“Whom the gods would destroy, they first render mad”

October 23, 2011

Whom the gods would destroy, they first render mad

by Max Denken

Here is Senator John McCain with his Stepford Wives grin, complaining that we didn’t “lead from the front” in Libya, planning what else we’ll do there and elsewhere around the world to fight for dimokratsya (dim like in “dim bulb”). That is, of course, a bi-partisan mindset, shared equally by the American Socialist Diversity Party and the American Neocon Diversity Party. The hit on Libya is the proud handiwork of five socialist women and one communist metrosexual:  Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power, Susan Rice, EU’s Catherine Ashton, and B.H. Obama with probable counsel from Valerie Jarrett.

And here are the wages of folly as per the latest news from Libya, in an example of Matt Drudge’s inimitable pairing of text and pictures:


Here is more news just from the last 48 hrs. proving our rich return on an investment of, so far, 7,453 dead and 46,747 wounded (coalition total per CNN) and three trillion dollars borrowed from PR China to save Mr. Haji from himself in Iraq and Afghanistan:

Iraq rejects US plea to keep bases after withdrawal…

KARZAI: Afghanistan to back Pakistan if war with USA…

On the other hand, our meddling in Arab politics to impose democracy — a concept repulsive to Muslims — has led to tremendous successes elsewhere as per these recent headlines captured at Drudge:

Islamist party poised to win Tunisian elections…

Islam Rising

All that followed despite the bitter fruit of America’s betrayal of its reliable ally in Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, officially as of January 2011. That led to the blossoming of the Arab Spring elsewhere and to the ascent to power of the U.S.-hating Muslim Brotherhood. The results so far have been the de-facto unilateral annulment by Egypt of its peace treaty with Israel, and unrestrained mob pogroms of Egypt’s Christians. [Reality check: by the time Haji conquered Egypt in 640 AD, the Christians had been there for 600 years].

By-the-way, where are any voices on the Right (except for a few truculent Libertarians) pillorying this insane Nation-building / Nation destroying travesty? The nations we build are theirs; the nation we destroy is ours. It’s like our Invade them over there/ Invite them over here Muslim relations policy.

There is no need to go here into the economic and social capital self-destruction of the United States that began in earnest under Lyndon Johnson and now in its end-stages accelerates so fast that the increments may be measured daily. As to the economic side, readers of Karl Denninger and Zero Hedge will find there their necessary education. As to the social capital destructions, just as much material exists, with Patrick Buchanan focusing on this area broadly for decades, and others specializing in different segments of the slide. But one headline caught my eye today, for it’s so complementary to all this Uncle Sam warmongering, busybody, spectacularly foolish ways on the international stage.

“The FBI Announces Gangs Have Infiltrated Every Branch Of The Military”


A soldier in a combat zone throwing gang signs (photo FBI)

The article summarizes FBI’s new gang report announcing that there are now 1.4 million gang members in the US. That’s a 40% increase since 2009! It’s also an equivalent of an occupying army of 117 divisions of a savage foe. That sounds like hyperbole, until one gets to the gist of the article about the gangbangers’ joining the military:

“The report says the military has seen members from 53 gangs and 100 regions in the U.S. enlist in every branch of the armed forces. Members of every major street gang, some prison gangs, and outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMGs) have been reported on both U.S. and international military installations. [Quoting:]

Through transfers and deployments, military-affiliated gang members expand their culture and operations to new regions nationwide and worldwide, undermining security and law enforcement efforts to combat crime. Gang members with military training pose a unique threat to law enforcement personnel because of their distinctive weapons and combat training skills and their ability to transfer these skills to fellow gang members.[snip] ” Gangs target the U.S. military and defense systems to expand their territory, facilitate criminal activity such as weapons and drug trafficking, or to receive weapons and combat training that they may transfer back to their gang. Incidents of weapons theft and trafficking may have a negative impact on public safety or pose a threat to law enforcement officials.”

These too are the Wages of Empire. The continuous US engagement in multiple foreign conflicts, military incursions, nation building, humanitarian “missions” etc. calls for bottom fishing to find more military recruits, fudging data about the fundamental unsuitability of such recruits, recruiting a foreign legion promised green cards in return for service, and so on. All these people are eventually unloaded onto the civilian population, with dire consequences.

The FBI report makes for sobering reading, what with a map showing vividly what Wonderful Imported Diversity has done to California, photos of cholos in gang colors etc.

A sidebar shows another aspect of Wonderful Diversity:

Expansion of Ethnic-Based and Non-Traditional Gangs

– Asian Gangs
– East African Gangs
– Somali Gangs
– Sudanese Gangs
– Caribbean Gangs
– Dominican Gangs
– Haitian Gangs
– Jamaican Gangs
– Non-Traditional Gangs
– Hybrid Gangs
– Juggalos

All those are gangs the United States has imported voluntarily. Most through the folly of sucking in over 1.1 million immigrants and “refugees” per year, overwhelmingly from hostile Third World countries and with sixth rate education, skills, or possibility of acculturation within the American majority. The rest, i.e. “illegals,” it has brought in through the purposefully open Open Borders, government lies and ineffectual posturing notwithstanding.

But that must be by design. Should the traitors, fools and crooks who have a lock on putatively “democratic” governance in America cared a whit about their people, they would have stationed battle-hardened American military units on the Rio Grande, not in Kandahar. And there would not have been one man among the soldiers who has a felony record, or sports gang signs, or is a foreign national. But keeping the border open while Latino narcogangs, M-13s, fleeing criminals and smuggled jihadis stream into the country, has a purpose.

Should this gambit fail, “gangs in the military” is a fallback gambit.

If the people ever decide to rise and shake off the Club of Traitors, Loons, Fools and Crooks ruling them, army units of ethnic criminals and aliens on one side of the unruly serfs, and 1.4 million criminal civilian ethnic gangs to complete the pincer from the other side will come in handy too.

Not many Oath Takers there.

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  1. Juggalos? Hahah… they’re a gang now?


    During times of stress, people fall back on more basic loyalties. Such as family and tribe. Nationalism is over. Get ready for a stateless world.

  2. America is truly walking in the footsteps of Yugoslavia and our ethnic cleansing war will make theirs pale by comparison.

    • Disciple of Night

      Gary, I disagree. I think we’re more akin to the latter Roman Empire, who greatly expanded and de-valued citizenship requirements for the sole purpose of keeping their army strong. Like them, the main reason to join the military now a days is for the financial incentives. Like them, we’re having to fight in numerous places across the globe because our international interests are being challenged. Hopefully, we can mimic the split that resulted in “Holy Roman Empire” and “Byzantium” if the situation gets bad enough. That would give the good people a place to go for the next few years.

  3. Good article. This military gang phenomenon is not new. It has been an embarassing secrect to the brass hats since the late 70’s, with the rise of the all-volunteer Army. It has just snowballed. As far as the gangstas and low-riders in the big metro areas, their main interest is territoy and plunder. In SoCal, where I was a peace officer for thirty years, they establish their “hood” or “barrio”, operate with impunity inside of it since no cop will go in there, and then sortie out to shopping malls, business, and industrial areas to rob and plunder. The increasing budget crunch with LE and prosecutorial agencies has led to fewer criminal cases being filed. And, you’ve all read about plans to release “non-threatening” felons from jails and prisons. I don’t know what a viable, workable solution to this problem would entail. After seeing it all unfold over the years, I elected to retire and vote with my feet, moving my family to a small, semi-isolated town with easily controlled avenues of approach. I believe it’s all about networking, tribes, and preparation at this point. God save our republic!

    • alarmrideratl

      Can you please expand on how these barrios, cop-no-go-zones work? It sounds like you have some expertise being a cop from the area, right? I am from the east coast and know nothing of this, so I am very curious as to how the gangs are able to pull this off. I mean, do the top brass at the LAPD specifically direct their personnel to stay out of areas that are, technically, part of their jurisdiction? Or is it more of an unspoken type of thing?

      • alarmrideratl: It is more of an unspoken thing. If it is a question of a called-for emergency, then the LEOS will go in enmasse, with air support. For example, they would escort firefighters and/or paramedics for those type of emergencies. In the 90’s the Casa Blanca barrio in the City of Riverside was so dangerous, that the letter carriers would not go into there to deliver the mail in broad daylight unless they had a police escort. One night, someone shot at the police helicopter with an AK, putting a bullet through the foot of the observer, forcing the aircraft to put down. I realize this information is anecdotal, but these events do happen in major metro areas all over Amerika. And, it just keeps getting worse.

  4. I was in Camp Lejeune in 2000, at a cub, when two hispanic Marines walked up to me and asked me what the hat I was wearing represented. It was a Houston Astros hat, I told them. Apparently, there is a rival gang whose sign is similar to the Astros’ logo. Lucky for me, they liked the Houston Astros, or I might have caught a shank to the abs.

  5. Excellent article and where does the author write?

    • @BrockTownsend
      The author has stopped publishing on the Internet, for after five years of publishing a quarter million words (under a pen name) in various second and third-tier Web outlets, and being shut out of the first tier, not to speak of MSM, he decided that the rewards (of exposure, for he’s written pro bono) are not worth such an investment of his diminishing time on Earth. He is therefore working on several books instead. However, having always appreciated WRSA, he will from time to time post short articles here.

  6. Pilgrims Pride

    JM, don’t worry… there’s always room in the law enFORCEment budget to hunt down those raw milk drinkers and spankers of pre-juvenile delinquents.

    All is well. Nothing to see here. Move along!

  7. Well said, Pilgrims Pride, well said!

  8. The best advantage Americans have in themselves over all the gangs is productivity. We can generate and keep wealth, while gangs can only seize wealth, or “work” the poverty safety-net via GF’s and whelps providing a steady base of operations. When welfare for non-citizens is cut to zero, jobs for illegals are cut to zero (some people will get by as vendors, etc, but not many!), bank accounts for illegals are closed, commercial/residential mortgages by regulated financial entities made impossible, and a low-speed round-up implemented with emphasis on orderly self-deportation (saves enforcement money!). 30 days to get self moved back to Country of Origin and self-report to US Embassy there, to get at the end of the line for a visa. Wait 90 days and get a deportation with future exclusion and seizure of US assets. They would run. US employers should not be allowed to deduct wages of non-legal workers, and fined 2x the fulltime local median wage in addition if discovered (with the usual 10% rat reward program). A US passport is acceptable proof of citizenship. All federal funds should be denied to States that allow “sanctuary cities/counties/regions” and that bravo sierra will end instantly.

    Foreign workers should be “special people”, not just people willing to work for half of what Americans will work for, or people “trapped” into a specific employer who can be forced to code for 16 hours a day. Everyone in America should be free to quit jobs where they are abused without fear of deportation. This is best achieved by not having people subject to deportation present.

    We have to remember that deportation is not a “punishment”, it’s an administrative correction of a violation of borders. Go back and apply to enter correctly.

    Look at this FBI (declassified, which is interesting in itself) map by county. http://www.fbi.gov/stats-services/publications/2011-national-gang-threat-assessment/image/high-res/ngic-ndic-us-gang-presence-06-11-map.jpg
    I could have guessed Cook Co. IL and lived in SanBerdoo/Riverside SoCal for a couple years, off base. Gangs, si. But, they didn’t bother me, since I was not a customer/competitor/likely victim. Closest contact as holding a paint roller making fresh wall.

    Many of our older “immigrants” have served in foreign military and betcha more than a few are long-term agents of the origin nation. Absolutely, we need more “high moral quality” individuals to serve, and especially need background checking of family and associated for NCO and Officers with gang and criminal hits becoming disqualifications/non-selections.

    Mad, I say. Raving mad!

    • alarmrideratl

      I’ve got to disagree. Some gangs provide real value through consensual transactions. They sell things that people are willing to pay their own money in exchange for. I’m not trying to stick up for gangs and portray them as being made up of great people, but just pointing out that not all they do is plunder and mooch. A lot of what they do simply revolves around selling things that the government says people should not sell, consume, buy, or possess. You have to admit, if it weren;t for drug prohibition, a lot of these gangs would not exist.

  9. “army units of ethnic criminals and aliens on one side of the unruly serfs, and 1.4 million criminal civilian ethnic gangs to complete the pincer from the other side will come in handy too”

    I find your terms acceptable. Let’s begin as soon as possible. Old Chesty said it was the perfect position, you can shoot in any direction at the enemy.

  10. Rufus: The map is an outstanding resource, thank you.

    The broader point here is that we who believe in Constitutional ideals and values are outnumbered, exponentially. Our enemies know how to shoot, move & communicate. We have trained most of them, and we have permitted the rest to be conditioned Pavlovian-style to expect that they are entitled to the fruits of our labor.

    Our injuries are self-inflicted.

    And while it is not popular, especially in our community, we are exponentially outgunned. Sure, the average Patriot owns more firepower…but just how many can you shoot at once?


  11. A well placed claymore, or multiple claymores, can kill as many as 50 people in one detonation, that’s how many I can shoot at once. Don’t forget napalm, your friend. And getting them to shoot a lot of each other qualifies as fun, too. Not a difficult proposition with people that are pre-occupied with drugs and booty. If you kill individuals( or maim them) in certain ways, in can encourage des autres to explore new vocations, in far away locations.

  12. The number of military veterans in the United States in 2009. 21.9 million.

    Race and Hispanic origin. 2.3 million. The number of black veterans in 2009. Additionally, 1.1 million veterans were Hispanic; 258,000 were Asian; 153,000 were American Indian or Alaska Native; 30,000 were Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander; and 17.7 million were non-Hispanic white. (The numbers for blacks, Asians, American Indians and Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians and Other Pacific Islanders, and non-Hispanic whites cover only those reporting a single race.)

    While it is certainly cause for concern, the gangbangers are not a majority. In the event of the ruckus, the non veterans who survive will become a formidable force through lessons learned. The only problem as I see it, is will they be a formidable force for … which ideology.

    • Very good, Curtis. Since virtually 100% of minority groups have an explicit racial consciousness (nurtured in no small part by those Democrats and Republicans who wished to elect a new people), the war that’s coming will be explicitly racial. Essentially, those 17.7 million Caucasian veterans (myself included) have already had their side picked for them by Mother Nature. That’s not to say that some will not decline to fight for their own people or turn traitor, but when the local gang is raping and butchering everyone who looks like you, it’s an easy decision to make.

      It has already begun. Ethnic cleansing in East LA has been going on for some time, and these black flash mobs may just provide the spark that so many of us desire.

    • It’s also worth mentioning that most “soldiers” are some type of administrator, mechanic, or technician. This is where almost all of the black veterans are coming from. Most of the troops in Araby will never fire a shot in anger.

      The Infantry, to include Special Operations, is overwhelmingly Caucasian.

  13. The gangsters are not serving in our military to provide a living wage for their families or get a college education when they are dishonorably discharged. They are learning how to fight efficiently, seize and control territory, to study first hand the very tactics our enemies use to thwart our
    nation building policies.

    When our economy crashes, as it must, there will not be an orderly exodus of illegal, undocumented aliens intent in returning to their birth nation, or the long queues of citizens waiting patiently for any kind of work. We are bound for chaos and anarchy and as much as I hate to admit it the gangs are at least looking to the future realistically.

  14. We are the most productive, organized, determined, industrious people the world has ever seen. No one matches us even in those countries in Europe where most of us came from…the gang bangers better be sure they want that fight before they start shoving. Any questions about our willingness to kill can be answered by the few remaining folks who have survived total war with us, when we get a full head of steam.

    We aren’t like them, we don’t like to kill, but if we are pushed then we will kill and we will kill in numbers they cannot even imagine. We are decendents of Stalin, Hitler, the Romans, Spartans and English, when we fight we do it better than anyone else. Ask the Japanese whether they want another piece and no one had ever defeated them…not even the vaunted Chinese supermen until we came along and smashed them.

  15. I forgot to say that as in anything your capability has less to do with success than your willingness to not quit. We have proven over and over again that we do not quit.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      @John Adams: “We have proven over and over again that we do not quit.”

      Vietnam, Korea, Mogadishu, Iran Hostage Rescue, Beirut, and coming-soon Afghanistan being the exceptions that prove the rule, right?

      • You mistake political war with real war. JA is right. When the politicians are behind the war and the people are behind the war then the European /White American can and has killed more than any other in history. Unrestrained we get down to business. I do disagree with JA on one note. Its only recently as in the last 100 years that we have decided that we should not like killing. Prior to that it was more than acceptable provided it was on the up and up. That is however a public face and a social constraint. Deep down in the blood we still have more than enough gas in the tank to get back to what we do best. Its why I do not fear the rise of islam or the loss of mother countries in Europe as some do. At some point soon the everyday Fritz, Tommy, and Jaque will get fed up with what their political class is doing and Muslims in Europe will get to see what it was like in 1940 to be Jewish. I expect that to begin in a short time.

  16. The soldier throwing the gang sign in the photo, I’m pretty sure that if I were to be in combat with him, I’d shoot him first.

    Just sayin’.

  17. We don’t quit, but our government sure does, they give up and walk away damning all who ally with us. We do it over and over when it becomes the struggle becomes a political liability, dishonoring the sacrifices of our armed
    forces, who fight for us and honor.

    I’m just saying the bangers are preparing for armed struggle here. I would
    like to think the armed forces would be brought to bear against those who
    take advantage of a financial/political breakdown, but I am not going to put
    any faith in that.

    Have you been trying to preserve or develop the firearm skill sets that were
    learned long or not so long ago? On the two way rifle range the learning curve is horribly steep.

  18. Hey, outlawpatriot, that makes you a rasicts! At least according to the Perfumed Princes and Princesses running the military these days. You’ll be jailed for life LONG before Major Hasan even goes to trial. Even in the military these days, the stench is overwhelming. And let’s not even talk about the God Damned pigs…

  19. Seriously, these tards are considered a gang?????????

    • Beat me to it…


      A *GANG*??!!


      Let me just say “IGMMFWCL FOR *ALL* YOU MFIIIPERS!”

      Can I get a woop-woop?”

      /not-really-a-ninja, but still down-wit’-‘da-clown from time to time..

  20. We don’t quit, but our government sure does, they give up and walk away damning all who ally with us. We do it over and over when it becomes the struggle becomes a political liability, dishonoring the sacrifices of our armed forces, who fight for us and honor.

    Yes no doubt all of that is true but it besides the point when the bad guys start shoving….then all of this will shake out with those in the armed forces being forced to choose which side they will pick.

    Now of course a certain percentage of those will choose the bad guys. But remember criminals are not anywhere close to a majority of any one group. Of that minority of criminals not very many of them are smart enough to come in out of the rain….so an even smaller much smaller group of criminals that have some brains….a microscopic minority of them are actually pretty damn smart. All of this means that one, they are stupid enough to pick a fight, two they are stupid enough to believe they can win, three they won’t be smart enough as a group to understand when they start losing big and we will kill many of them…

    We will be fine, we will take casualties, but we will survive. They won’t.

    Now let’s back to making sure that we use up all the peaceful ways because I do not want a war nor the killing that will be part of it.

    • “Now let’s back to making sure that we use up all the peaceful ways because I do not want a war nor the killing that will be part of it.”

      I wish it could be so. I really do. As I posted on my blog in the words of the gentleman who penned it:

      “You show me one other candidate who inspires random voluntary expressions of support… Ron Paul is pure and was asked to run (begged is more like it). He doesn’t have to sell himself because liberty lovers sell his message for him…shit, liberty pretty much sells itself notwithstanding fascist neocons and commie libs.” – Kyle

      Name any other candidate out there who was put on stage by popular demand by the citizens, rather than some TPTB/corporate interest who WILL follow the script.

      There IS NOT going to be a peaceful way to restore our liberty and freedom. You are not going to vote back your liberty and freedom. And they are not going to give it back you when you say pretty please. In fact … they are going to squeeze us, and continue to squeeze us, until we are nothing more than automatons.

      And even further, I am sure that they believe at some point in time of their squeezing, that some people will eventually react to it. And they already have contingency plans for it. And if no one lashes out, all the better for them. Personally, I think their eventual plan is so diabolical, that they will use either nuclear, chemical, or biological means to bring the peoples to their knee’s and beg to be saved.

      But what do I know? After all … someone has to worship the Beast.

      No one got their liberty by voting for it or asking for it. It has only come about by the point of the sword.

  21. Personally, I think their eventual plan is so diabolical, that they will use either nuclear, chemical, or biological means to bring the peoples to their knee’s and beg to be saved.

    I see your point and because I am a raging pessimist I am preparing for the worst but being a dumbass I continue to hope for the best. It just occured to me that just as those folks in India were “lucky” to be fighting the British and not Stalin we may have also been lucky in our original fight for freedom by havin the Brits as enemies.

    I suspect this next bunch will not play fairly…on the plus side of the margin, they ain’t that bright.

    • Well, believe me, I am not trying to be a thorn in your side … but … they have been bright enough to put us where we are now. That is the mistake I see over and over again that people make … “They’re not that bright.” These people are the cream of the crop. Evil … but still the cream. Don’t underestimate them. Because really, we are where we are today because we … underestimate them with a wave of the hand. And TPTB are where they are today because they ARE that bright.


      • I would merely note that they have been bright enough to realize that “Law Enforcement” is the enabler for ALL power in any country, and that “Law Enforcement” typically cannot be bothered to honor their oath of office, WHATEVER it may be. If you can install YOUR leaders, “Law Enforcement” will bow and scrape before them and then do WHATEVER they are told. This has been proven over and over again throughout the world. And it is “Law Enforcement” who have forced us where we are today. Does that make The Evil especially bright?

        On the OTHER hand, the military may or may not be so disposed…

  22. Curtis: Every word, 101%.

  23. There is one point folks continue to overlook in all the bravado about how good we kill, how we have 21.9 million military just itching…

    …Count how many people want Constitutional Ideals, and you’ll begin to understand the number of people shooting with you, and the number shooting at you.


  24. Sorry…haven’t had time to read or comment on this…been too busy training.

  25. Mark… then I suppose they were/are bright enough to make you believe that a very small fraction of the U.S. population called “Law Enforcement Officers” who are massively outnumbered and outgunned are directly responsible for your/our predicament. Why, if it weren’t for LEO’s, we’d all be living in liberty and freedom?

    The fact is, these bright peoples ideologies have infiltrated and been absorbed into every single aspect of our lives. And these people are/were bright enough to saturate every aspect of our government from the president to the federal janitor and from our governors … to our local … school teachers … with their ideologies.

    And… these bright people are/were bright enough to turn the 300,000,000 (c)itizens of the USA by years of indoctrination and propaganda into clumps of jello.

    The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work… when you go to church… when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

    And since I went Matrix, in response to Kerodin:

    The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

    Think of the bright ones as those who created the system. Not very dumb after all … are they? Thus they think … and thus they make it so.

    And you? Us?

    • I would merely note that it is “Law Enforcement” who use their nightsticks, Tasers, or guns to force compliance with WHATEVER their Masters dictate. A large portion of the populace is conditioned to believe that “Law Enforcement” actually enforces the laws, and that said laws are Constitutional, since after all the 9 black-robed wise people have said so. But WITHOUT “Law Enforcement” groveling before their Masters, their Masters would not last long. If even HALF of “Law Enforcement” in this country actually HONORED their oath of office, where do YOU think we would be? I’m fairly sure I know the answer to that.

      And as long as “Law Enforcement” refuse to honor that oath but continue instead to bow and scrape before their Masters, NOTHING will change.

      • On the flip side, if half the patriots in this country honored their oaths … well … maybe the cops would have a change of attitude?

        What you had: A republic Madam, if you can keep it.

        How to keep it: The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.

        Cops are not the problem. We are the problem.

        Weren’t we told that governments, no matter what their form, always becomes tyrannical?

        Tyrants do what tyrants do. And tyrants can always find someone to enforce their will.

        What about patriots? Shouldn’t patriots do what… well… fill it in.

      • Well, Curtis, you get lots of dead pigs that way, but works for me!

      • And by the way, Mere Citizens do NOT take the oath. Naturalized citizens do, but John Q. Public is never required to.

  26. I can’t honstly say I comprehend the Matrix reference, but I’ll give it a shot. If the system (matrix is interchangable with Constitution) then I can set aside the word Constitution and instead focus on the ideals embodied: Personal Liberty.

    The number of people shooting for genuine personal Liberty is far smaller than the number of people who will shoot to keep our present system of Slavery intact. They like the system, afterall, they get the freebies.

    Jeffersonian values, no matter what one chooses to call them today, are the reasons to fight. All opposed are, well, on the wrong side.

    If Americans ever again man-up to fight for real Liberty, Pol Pot will look like an amateur.


    • Kerodin… I agree. I was just using that Matrix reference to do so in agreement in response to your previous comment. I think we, the few, are fortunate enough to see the system that has replaced the constitution and ideas of liberty and freedom for what it is. How we escaped the years of indoctrination and propaganda that has saturated the minds of most Americans … I do not know. Maybe it is just in our genes as we also know it was the few who originally gave us our republic when the majority was either against them or just didn’t care.

  27. It’s GOING to break down – it’s a mathematical certainty!

    Then what?

    I figure the first time the EBT cards don’t work, things are going to get mighty ugly – especially in the cities – for a while. I don’t expect “LEOs” will be anywhere in sight – like in ‘Nawlins the ones we see will likely be joining the looters while the “good” ones are home protecting THEIR families!

    I believe THEN will be the point when we find out what our .mil is made of!

    Personally, I think it will be foreign troops brought in to “help” – as TPTB can’t be sure ours are trustworthy…

    Hopefully this will be enough for most to wake up!

    • I figure the first time the EBT cards don’t work

      Suppose instead that the welfare payouts never stop, but they lose 30% a year in purchasing power for the next 20 years. 15%/year of that loss comes from watering down the money (Quantitative Easing 3, 4, …, 23). 7%/year of that loss comes from new regulations banning things which currently exist (closing 10% of electric power plants this year for “air pollution”). 8%/year of that loss comes from new regulations mandating additional costs for new things, and most people will stop trying to do them because they have become too expensive (new automobile gas mileage requirements; environmental mitigation requirements and studies for new construction; multiple bites at taxation, taxing money movements both into and out of an investment plan; you don’t need to take 8% all at one bite, you can take 2.8% in each of three bites, new bank fees anyone?). Suppose the TSA on the Interstate in Tennessee gets people too stirred up, and they replace it with something more gradual, like mandatory operation of Onstar on new vehicles.

      Yes, the failure of government promises is a mathematical certainty. But a clumsy, bumpy ride to that failure which opens up easy opportunities for opposing it is NOT a mathematical certainty.

      Hopefully this will be enough for most to wake up!

      Millions of German Jews preferred to go to horrible deaths than face their crisis of faith in government.

  28. Linked at http://greenmnts.blogspot.com/2011/10/bff-or-until-it-becomes-no-longer.html

    I would like to think We the People would defeat the aforementioned enemy, which is the same one I am sure ObotOne considers his “Civilian security force”.

    Only time will tell.

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  30. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Note that in spite of the seriousness of the situation shown in the FBI report, LE, most politicians, the press/most media, academia, & a large part of the population consider people who are ‘conservative’/traditionalists (religious, gun owning, self-reliant, etc.) to be the real threat.

    Gives you an idea of just how nasty things will get after the system falls & the legal/moral restraints are gone.

    Cassandra (of Troy)

  31. It’s GOING to break down – it’s a mathematical certainty!

    Here’s a good one from today on this.
    Why Washington will collapse

    I figure the first time the EBT cards don’t work, things are going to get mighty ugly

    The way I understand this is that the Hussein administration will merely add a zero onto each government check ad infinitum while they print away. Can’t last of course, but buys time and it absolutely kills anyone who isn’t receiving one.

  32. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Witchwood/Oct 27/1:01,

    And recall that her gift was a curse, not a blessing, what happened to her, & by whom. I’m not doing anything different from CA & others, with the possible exception of bringing up things & asking questions that usually aren’t/won’t be dealt with & not backing off when confronted by those who don’t want to consider the situation unromantically. If things are going where the trend lines suggest & the effect is going to be as bad if not worse than history has shown, it seems to reasonable to me that if one intends to make it thru the darkness generally intact, one had better shed whatever egotistical illusions one has about ‘noble conduct’ when assessing what may have to be done to not only survive the collapse but also defeat the opposition that will likely use chaos as the means to gain & hold power. As I’ve said before, my personal doctrine is to be as peaceful as I’m allowed to be, & as horrifically vicious as the situation requires for as long as necessary & w/o any consideration for the tender sensibilities of those who either can’t/won’t get the point that cannibals will eat knights & knaves equally & so there are times when one must descend to their level if one is to prevail, & I intend to stay well away from the cauldron/BBQ spit. I’m also not an adherent to the philosophy that in order to be deemed ‘moral/ethical/decent/honorable’ by ‘nice people’, one must wail/moan/gnash one’s teeth before combat over what may have to be done & flagellate one’s self afterward over what one had to do. My attitude about war/those who survive it & win is more old fashioned (& decidedly UN-romantic) in that I don’t believe that said victors bear the mark of Cain & as such are somehow ‘tainted’/’need to be watched’, & I remember reading about a post-VietNam war study on PTSD which claimed that the major factor affecting how successfully a returning soldier would re-integrate back into civilian life is how society generally & his peers in particular viewed him/his service. If you’ve seen The Best Years of Our Lives & The Ballad of Andy Crocker, you note some similarities but also some very glaring differences. It’s also instructive to note how differently the E.T.O. & P.T.O. & those in them were/are portrayed, with those who fought the Nazis largely considered to be the ‘nobler’ of the 2 forces even though the Japanese were every bit as bad as the Nazis & frequently even worse. Ditto for Korea. That kind of ‘civilised’ BS is, to me, vile & those who practice/promote same are morally repulsive & deserving of what the English once termed “a sound thrashing”.

    But as I said, I’m the old fashioned sort.

    Cassandra (of Troy)

  33. Cassandra (of Troy)

    And for those who may have suspected, yes, I’m an admirer of George Patton & a devotee of Col. Kurtz.

    Okay, all you ‘nice people’ out there, I ‘admitted’ it, so go ahead & let fly!


    Cassandra (of Troy)

  34. The only thing I’ll let fly at you, Cassandra, is Bless You. Sounds as if you have an actual spine, and a head on top of it. I always smile when I find out there’s another trooper out there.

  35. Cassandra (of Troy)


    Thank you.

    And recall the brief confab between John Wayne & Royal Dano at the beginning of The Undefeated. That pretty much sums it up, at least for me.

    Cassandra (of Troy)

  36. Cassandra (of Troy)


    Thank you also. As for my being skeletally sufficient, it’s not so much a matter of calcium as it is bile & adrenaline. There comes a time when things get to the point that one either has a Howard Beale/Popeye moment & gets busy, or admits that one really does like the taste of bootleather & backside. Growing up in California & seeing firsthand @ 15 what the “Love Generation” was really like instead of the media version was quite revelatory, & after talking to people w/ numbered tattoos that weren’t related to Social Security as well as those who escaped from the ‘Worker’s Paradises’ of central/eastern Europe, Cuba, & China, my viewpoint only continued to harden & the capper was when I read Eric Hoffer’s The True Believer, took a good look around, & got the point about a great many things. As John Lennon said, I found out, but unlike him & George C. Scott’s Flim Flam Man, it didn’t curdle my spiritual innards & make me bitter & angry but instead made me a irrevocable adherent of Teddy Roosevelt’s dictum of hoping for the best while preparing for the worst & Patrick Henry’s passion for the straight up, unvarnished truth come what may. A side effect, however, is that such enlightenment tends to give one permanently yellow eyes despite having a healthy liver!

    Cassandra (of Troy)