Denninger: “The time to do the right thing is running out”

Please read KD’s take on the “Occupy Wall Street” phenomenon.

My view?

The time for the State – both the FedGov itself, the so-called “public-private partnerships”, government-sponsored enterprises such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the state and local bastard offspring of FedGov, and the various adjudication and enforcement organs – to do the right thing has run out.

All that remains is Lenin’s eternal question:

Kto kogo?

And here’s a clue as to the answer to that question:

Despite valiant efforts, FreeFor has not been able in any way, shape, or form to rally the boots on the ground, the controls of state power, and the backing by multigazillionaires that the OpFor collectivists have.

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.

Place your bets.

UPDATE 1550 EDT 12 OCT 2011: GardenSERF gives his POV as well.

10 responses to “Denninger: “The time to do the right thing is running out”

  1. Don’t give up…yet.
    I waver on this, but I’m not sure we are as far down the road as we might think we are. Lots of badness out there to be sure, but so completely convinced (today at least) that we have moved far enough to begin rallying the proverbial troops. YMMV. My view will likely change (twice) by tomorrow morning. Welcome back BTW.

    • An additional thought:
      There will be no preventing chaos. There will be no ease in speed or trajectory. We will have to hit a wall and let it act as the central catalyst. Again, YMMV…

  2. “…rally the boots on the ground, the controls of state power, and the backing by multigazillionaires…”

    There would appear to be a rally at the keyboards…
    That movement will grow, and live between the cracks if it has to.
    Others have said it better – the wave will crash and the idea is to still be standing when the tide goes out.

  3. My bet is that, despite all this wrangling and conniving by the collectivists and their money masters, when the coming madness howls out of the shithouse, it will be a tide that goes out and that grounds all boats. The smiley face of socialism will drop, the communist will appear, and the fight will begin. It will,in the end, be like all idealogical struggles. The side( FreeFor or Communists) that is the most ruthless and succeeds in killing enough of the other side, will win. That’s why I’m not worried what happens now. My only concern is how it plays out then.

    • yes, this. There were counties in Western Missouri during the Civil War that made Yugo ’93 look like a rainy girl scout jamboree weekend.
      You’ve all read your history people. No one kills like Americans do. And here pretty damn quick like we’re going to be aiming at one another again.
      It’s the only way to fix it. Talking, voting, compromise, it’s all a futile play in a rigged game.
      Get ready for the races folks, see you there.

    • And my only interest is that the pigs die first, for it is they who, by abject violation of their oath of office, have brought us here. EVERY ONE OF THEM.

    • That’s why I’m not worried what happens now. My only concern is how it plays out then.


      Also agree completely w/LFMayor & Mark.

  4. This isn’t a “Phenomenon”, this has been planned for at least a year. This isn’t a surprise at all. It was scheduled for May, but pushed back. These aren’t “Angry Patriots” that sprouted up out of the ground to fight back against a corrupt system, they’re useful idiots, organized by many of the Soros funded outlets. Media Matters, TIDES Foundation, ACORN, yada ya. Jeez, they’re paying dayworkers from Home Depot to hold signs they can’t even read. I’ve yet to hear more than one or two coherent statements from any of these bozos. Most of them are stoned, stupid and slow. It’s like “Idiocracy” come to life. If the food supply stopped for 3 weeks, they’d all be dead. If their gaggle stumbled down my street, it would look like a deranged zombie movie, only instead of “Brrraaainz”, they’d be mumbling “Freee college”… “Freeee Internet”… “Freeee stuuuffff”. You could take a sip of coffee between shots. “Phenomenon”??? Really??? Seriously???? Beck’s been talking about this for 8-10 months. How is this a “Surprise” to anyone?

  5. I have attended many rallies since 2004. At most we, the FreeFor, outnumbered the Opfor but recieved scant media attention and that was always negetive. With all the Union push and a lot of money being thrown at it, the OWS crowd is small and very much fringe but the lame-stream media is making it look big, compare to Becks 8/24/10 rally where 500,000 plus peopel showed up without some big money behind them but all on thier own dime. We are in for a civil war of unimaginable violence, but the FreeFor will be there in large numbers.


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