On Doing Something

Two men speak truth:

Kerodin: The 2012 Liberty Plan

CTL: Show Up

Excerpt from #2:

…Every one of those people out protesting and gathering that you call communists are exercising their redress of grievances, and some of them are willing to take the lumps for what they believe in. Every time they are out there, and for as long as they are out there, means they are advancing. As long as the Tea Party, III Percenters, and Patriots sit at home watching it all on television and unfold before them … as long as your voice goes unheard … you are handing the field to them. When the field is completely taken, you will have a snowball’s chance in hell of taking it back. That means your children, and their children, and their children… will live in absolute rule of those who have taken the field … from you…


Our property.

Our families.

Every bit of each is already in play.

Whether or not anyone chooses to believe so.

OpFor gets it.

Do you?

22 responses to “On Doing Something

  1. Just to elicit some thinking on this topic:

    Is a private park near Wall Street in NYC actually a useful place for confronting TPTB and causing systemic change? Or, is it in the major city closest to your home? Should the suitability of a location be measured by the number of TV cameras and/or local wifi hotspots which could potentially stream it live into consciousness around the world, or the number of actual people who show up with stick-to-it-iveness?

    Who defines and scores the strategic/propaganda value to any location?

    Is the symbolism of a place useful for driving a sustained movement or is it another Hill 937 within the collective mind?

    For any given action and reaction Cui Bono (who benefits)?

  2. We need to do something, but it has to be the right thing. If you are saying we need to mirror their efforts, but for the cause of liberty, I agree. I don’t want to be involved with the Occupy movement, since they aren’t for liberty, they are the bottom up pincers of the Hegelian Dialectic.

  3. I sure as hell ain’t joining the OWS people “in the street”, because A: I ain’t WITH that bunch, and, B: The street is a great kill zone. I went to Atlanta in August, to make a peaceful, but forceful, statement. Made it, then left. The left is making their statement, which is neverending govt., and they’re following that example. Talk sense. If one is going to hit the bricks to get their voice heard, and ultimately, their way, you need the support of most, or at least enough, citizens. The left is trying to bully the govt. into being an even worse bully of the rest of the citizenry, and to make the rest get in line with them, and their leftist bullshit. If the govt. has the cojones for it, bring it on. Until then, what’ve we got to talk about?

  4. I would think any PatriotCon should have two distinct elements: PR & Practical.

    PR means media attention, and what better way to annoy the media than to hold a public event in a venue that permits open carry and long arms. Get a ballroom and remind the world that fine, upstanding citizens are actually allowed inside nice establishments. Have a few speakers. Ruffle a few feathers with decidedly non-PC suggestions for Liberals/Socialists/Commies and oblong, over-sized objects.

    Practical is where guys and gals quietly get together and discuss things amongst themselves that would not be suitable for the media cameras. Trust one another as much as warranted by the facts on the ground.

    I’m not voting For or Against a PatriotCon…but if you choose to do it, I’d suggest a very public aspect of it for PsyOps effect.

    Location? Symbolism matters, and my first thought is Lexington. But logistics is part of the equation – center of the country makes it more feasible for many.

    Cost: I have set up donate buttons for America527: If folks step up to the challenge I would think a fund could be created to help cover expenses for some of our folks who simply can’t otherwise afford to be somewhere with all of the typical costs.

    But, would anyone show and would it matter? I am convinced that such an event couldn’t hurt (so long as our folks use common sense), but would it make a difference?

    Lady Liberty is already in a deadly rear-naked choke and she’s going dark. Even in our community very few get it…so many wait by the door with their black rifles waiting for SWAT & DHS, never realizing that our Masters have very little need for such tactics. They are not afraid of us. They don’t care. We do not intimidate squat.

    Just imagine the calories it would take to get 1000 of us in one spot, marching with kit…we don’t have the energy to do it and even if we managed to make it happen, they would hardly glance at 1000 armed men.

    The reality is bleak and even black…but that doesn’t mean I’ll go down without swinging. 😉


  5. Still thinking in last century terms.
    Sean has it – what *is* there to talk about?
    Credible threats.
    Building an alternate economy.
    Local TAZ.

  6. LastBox: If there is nothing left about which to talk, if there is nothing left to gain by anything less than violence, then why are you and those like you still on your f’n porches? Why haven’t you formed into your Army and done your business?

    I would not expect you to get online and brag about the Bankster you hog-tied and delivered to the Court steps. I would not expect that you would get online and brag about that 800-yard X-Ring super-duper-urban-sniper-shot that dropped an Enemy of Liberty…

    …but I damn sure would bet my arse that if anyone ever nutted-up and did it, there’d be at least one f’n news story about it.

    I haven’t seen that news report yet…from any part of the republic.

    Credible threats? Have you made even one? Obviously not – because if you had made a credible threat and it was ignored, and you followed-through, there’d have been at least one f’n news story about it.

    For what are you waiting?


    • Those were topics for discussion, not chest thumping.
      If I was unclear, I’ll own up to that.

      • Remember that the only modern civilization that has ever achieved real Liberty was created by Sources & Methods dating almost 235 years ago.

        We have the blueprint. We know exactly how to regain our Liberty…if we want it badly enough.

        Most don’t.


      • We have _A_ blueprint.
        I don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel – but the landscape has changed such that the tactics need to fast-forward a quarter millennium.
        The strategy, the end goal, certainly is (or can be) the same.
        There WAS real currency, for instance.
        There WAS real anonymity, for another.

      • We have _THE_ blueprint.

        1) You choose to be free and live in Liberty.

        2) You make everyone else STFU, leave, or face the ultimate price of trying to enslave a serious man.

        Currency is always merely a reflection of the value offered to it by those who want it. Even gold is useless unless someone wants it.

        Anonymity…not one person on any of these blogs is anonymous, and the British knew who they wanted to hang, too. You’ll remember that Lexington was not just about the armory, but also Adams and Hancock had nooses with their names on them.

        Nothing has changed, materially…except that the people who do not want Liberty outnumber the rest of us exponentially, and the people who want Liberty today have not pushed back even when it is easy.

        What has changed is that in the time of our Founders, the men stood their ground. In our time…not.


  7. Kerodin- You expressed your fantasies (going well beyond the protests others were discussing)- So what are YOU waiting for?
    Or is self-promotion and inciting violence your whole plan for 2012?

    Question: Who benefits from divisive abuse and provocation?

  8. Sofa: I have never – once – said we are beyond talking. I have never – once – called for the abandonment of the political process.

    Incite violence? How, by encouraging people to vote, attend Tea Parties armed where legal, to spread a book that affirms our beliefs in our Founding Principles? Stand their ground in the face of Enemies of Liberty? Be rude when talking to a Liberal Useful Idiot?

    Nothing in the world makes a man (or Movement) look more weak than spouting “…let’s get violent…” garbage and then hiding in the family den behind the computer. If “credible threats” is one plank of a man’s intent, then make the damned threat and carry it through, or STFU because you make us all look like men who don’t do anything but talk shit.

    Divisive abuse and provocation? How about a bit less hyperbole and a bit more action.


    • “If “credible threats” is one plank of a man’s intent, then make the damned threat and carry it through, or STFU because you make us all look like men who don’t do anything but talk shit.”

      And who is it, who is ‘talking shit’ and challenging others to ‘make the damned threat and carry it through’, echoing the theme in comments at 22:37?

      “Nothing in the world makes a man (or Movement) look more weak than spouting “…let’s get violent…” garbage and then hiding in the family den behind the computer.”

      If you claim to know better, then why do you continue to do it?

      • Sofa, I don’t know you well enough to know if obtuse is a lifestyle choice or a genetic issue, so I’ll be polite.

        I am not encouraging anyone to make threats or do violence. Every man is his own Master. My point has been and remains the same: If you choose to issue a threat, call for property damage or call for violence, back up your mouth.

        If you do not intend to back up your threats, do not offer them in the first place because the resulting loss of credibility affects everyone in the Movement, to some degree or another.

        Personally, I don’t think a single patriotic American would ever have to issue a harsh threat if everyone who reads this site and those in our community would simply show to their local Tea Party event in full gear.

        Walk softly, carry a big stick, and be damned ready to use it…but never make a threat you are not willing to follow through to the end.

        It’s simply weak.

        …and pathetic.


      • Your provocation in comments at 22:37 was pathetic and weak, and divisive. And you were called on it.
        Keep digging.

      • Wow, Sofa, I am so sorry. I thought being obtuse was merely a choice on your behalf, but now I see there is much more clinically in play. It must suck to be you.

        Anyone who reads my comments at 22:37, upon which you are so fixated, will understand the “…making of credible threats…” was not my suggestion, but that of LastBox.

        He has since said he was merely offering the topic for discussion. Fair enough. Let this go now, please.


      • The goading challenges in comments at 22:37 are yours- and you were called on it.

        Keep digging.

  9. Kerodin –

    I tried to post a comment on III Percent Patriots and have tried in the past either anonymously or with a pseudonym but none have ever showed up. I’m assuming that there is a conflict between TOR and Blogger b/c I’ve had issues on other sites before too.

    Anyways, I will post my comment here as well:

    I, like you (Kerodin), understand that history can teach us a great many things. The choice is not an either/or, black/white type of decision. The time for political engagement and using the political system never really ends. No resistance can survive without being able to engage in the art of politics and messaging because political and material support are the life-blood of any resistance movement.

    I also have not lost hope that a purely political resolution can be achieved. I lose a little of that hope each day as I see how rapidly the fractures in this country are beginning to grow and spread, but violence initiated from our end will do more harm than good at this very moment.

    I listen to the extreme left and their political operatives in the halls of power. I have heard their warnings that if they are not allowed to get their way that they will unleash civil unrest upon this country and it will turn violent. I will not be the initiator in this fight but that should not be taken as a sign of weakness or cowardice.

    If people see someone teasing a rattlesnake by continually poking it or trying to harm it and the rattlesnake offers its warning then people will not feel as sorry for the person who gets bit because the rattlesnake was provoked into taking action.

    If that day comes, let the extreme leftists initiate the provocation and the broader populace will be far more likely to sympathize with our cause.

    • Ursus: I’m sorry I haven’t seen posts from you – I post everything (unless it is a flame against MBV).

      I do not call any man a coward for not having black-bagged a Bankster and hung him from a Liberty Pole. I have not done it, either.

      What is so infuriating is that we have too many in our midst who saber-rattle, yet they never have the true intent of following through, and it makes us all look weak and feeble. It cripples the “Patriot Community” (for lack of a better title) because even the hare ignores the dead lion.

      If any one of us draw a line in the sand and fail to draw blood when it is crossed, it makes us all look bad.

      Even worse are those who call for violence/threats/action, but never step forward themselves. I have no problem with throwing bricks, but dammit, the first one should be thrown by the guy calling for the action.

      If you ever want anything posted at my site and it won’t work, feel free to email it directly to me and I’ll post it for you.


  10. “I don’t want to be involved with the Occupy movement, since they aren’t for liberty, they are the bottom up pincers of the Hegelian Dialectic.”

    When OWS first started, I listened to some of the people there. A lot of those people were there for the right reason, but to many had solutions that were akin to giving a cancer patient … more cancer. I also had the feeling that a lot of those protesters there were not hard-core communist/socialists … but ignorant and just spouting off what they knew.

    How many of us started that way. We just knew what we knew. Until something or someone came along and set us … right? Educated us.

    You can see the big difference that the OWS has metamorphosed into between when it first started and now. The hardcore communists/socialists saw an opportunity … a vacuum … and filled it. They went right in and set up shop and “educated” a lot of those people.

    It’s like I said on my blog awhile back. A lot of those people believed in nothing and everything when it first started. Now that they are being “educated”, they are believing in something. Believe it or not, some people do look for “leadership” … especially the ignorant … those who know nothing and everything. And leadership moved in. And there they are today. Educated.

  11. The OWS movement began as a open source venture inviting everyone to show up. Because the organizers leaned left the vast majority of those that showed up were leftist. Once you get that many leftist into a single location drum circles and commitees naturally form. Its like eddy currents where rivers curve, its a natural offspring of the geography. Yes they have a right to express their grievances and demand redress, however to address their issues will require the government to trample the property rights of a major segment of our population. Note that the latest demand from the OWS movement is to begin occupying foreclosed properties. I tell you thats just what I want a bunch of dirty hippies squating in my neighborhood, shitting on the lawn since there is no water. Yeah cant fucking wait for THAT! That may be MY line in the sand right there!
    For those of you who may recall I did predict that this would happen way back during the London riots. I said we would see this movement come to the US and th4e students would demand to have their loans forgiven and we would see a demand to put the “homeless” in foreclosed properties or turn them to section 8. I hope I just got lucky there cause i seem to recall stating that it would escalate to open gang warfare with very Mugabe like tactics.