Bracken Sends

From over the transom:

I just noticed something that was so obvious all along.

Fast and Furious stands for False Flag.

It’s a false flag operation, to blame Mexican mass murders on law-abiding American gun dealers and gun owners and the 2nd Amd. The mass murders would not be blamed on the ATF, DOJ or Holder, but on their political enemies, the “bitter clingers.”

False Flag.

Instead of two fictional ATF middle grades shooting into a football stadium to provoke a backlash against “assault rifles,” (as in my first novel), they actually handed 2,000 “assault rifles” to cartel killers, knowing exactly how they would be used.

They just used DEA and FBI “informants” as cutouts, conduits and killers. Just like in the old Boston days, but with a vastly greater body count.

Here it is.

Fast and Furious stands for False Flag. It’s a joke to them, probably cooked up between Newell and O’Reilly.

— Matt Bracken

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  1. Makes sense to me. I’ve often wondered if there are agents within all the alphabet agencies who read your stuff along with everyone else from Clancy to Rawles who write about this sort of intrigue, corruption and SHTF issues. When I heard about the twin towers, I immediately recalled the ending scenes in Tom Clancy’s “Debt of Honor”. As Mike Vandeboegh dug deeper into “Gunwalker” and BP Agent Terry’s death, I thought about your opening scene in EFAD and the scenes where Joe Bardiwell is set up and killed.

  2. Matt, I saw the parallel between F@F and your first novel Stadium scene the moment I read your book. It was co-incidental that I started reading your first novel very shortly after Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea broke the story back in December last year.
    I remember receiving a Kindle for Xmas, and your first novel in the Trilogy was the very first book that I downloaded and started reading in January.
    I agree with your premise that this is ATF’s False Flag – unfortunately for them it became unglued with the murder of agent Terry by one of the guns they let walk.
    Now the whole thing is blowing up in their faces. Wondering who is laughing now. Surely not Newell and O’Reilly.

  3. What is the history behind that ATF gal anyway? Why the saran wrap turban? Rain slicker for the hair? Prevent evidence contamination? New style?

    • Pull that saran wrap down a few more inches, and seal it around the neck would do all kinds of wonderful for DNA collection in the future.

  4. brian stewart

    Matt you are the official threeper prophet. That kind of sucks cause that means things are gonna get much worse before they get better! Btw ranya sounded pretty hot 🙂

  5. I keep saying that the only way for this to happen back and forth over our border was for the State Dept to be kept in the loop (otherwise too many questions from middle management bureaucrats). I have yet to see the MSM (or bloggers for that matter) focus the microscope at Hillary and ask some serious questions about what she knew and when.

  6. The most sensible reasoning for F&F was pointed out: demonize gun dealers for providing ‘assault weapons’ to cartels with the aim of further restricting civilian ownership of firearms, arming cartels to terrorize Mexican which (a) causes Mexicans to flee the violence by going north (more unregistered Democrats), and (b) destabilizing the Mexican gov’t, perhaps fomenting an revolution (never let a crisis go to waste, although I doubt Ubama could get a sharia-based gov’t installed in Mexico). Not a bad return for a few thousand rifles. Unless you get caught.

    Yet most Americans are law-abiding good people and can not fathom such an illegal and evil plan being hatched by civilized bureaucrats. The MSM certainly won’t go there. I think only small fry will be sacrificed.

    • Well it’s pretty certain that the God Damned pigs won’t go there. One of the whores of this operation is on record calling Agent Terry’s death “collateral damage”, and yet not one of the filthy bastards has stood up and called her on it. I thank God every time someone blows the head off one of those bastards as they head home from work, and would be even happier if they would shit on the rotting corpse.

  7. Yes, of course.

    This is precisely what Barry was talking about when asked about how he was going to deal with the “gun problem.”

    He came right out and said something to the effect of doing something, “under the radar,” which is exactly what F&F was, causing a problem so the gummint could swoop in and announce that they’ve come up with the big fix.

    The Big Fix, alright.

  8. Sure it could also be used as a false flag operation but it was also surely used as a chaos initiator. And chaos is this group’s number one tactic because in the ensuing chaos they can save us with “Change”. Let’s ask why they want our guns? Is there another way to get there without taking the guns?

    Are we expecting a frontal attack and forgetting that there may be other ways of winning the battle?

  9. Brilliant observation Matt. Just a thought here though…

    Why pin conspiracy and false flag on dot gov when it was most likely staggering incompetence? I would like to think there was some ineffable plan to further vilify gun owners and restrict our God given rights, but this is dot gov and they generally don’t do anything right.

  10. DeaconMatson: I’ll take this!

    Simple: Look into “Operation Wide Receiver.”
    Therein, a similar “let’s track them and see where they go” scheme was tried, except the guns were fitted with tracking devices which failed for technical reasons.

    The Cartels were smart enough to let the weapons sit until batteries were dead – and they outsmarted the helicopter surveillance by driving around in circles until the ‘copters had to refeul, then shoot across the border when they had the chance.

    ANYONE with a modicum of knowledge and/or common-sense could see what needed to be done: Fix the technical problems with tracking devices, and have more than one ‘copter on station so that 100% surveillance could be maintained!

    Simple, right?

    Instead ATF didn’t bother tracking the weapons at all.
    Further, they deliberately blocked all of the aforementioned from the portions of their “tracking” database so they couldn’t trace the weapons even if they got lucky and found them!

    **NO WAY IN HELL** this was any attempt at “catching a cartel” unless you think one can catch FISH by just throwing bait in the water as you drive over a bridge! <–Hey – that's a damn good analogy!

    Incompetence would be to repeat the failed methods of "Wide Receiver" — this was MALICE — TREASON!


  11. Dat ain’t bubble wrap, dat’s bubble NAP! All I can say is, Keep on Pushin’. Cause’ Hell ain’t half full yet, and it ain’t got more fury than men and women pushed too far. Somebody’s going to GET SOME.

  12. Matt is right. They were laughing at us until this started to unravel.

  13. The Quiet Man

    To add to what Dedicated Dad had to say, try and remember back before all this began. Prior to the whole Fast & Furious thing was the meme that the left was trying get going about how American guns were killing people in Mexico. Only problem was that there was no real evidence of it to back their claims. In fact, they were somewhat shut down on the whole meme BECAUSE of the lack of evidence. With that in mind, is it any wonder that they just decided on a program that would provide the evidence that they had sorely been lacking? In fact, the whole American assault weapons flooding across the border meme was still being bandied about until David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh broke the Project Gunwalker story and the entire narrative that the left put into place started to fall apart. Now they are trying to sell the story that this was just an ill advised sting operation that went wrong…except there was never a real credible way to monitor these guns after they left the gun shops. My opinion is that was not a bug, it was a feature. They had no intention of following these weapons, they just expected to begin finding them later on…as proof that they were right all along about the lax gun laws in the US being the reason that poor Mexican citizens were dying across the border. And now they are backed into a corner and are reduced to blaming it on Bush…and why not, they’ve managed to keep their heads above water by blaming everything else on Bush so they figure they can throw this log onto the same fire and hopefully get away with it.

    I read Mr. Bracken’s book sometime in 2004 or 2005 and when I first heard about the Gunwalker fiasco this book and false flag operation was the very first thing that came to mind. This was not some kind of botched law enforcement operation, this was an effort to manufacture evidence in order to advance the leftist anti-second amendment agenda…pure and simple. The sad thing is that they will get away with just passing it all off as a bad idea followed by a series of blunders, some heads might roll due to the coverup, but the real truth about this program will forever be buried by a corrupt administration and a complicit media.

  14. Hey Matt-
    Exactly. It’s like I wrote in my Amazon review of your latest book Castigo Cay:
    “For those of you you haven’t read the author’s three previous books, you have to understand that Bracken’s themes seem to come to life in the real world news. The current “Fast and Furious” BATFE fiasco could have come right out the pages of one Bracken’s books. The author certainly seems to have his finger on the pulse of our new and dangerous world.


  15. Conveniently, a dog to wag showed up with some hapless used-car salesman wanna-be jihadi. Look, over there, Iranians!
    Mainstream press has ignored F&F since. The thing I wonder more is why no Fed Agent has resigned in disgust over this whole stinking mess. Is there no moral compass whatsoever among them?

  16. Exactly right, Matt. You provided the worst case most folks would ascribe to the US government and it exceeded your worst case by a country mile.

    Never trust government, it is the most dangerous entity that exists and the US government is the biggest threat to Americans on this planet.

  17. With the possible exception of you, Pat. What’s that smell?

  18. Artruen said: “The thing I wonder more is why no Fed Agent has resigned in disgust over this whole stinking mess. Is there no moral compass whatsoever among them?”

    Jeepers, I was thinking the same thing… I’m just sure that any minute now, dozens, nay, hundreds of those “really good guys” we keep hearing about, you know principled men, men of courage and valor, will honor their oath and resign.

    • Longbow, your ethics manual is clearly out of date. The thing for really good guys to do these days is to keep their heads down, keep the FedGov welfare cheese coming into Mama’s checking account, their pension accounts accruing, and lip-flap about “cleaning up the [unconstitutional] agency”.

      Think Wehrmacht officers complaining about the “excesses” of the SS Einsatzgruppen.