Follow The Money

Read this piece as posted at Jim Sinclair’s place.

Go black market as much as you can.

Use something other than the US dollar as the medium of exchange.

You’ll need the practice.

2 responses to “Follow The Money

  1. Nothing personal, but when the time comes, the Fedgoons at the Dept. of the Treasury will squash these folks like bugs. Look what happened during the earlier Depression. FDR outlawed the ownership of gold. And, don’t tell me we can still barter among ourselves. Barry will have his legons of snitches out there ready to turn in anybody who hands a merchant gold or silver coins for a transaction. Stock up on consumables now, while you can, and set up a secure network/tribe to survive the madness to come.

  2. The Declaration is a step in the right direction. Let’s roll back the calendar about 10 months for a refresher on WHY this is needed again:

    We need to pick up the speed, folks, because the Chinese are still ahead of us:

    If you snooze, they’ll take your coin and use it to eat your lunch.