Taking Care Of Business, South Of The Border

Robb’s Global Guerrillas links to this Zenpundit piece on how the polygonal battlespace develops as a former nation-state devolves.

Have you read these books yet?

Seasons In Hell: Understanding Bosnia’s War

The Fall of Yugoslavia: The Third Balkan War, Third Revised Edition

The Destruction of Yugoslavia: Tracking the Break-Up 1980-1992

You should – unless you are one of those Little Mary Sunshines who believes that all will work out peacefully here in the former United States, without torrents of bloodshed and bestial violence.

In which case, don’t read the books, and don’t pay attention to what has happened (and is happening today) around the world.

Just pray for a quick and painless demise for yourself and your dependents.

Alea iacta est.

6 responses to “Taking Care Of Business, South Of The Border

  1. Ricky Bobby

    I haven’t read the above mentioned books, but if there is anything to be gathered from these and many other books of the same knowledge base is from reading One (1) book, written back in 1995 by a person with enough foresight to see what was coming to the US. This persons name is Thomas W. Chittum and the book he wrote is/was Civil War II. If you want to see what is coming down the pipe for the US, take a short jaunt through the internet to find it (PDF) or order it, but make sure you read it. Reading this is like reading yesterdays newspaper. You will see how all of the pieces are falling together and it gives you a time window, not dates when things are going to happen, but an order of sequence of how these things will/are coming together. The book is in paperback form and ONLY 167 pages from front to back. The information you get out of this book will be invaluable. Please Read if you don’t read anything else.

  2. People who don’t like non-fiction can try novels, maybe “Wildwood Boys” by John Carlos Blake. It’s about how so-called laws of warfare were applied at that time, and about how humans treat each other, as the fighting happened HERE, in this country, Missouri, during the first Civil War.

    Within the past few days, there was a commenter either here on WRSA, or at SSI, who made the argument that early USA government was given half a chance to work, because most of the Tories (maybe 1/3rd of Rev War populace) deported themselves to Canada after the Rev War beat their ideas. Think that will happen here?

    That half a chance, would not accompany any modern Restoration effort (which would, of course, be started by the other people.) Not unless the other people volunteered to deport themselves after their ideas had been bloodily put to shame. Fairly unlikely, no? Even individual Hollywood actors and other pop stars can’t seem to live up to their voluntary deportation promises after a peaceful “R” win at the polls. So… those other people would be left behind after a so-called Restoration Win. That situation would be unlike what happened post-1783 or so. What’s a person to think about THAT?

    Responses to that question, tell us who we are, and what we realistically think about national Restoration possibilities. Realistic answers, might put all thoughts into keeping neighborhoods good.

  3. Ricky Bobby

    I would really like to know, from the people that read this blog (WRS) if we are going to get through this collapse without a revolution?? My money is a full on Revolution. Just seeing the signs all around us!!
    What are your thoughts?

    • Does it really matter much what you might call the final collision, perhaps bloody, between the two or more sides in this USA who currently pretty much agree, at this time, to get along without too much violence? A person could call that collision a RatFuck if he wanted to, and he’d be mostly right. Historians, working in candlelight, could further massage that term, as to how they wrote the upcoming/recent past in order to put their mark on what might have happened.

      Those historians would want to guard their product well, lest some cold prospector coming in from the weather (‘”Vandenberg”, 1974) might use those notes for fire tinder.

      If those survivors have taken the time to learn radio comms right now, before the internet has gone dark, then they can learn to construct field expedient antennaes for the mobile HF radio tranceivers that they already have in hand (and have paid the tribute of several good battle rifles for), and at that point they can discuss with the rest of the world, via Morse or equivalent, their ideas as to what has constituted maybe just a collapse of the world as we have known it, or if that if the collapse has been engineered by the Red Hordes. You know, those Other People, those followers of Saul Alinsky, who did not give up and collapse as did the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union back in ’90-91. Many of them have some good federal jobs here with the current regime.

      Back to commenter Ricky Bobby: It probably doesn’t matter in the end, if there was just sort of a financial collapse (and it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around what a global sort of collapse might entail)… or if, as you make the word, a Revolution. For sure, somebody, somewhere, is going to rise up. Might be in the MidEast, of course we encouraged that Arab Spring, so strike that thought.

      My money is on candlelight, and on long-distance morse code radio comms supported by whatever means you can get out on 12v at 100 watts with field expedient antenna constructed in various ways to talk to the 1) World; 2) People just a few hundred miles away that can’t be reached on VHF radio or other HF “traditional” ways; and 3) people nearby who can receive real strong radio signals on HF due to the senders’s NVIS ways of getting out the news A nice thing about that sort of NVIS signal, is that it is both strong in a small area, and best, harder to get DF’ed on. This, folks, is the thing that you have to go out of your way to do in order to learn, and there will be some cost… several battle rifles worth of cost, then much learning time after that, in order for a person to earn a place around the next campfire of Enlightenment. In my worthless opinion, a person who can talk to others at distance when other comms go down, is just about as worthwhile around a campfire, as say, the person who brings twenty Raufus rounds to that campfire with no large rifle to shoot them out of. Both bring something. Each offering is worthwhile.

      If forces of the next Enlightenment prevail, then there may be a generation or two of cultural darkness and fighting, until God shines his light on the right side once again… for a new try.

      • Prairie Fire – when you say, “several battle rifles worth of cost” do you mean a Mosin Nagant? If so, yes, but there are many HF transceivers on eBay right now that won’t go past a mid-grade pistol, 5 or $600. (By mid-grade I mean, say, Springfield XD – not a high end 1911 or Wilson Arms, say).

        Otherwise, we’re in complete agreement.

  4. For those of you who don’t have the time to read enough books to earn an Area Studies Certificate, you can watch the high-lights from the documentary: