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“Our government is utterly broke”


In a CNN website, no less.

Must be the tax plan in the second half.

No matter.

Keep pulling back on the stick.

Less throttle.

It’ll all be fine.

Land Of The Free

“Land of the Free” from John Jensen on Vimeo.

As linked at Oleg’s place.

The Cliffs Of Insanity: Obama Catharsis

Read it all, including the embedded links.

Then think about all of the people you encounter in your daily tasks.

What percentage of them want true freedom?

Any of them?

Alea iacta est.

“…We know the formula for prosperity. It is liberty”

This article is one of the reasons why you should include Dr. Jerry Pournelle’s site in your daily rounds.

Pity no one in government is willing to take the steps he outlines.

“We Can’t Just Leave It Up To The Parents”

SK recaps today, and then looks into the future:

…Tyranny is the consensus by those who govern, that the people whom they rule over cannot be trusted to govern themselves. That they can’t be trusted to do the little things or the big things. That they are senseless brutes who should do what they’re told, show up at the appropriate speeches and parades to cheer the beloved leaders, and then go home to their meal of government cheese and bread ration, and remember whom they owe it all too. The big men (and women) on top…

And all but one of the pig-dogs of both parties now vying for Dear Leader status promises and will deliver more of it.

Do you understand yet?



One more time.

And then…

Doom Snobs

Alvie speaks truth.

This ain’t a game or a con.

For some, at least.

The Taxman Cometh

ZeroHedge discusses the Mighty Kenyan’s upcoming foray into unintended economic consequences.

Don’t forget about this little ploy, either.

Your government hasn’t.

They’re just saving it, as part of the 2013 Taxapalooza, until after the elections.

Do you understand yet?

Coming Soon To A Town Near You

Mish Shedlock sketches the reality of governmental bankruptcy.

Damned sure glad that could never happen here in ‘Murica.

Enjoy the public services (and the weekend) while you can.


A E-P: China To Liquidate US Treasuries

H/t to JohnGaltFLA for this Evans-Pritchard piece on the PRC plans to act like a righteously-indignant creditor.

The sporty-meter just redlined.

Quote Of The Week

…No, and hell no: We don’t want no Restorista movement, or the type of person who might rise to lead such a thing. The Constitution has never done real well in reining in bad actors, but it has managed to chug along, with some prodding, for quite a few years. All that can be hoped for, is to keep the other folks in their Constitutional cage of today. We can’t hope to roll back history to some better time, because there never has been a good time for FreeFor in this Republic.

We don’t need no Leader to take us into Darkness and show us the end result of a Restoration Movement. Plenty of other people have paid, with their lives and property, for having a Leader wish.

Lead your own selves. Clean up your neighborhoods.

— Commenter Prairie Fire, on this post

Codrea: Issa Meets The Polygonal Battlespace

Read David’s latest, and then ask yourself:

Why is it only the Left that knows to use any means necessary to achieve their ends?

AP: Storm Of Steel

Arctic Patriot reports on his recent reading.

Added to the list, with thanks.

Barnhardt: Solyndra, Solyndra, Solyndra

From Ann Barnhardt:


I just love the sound of it. Now we all CLEARLY see that all of this, all of the “stimulus”, all of the “green” carney hack scams, the entire Obama regime and the Marxist cabal running this country is about looting as much cash as possible from the Treasury. That’s it. Dump half a billion into a fake Potempkin Plant, let the executives skim about 10% of that off the top, of which a certain percentage goes right back to the Obama regime through campaign contributions, bring in other cronies as “investors” and then subordinate the government loan BEHIND the crony “investors”, and finally BK the whole thing in 12 months and sell off the equipment and assets to even more cronies for 10 cents on the dollar.


Obama is about as interested in “green energy” as he is in girls. All these people care about is hustling and robbing the taxpayers blind for as much as possible.

Too much more of this and someone might start talking about a tax strike. Hmmmm. . . .

Here is a great clip from Mark Levin:

Listen to Mark Levin interview a Solyndra employee here. Fascinating.

TL Davis: One Day, A Leader Will Come

Read TL’s latest piece.

Woe unto those who get what they want.

A E-P: The Dragon Speaks

Evans-Pritchard covers the PRC’s “offer” as the West continues towards Collapse.

Do you understand yet?

Billy Beck: Mr. Obama

From Billy Beck:

I write to you now in a truly bi-partisan spirit; my greatest hope in being understood as an American, without party interest.

You see, my first political value is freedom. That, sir, is why I am convinced that you and your entire program must fail. More: you must be taken down in history books as, to-date, the president who was most antithetical to the whole aim of America. In its essence, this is a place where human beings build themselves, for themselves, and without the leave of creatures like you, who would have us as massed-cells for a hive.

I am not a cell, and I do not live in your hive. You will never command my allegiance or even obedience. (No president ever has, so you will not be able to take this personally.) I do not exist for your purposes, but for my own, and you have no place in them. Nor do any of your various underlings.

No matter what events come by us in the future until your (doubtless: worse, and a lot by your actions) successor sees you off the field, you may know that there is at least one American who will always see you: you were the first post-American president.

It is a distinctive new theme for writers interested in such matters. It will be available to them for decades, if not centuries.


(submitted here)

Takuan Seiyo: Gelded Men And Insane Socialist Women

Read his latest.

Consider the consequences.

They ain’t good.

More On The New Thirty Years War

Spengler walks us through the Dutch resistance to Spanish hegemony in the 17th century, before looking ahead to what is coming.

Have you thought through long-term sustainment issues?

Better start.

VDH: Lessons Re The New Barbarians

The Prof files this dispatch as California’s Central Valley continues to fall.

Stick a fork in it.

Cali’s done.