Fred On Everything: A Culture In Regression

Fred Reed muses on the accelerating Endarkenment.

Ready for the New Thirty Years’ War?

7 responses to “Fred On Everything: A Culture In Regression

  1. I was initially looking to be under whelmed by this piece, I now must offer congratulations on the insight and perception shown. He is exactly correct. It is with looming conviction that the internet may well become a myth spoken of in hushed and mysterious tones, much as the library of Alexandria during the Dark Ages, as the story teller recounts the verbal history before the endarkening in the flicker of fire light and the sound of howling wolves.

  2. As one of my daughters has told me, books are passe’ and e-books are “it”. Good, says I, but what ifn’ there ain’t no ‘lectricity? Pshaw, she scoffs, then you wouldn’t be able to read at night. Yep, says I, I’ll be on guard duty, or asleep then. And if I get a little time for myself in the day, I’ll read my book. She doesn’t think they’ll ever be a time when there’s no electricity. That’s really funny, right there, because her Grandfather didn’t have any till he was thirty. Electricity, for most, is there, well, because. When it goes off, that’s when the fun will begin.

  3. Semper Fi, 0321

    Sean, you really crack me up. No electricity??
    Most ranches in this valley didn’t have electricity until the 1950-60’s, oil lamps are still found everywhere. These fukin kids are in for a nightmare when their phones and toys don’t work anymore, eh?

  4. Nightmare doesn’t really describe it. They’ll be reduced to the worst human state: The will die of shame. They won’t be able to do the one thing they needed to, to survive.

  5. The World Made by Hand fans will be sorely disappointed to learn that the electricity will not be going off. Wood to electricity has gone from an open source research project to a quickly growing manufacturing business:

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      You gonna buy us all one?

      • You gonna buy us all [a wood gasifier electricity generating system]?

        No, silly prepper, you are going to build one for yourself from these free plans if it ever looks like you need it. In the first world home electricity generation is a hedge to limit the potential drop in lifestyle. At this moment you don’t self-treat all your own drinking water, do you? But if the city water stops you can for a while, long enough to transition to some other system that takes less work to keep running.