit to say about the life-cycles of cultures. Life cycles they are, and they repeat over and over again throughout the ages. We’re arrogant to assume our culture is the exception. It is not.

    I realize many will not read Yockey’s writing because of his weltanschauung. Ad hominem and all.

    Knowledge is power, and must be aggressively secured.

    By, of course, any means necessary.

    That includes reading -I mean really reading- Guevara, Hitler, Yockey, Mao, Machiavelli, and Marx just as -if not more- frequently and earnestly than those possessing worldviews and understandings more in line with those found in modern liberal democracies. Mental stagnation is no fun at all.


  3. VDH is learning about his enemy, but waiting for BigBrother to do something about it. Those who do not learn from history- are doomed to be examples for future professors.

    AP – I read Che and learned from him, and use his image as a target on the rifle range.

    Know your enemy. Know why he is your enemy. And train to kill him and his fellow travellers.

  4. AP,

    You should caution everyone here NOT to have that book by Yockey in their home because it will be displayed prominently at the post-mortem to prove the neo-nazi sympathies of the owner. Like the Turner Diaries and other such drivel, it is not something to have in your possession. They will line it up up with your guns near the chalk mark silhouette of your body.

    I think Yockey was a prototype for much of what passes for neoconservatism today except for the refusal to pledge obedience to Israel in all things foreign policy.

    Socialism does not work whether Nazis or Communists.

    Per Che: Read Fontova’s book:


    Nothing beats Lawrence and Giap for schooling in 4GW.

    • Hi Bill,

      Why would we cower before almighty police tribunals over “evidence” they have collected at our homes in some future scenario? Are you willing to play by their rules?

      As one man said, “Ever notice how many conversations in the Land of the Free begin with a furtive look around and the words: ‘I know you’re not supposed to say this, but…'”

  5. Ken,

    I get it but having just been embroiled in the justice system with my teenaged son, my private defense attorney was the only non-government employee in the courtroom and rules are on the fly and subject to the robed government employee’s whims. If one wishes to read such things, keep it in a place it won’t be found.

    I want the whole fetid, corrupt and life-destroying system to be in the wastebin of history but until then, I will not provide with the kindling for my demise. Of course, thought crimes are silly but they own the system.