You were once a great Nation but you ought to be proud still having free-minded living men (as far as i have been reading this discussion).

Here, in France, we are all slaves and used to be like this for a long time.

I would say most of us enjoy it, except maybe 1 out of 50000 like me.

You have so many possibilities we do not have here (great men who fought or are still fighting for liberty, guns’ laws, large territory, large human base)

Despair is your only ennemy.
Have faith.

P.S.: I apologize for my english !

— Commenter Lolo, in response to this post

3 responses to “Word

  1. Lolo: You got it dude, all the way from Europa: Despair is our only enemy. We fight amongst ourselves, and the other folks watch and laugh.

    Lolo: Hope you stick around this site and contribute some. Perhaps your comments might provide some shame (aka perspective) for us all.

  2. Lolo speaks the truth, and I don’t shrink from it,or liberty. Vive la’ Liberte!

  3. My father in law’s Special Guerrilla Unit, GM 30, motto told the world their perspective in a country where most people didn’t want to get involved, or were in military units that existed for graft only – “STAND UP AND FIGHT!”