AP: Six Fundamentals Of Reconnaissance





3 responses to “AP: Six Fundamentals Of Reconnaissance

  1. Great post.
    Thanks for linking to it.

  2. Good post, but a little wordy. Scouts out. Great. Mission? Find em’, count em’, classify em’, pin down their location, evade them, and give a comprehensive report on them, post haste. Then get your goat smelling ass back out there and do it again. Forget about eating and sleeping and bathing regular, because you are the eyes and ears of the Force. Oh, and often, despite your best intentions, you will be the forward edge of the sword, so you better like fighting, and against stacked decks.

  3. Cliff notes version in the comments, Sean.

    The wordiness was to bring application into the non-military realm.

    And you’re right. If a scout fights, he’s outgunned and often out-numbered.