Freedom Has No System

Read and think.

Chains of a different system are still chains.





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  1. Quite a to-the-point piece.
    Thanks for linking to it.

  2. With no organization, a group of free people will fall victim to the first group of people that ARE organized, regardless of the morality of either, and that is why modern men are united as nations, states, etc. Kind of an extrapolation of the criminal problem. As in Army doctrine, unwritten, “Ten men who fight as a team can whip a hundred who can’t.” Be great to be independant of one another, each one a sovereign, not paying homage to any system, not compelled to do anything that one didn’t want to. But sooner or later, some ambitous thug is going to get his organized gang together, and start making slaves of everyone they meet. It is just a simple fact of life. At ZeroGov, Bill is pining for something men have always wanted, and never will get. To be free, you have to be able to buy that freedom, and the price is usually eternal vigilance, on guard with someone else in the OP/LP, as part of an organized group, that practices the discipline of obediance to a few simple rules. If you submit to that discipline, then it should be voluntary, with an agreed upon start and ending, and limits. The trouble usually starts when someone decides they want a lot more than just freedom. The history of humans is that this is an endless, repeating, easily discerned cycle. We’re near the end of the freedom cyle here in America. Regeneration is needed. And we’re not going to be millions of completely free people wandering around the country. Perhaps very free as organized nation-states, but not a bunch of nomads and independant as a hog-on-ice individuals. The rest of the planets’ occupants eye us with greedy intent, and malevolent intentions.

    • Amen. And one of the continuing tensions in human existence is between those who wish simply to be free and those who wish to control others. To avoid the chains of the latter, the former must be willing and able to yield (hopefully temporarily) in their quest for the freedom ideal.

  3. I left this post

    Many people when asked about God and the Devil or good and evil would describe God as being a force of order and the Devil as being a force of chaos. I have come to the conclusion that this is backwards. God is not order God is chaos, the shear chaos of creation itself. If we were to find ourselves at the edge of our universe we would see the work of that creation. Beyond it into the blackness of nothing we would see the face of chaos. As the creation forms and condenses into mater and shape order sets in. This is a cycle of decay from creation to ordered mass to breakdown back to chaos again.
    Now this is on a cosmic scale but its in the details as well. You can however see that we will never reach a state of pure liberation. Pure freedom is only at that edge of chaos. Nature will impose order, and systems will form. We can only hope to do what we can to stay as close to that edge as possible but we cannot exist beyond that edge.

    It is utopian idealism to think that you can inhabit a pure state of freedom. It sounds good on paper and you surely can exist in your own personal space in as close to free state as possible. You however do not live on an island and nature will impose order. Your fellow men will decay towards ordered tyranny as time advances. Even if you were to acheive a complete change of mind for every member of society as time advances that acheivement will decay. It is the nature of order that systems will form. All you can hope to do is keep as little order as possible in that system and continue to recreate it as time advances so as to set back the rate of decay.

    Now that got a little heavy but Sean’s post is a good simply rendition.

  4. As I stated elsewhere, our Constitution is just fine. The People failed it, not the other way around.

    The gentlemen that gave us the gift realized, I believe, that deterioration of liberty would/could occur and built in a safe guard or two to provide a reset button.

    The reset button isn’t automatic though. Somebody’s gotta push it.

  5. Chaos is nothing but order misunderstood.

    • I half agree with that comment. I think that often, people do not see the underlying order in what appears to be chaos. It’s about scope and perspective: it seems like chaos when you’re standing in a freeway, but not when you’re looking at the freeway from a helicopter.

      But as darkness is the absence of light, as evil is the privation of a due good, true disorder is the absence of order, and it is not good. But order must always flow from the human heart outward. A true and lasting order cannot be maintained at the point of a bayonet.