“President Obama Gets Off On It”

Barnhardt links to the latest Ulsterman DC insider piece.

Don’t count the Mighty Kenyan out.

Not until March, 2013.

11 responses to ““President Obama Gets Off On It”

  1. I wouldn’t count him out by any means. All the opposition activity I’ve seen so far works in his favor, in my opinion.

    In fact, I’m on record as stating that he will win in 2012.
    I still think he will.


    • Agreed.

      Here is my concern: whose victory will be more advantageous for us?

      Personally, I’m cautiously hoping for Obama to be re-elected. He’s openly communist, a race hustler, a gun-grabber; he’s an enemy we can see. If the Republican wins, he will be a stealth-enemy, far more difficult to resist because he will covertly pull the Right further left, just as Bush did.

  2. I believe OhBummer will win…..unfortunately.

  3. He’ll win in 2012, whether his name is Obama or Romney. 😉

    Paul has no chance, the Media has buried him.

    Cain has a genuione chance until the Establishment R’s throw him under the bus. If he does pull it off, things will probably bet a bit better, but it will only be a slowing of the rate of decay.

    Implosion is imminent.


    • I’ve sworn that if those are the choices, I’ll vote Obama — if collapse is truly INEVITABLE then we might as well get it over with sooner rather than later.

      • I’m right there with you DD. This is the same thing I was spouting during the last election… give them their fake “mandate of the masses” and they’ll overextend all the sooner. That’s where the road back begins and at long last we get to work.

  4. Count me in on the probability of Barry getting another term, despite the current weight of troubles that has beset the country.

    Looke at how far down the toilet Billy Boy was, at the exact same timeframe of his first term, only for the Pachs to run MilqueToast Supreme against Billy, and snatch defeat from the hands of victory.

    Same deal here, but the stakes are now higher.

    I know this crowd treats the circumstances with the utmost seriousness, but it always bears repeating;Time to set in plans for the long haul, because the future isn’t pretty.

  5. He will likely get another term at this point.

    Whenever the statist’s are looking for a stick save, they roll out the class warfare. That’s been hot and heavy the last few weeks riding the coattails of the OWS crowd and their antics. Shift focus away from whatever pain-o-the-moment is keeping the evening new busy and you have a shot at winning.

    The Dead Elephants have nothing. Though Cain leads in the polls, his time is coming to a close because on anything other than his tax plan, he’s a complete and total amateur with very little backing. He will flame out soon.

    There is simply no one out there to give him a serious challenge at this point and not likely one in the neat future.

    Not to say that the “stupid party” would offer anything other than the status quo. Merely a bit of political speculation based on observations.

    Like was mentioned recently, politics during a crisis will matter. It’s unavoidable.

  6. I know that our host, CA, tends towards outcomes different than mine.

    I’ll pay him a semi-worthless $20 bill if Zero gets re-elected. Twenty bucks says he won’t.

    Anybody else?

  7. Some of you want to vote for Obongo, in order to help things along to their conclussion. Sort of like, give the devil his due, and people will see his pefirdy and strongly oppose him, thereby saving the Republic. Has it occurred to any of you that he could A: Go slow and sure, instead of hard and fast, and simply make the bindings of socialism more secure than ever and B: Thereby achieve a Pyrrhic Victory over us by causing burnout and dissoulution in the ranks, to where we are negligable and irrelavent, and nothing ever occurrs as a catalyst to knock us off of the road to serfdom. Give this guy four years, and he could lay the groundwork for four hundred years of servitude. He may be a jerk and incompetent, but he is surrounded by a swarm of communists, and these murdering, power-hungry scumbags mean to achieve their workers paradise. I don’t think any of the Republicans running against him are great, but the alternative is swimming in a pond full of pirannhas, sharks and zombies.