As noted by Miss Barnhardt, consider an Aquapod kit for at least one of your bathtubs:

If you are planning on staying around your house after the war starts and not bugging out or mustering for combat, then this product makes sense. It is also great for those in hurricane zones, obviously.

Think break-up of Yugoslavia, and the ordinary people who died running a sniper’s gantlet trying to get water.

No kidding.


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  1. I would merely note that, for those in areas with a shallow water table (Florida for example) with shallow wells for irrigation may do better with a pitcher pump that can attach to your wellhead. Reasonable location of your latrine facilities if you need to establish them will keep the water safe enough with simple chlorination, and you can supply a rather large neighborhood indefinitely with a small number of those pumps. Having someone with the capability to repair them is valuable, since the working parts DO eventually wear out. But tens of thousands of gallons of reasonably safe water at the same price as 65 gallons of safe water for the same price is a rather simple trade in my book. For those of you with deep wells, they also make deep well hand pumps, although those do cost more than a pitcher pump.

    Of course, for the chlorination you DO want to go with the bachelor chlorine instead of the girly stuff with jasmine scent or whatever. But those of you who actually do your own laundry should have enough on hand to last for quite a while if you are smart enough to cycle through your stock. I buy the “three for whatever” sales, and restock as I’m ready to open my last gallon. You do the math on how long that will last…

  2. Your point on running the sniper’s gauntlet for water is a good one.
    Without water, we die.

    Can’t fight if you dehydrate.


  3. Allen Medlock

    Cheaper than Dirt has a similar product that I have.


  4. Fill a water bed and add bleach. Do they still sell water beds?