Whose Side Are You On?

Please read the text and comments at this Belmont Club post prior to watching the Keynes/Hayek rap-off above.

Are you a controller, or do you stand for freedom?

And what are you willing to do about it?

These people see you as a slave and believe that you will do nothing meaningful to stop them.

Your call.

4 responses to “Whose Side Are You On?

  1. William Clauss

    To hell with these bastards.

  2. To hell with those bastards. Exactly.
    I will piss on their ashes and make mud. They have no freakin idea of what they’re about to unchain, because they themselves would not be able to switch roles and survive.

  3. You know that two weeks ago, the Fed “guaranteed” European banks’ liquidity. You know that in the ’08 festivities, that the Fed “loaned” 16 TRILLION to Europes’ banks to ensure that A: They didn’t fail, and B: That keeping them from failing kept US banks from capsizing, and then, amazingly after this was disclosed in the Feds first audit, the European banks PAID IT ALL BACK(?). Well, I used to believe in fairy tales when I was little, but I don’t really get how a bunch of broke MFs can pay that sum back when they’re broke to begin with. Or how, and when we’re going to supposedly cough up a couple of trillion more, from printing it or stealing everyones’ 401K here, I don’t know. I know their motivation for doing it, but it is just as wrong as the first time they did it. I think the Fed came up with a credit swap of derivatives to play rescue dog in ’08. I think too, that the can being kicked down the road has been kicked out into an intersection of 20 roads, and 20 eighteen-wheelers are just outside that intersection, loaded with dynamite, going 120mph, and headed for a little meeting. Those self destructive bastards don’t care about their own lives, much less us peons.

  4. King Leonidas: My heart is broken for your loss.
    Captain: Heart? I have filled my heart with hate.
    King Leonidas: Good.