SK: The Colonization Of The West

Read the latest from Sultan Knish.

Understand that just as the German National Socialists were happy to ally themselves with Muslim leaders, so too have been the American Socialists – from Frank “Hot Wheels” Roosevelt and the House of Saud down to the transnationalist ruling class of America, circa 2012.

Embrace the horror.

Learn about Yugoslavia and its evisceration.

It’s coming.

And do you really think the flaccid, anemic American institutions of today will do anything but supplicate before their new masters?

Based on exactly what, do you so suppose?

Get ready.


29 responses to “SK: The Colonization Of The West

  1. SK is quite correct that Islam is incompatible with Western Civilization, his problem remains, Zionism is also incompatible with Western Civilization.

    As soon as he gives that up, hope springs eternal, he’ll self enable a lot more audience.

  2. Also, for a full compilation of essays on the US government’s ongoing war crimes against Serbia (I include Kosovo in that name) see the archives of Nebojsa Malic.

  3. Don’t be so quick to give up on Israel. The brain power there is 5x the combined Arab intelligence. Israelis are great fighters, and they have recently shown that an IDF Sergeant is more valuable than 1000 “palestinians” (Trans-Jordanian squatters).

    “Zionism” is a fine religion, like “Scientology”. They aren’t really compatible with anything, merely tolerated.


  4. Pat, while you’re goose-stepping up to the plate to use a bat on Israel, keep in mind that there are alot of people in this neighborhood, who aren’t going to let that business happen again. Going to the Nuremberg Party Rally? If you got any ideas about making moves on the Jews here, you better grow eyes in the back of your head.

    • You don’t have to be anti-Jewish to be anti-Zionist. Nor do you have to be anti-American to oppose the United State government. If the United State collapsed tomorrow (and peacefully, God willing) America would still exist.

      The Jews are our spiritual fathers. The State of Israel is not our spiritual father.

      • Exactly right, one is not an anti-Semite when opposed to Zionism. Mine is limited to opposing all US government involvement with Zionism and the totalitarian state in the middle east spawned by it.

        There is no authorization to be found in the US Constitution to support foreign aid, payments from the US government to other governments, to any foreign party. I don’t care if it’s Israel, or Egypt (recipient of the second largest pay out), or any other satrapy. It needs to end and end NOW.

        If Sean, or SK, wants to send their private funds to Israel, they should go right ahead. Sending funds taken at gun point from me and millions of others is nothing short of theft, socialism writ large.

        We don’t even need to get into the anti-Christian policies in the US government that fund both Zionists and Muslims, but never Christians.

        Do we?

    • Sean, this kind of response is a gross turn-off.

      Some of us here believe that global Zionism and an Israel-first-at-all-costs foreign policy have caused America to squander precious blood and treasure, compromising our defense against other dangerous adversaries such as Sharia, La Raza, racial and ethnic gangs, lawless thuggish police, multi-culturalism, misandry, trivialization of Christian values and rituals, Marxism in our educational institutions, statism, bloated incompetent intrusive bureaucracy, and oppressive government.

      Engineered financial crises and mass immigration forcing the middle-class to its knees and rendering more and more people dependent on government largess and submissive to government control; endless warfare financed by the servitude of future generations and countering the bonafide long-term interests of our country; an international central banking cartel, spewing out toxic, usurious, debt-based money conjured from nothing and lent to all sides of any major conflict – all of these agendas, rooted in global Zionism and advanced by unaccountable Anglo and Ashkenazi elitists, have been and continue to be a primary factor in the cultural and economic assaults on White European-Americans.

  5. If my beard looked like that guy’s, I’d probably want to kill everyone too.


  6. Hey.. that guy has gold teeth ! Where’s my pliers ?

  7. alarmrideratl

    “Embrace the horror”

    Embrace the horror!!!!!!!!!

  8. Yank, Islamic Rage Boy doesn’t have gold teeth – those are just yellowed.

    Exercise to go along with pdxr13 – compare the number of Nobel prizes won by Israelis with those won by the Muslim world. Not even remotely a contest.

    • Ah yes. But the Muslim in Chief will fix that rapidly. He’s already charged NASA with making the ragheads feel good about their many contributions to science, such as their massive human-goat crossbreeding program. And I have no doubt the Nobelians will gladly take a recommendation from a genius who won their Peace Prize so handily and award MANY prizes to the ragheads in the immediate future. After all, they ARE rocket scientists, launching MANY of those towards Israel on a regular basis…

  9. If you guys don’t understand what I said, tough shit. I meant it. Dress your crap up any way you want, it all sounds the same to me. Make a move on the Jews in Israel, or here, and suffer the consequences, courtesy of me. I ain’t kiddin’ either.

    • We completely understood what you said. And from what you said, it was obvious you had no idea what Pat said. You took a jab at a strawman.

  10. When counting Nobel Peace Prizes, exclude “social” prizes, like those given to BHO, Al Gore, etc. Count prizes for physics, math, engineering, even literature.

    • As I said above, expect that they will soon be given a Biology prize for their genetics developments.

  11. Pat, Andrew, I hear you. I know what you speak of. I too am not happy with the idea of sending loads of money to foreign countries. But guess what pisses me off even more than that. Other people telling me who I can befriend or do business with. Other people telling me that they will cut my head off because I dare to acknowledge the very existance of another. Other people telling me that I should stand aside and have no opinion about the crimes they are willing to commit so that they can drive a people into the sea.
    I am not saying that you two fall into this catagory but far to many use “anti-zionism” to hide behind when they REALLY want to be anti-semetic. I stand with Sean on this one.

  12. Selous Scout

    Crossbreeding? Who would want a woolbearing muslim? Or really, muslim milk? Or are they crossbreeding with camels so that they can store water in their new humps whilst they travel the desert wasteland in search of someone to behead?

    • Goats, Selous Scout. They cross-breed with goats. That is, when they aren’t Barney Franking their male young. THAT is what probably makes them so popular with the Left.

  13. WarriorClass III

    America is now large groups of third worlders, just like Europe. In Texas, most new jobs (80%) were taken by immigrants, both legal and illegal, while Americans languish on unemployment. This is by the design of the Banksters, who own most of the businesses, especially the energy sector that Rick Guardasil Perry has trumpetted in his campain. The war against the American MiddleClass is about complete, and Herman Cain is poised to finish it off.

    End both legal and illegal immigration and Americans will have all the jobs they need and want.

    End the Fed and have a return to the Republic.

  14. Interesting discussion and seeing the fault lines in our own little community. I think people like Pat Hines are still not using words accurately. Is Zionism really an American problem?

    Zionism: the idea that Jews should reclaim some part of their ancestral homeland in the Middle East so they have a nation of their own.

    Sure there are two sides to the question of whether it was right to return and take control of a chunk of the British Mandate. But why should the Jews, who numbered in the millions in the former Ottoman empire content themeslves with being a hated minority in the 12 resulting countries with no place to call home.

    Some people were pushed aside, but then the whole area is full of faux countries with groups that don’t get along and are constantly fighting. The fall of the Ottoman empire didn’t result in tid little, organic nation states. It took Europe 500 years of constant warfare to decide things like ‘which hill belongs to Germany and which hill belongs to Poland’. First Turkish control, then a short period of European domination prevented working all this out in the tradiitional way.

    But in fact Israel has successfully defended her borders against all comers in a series of impressive military victories since 1948. So, de-facto Israel has secured her existence. I don’t see the endless bleating on about the Palestinians that “anti-Zionists” engage in as being sincere. The Arab / Muslim world stretches from Morroco to Iraq. Plenty of space to have absorbed a few million fellow Arab-Muslims into. America takes 1 million legal immigrants a year. If the Arab states each signed up for 100,000 a year for three years the Palestinian refugee areas could be returned to olive groves, as they were at the time of Christ.

    I don’t agree with foreign aid, and would like to see it all ended. But our investmnet in Israel is looking a lot more intelligent than the investment in Egypt.

    Ethnostates are a proven workable model for building stable regions. The Middle East would do well with more ethnostates, and fewer Islamic-Arab dominated multi-ethnic cauldrons. The Kurds are the current poster children for an ethnic group that deserves a homeland free of Arab domination.

    So, given all this I have no problem with Zionism, and kind of like Israel as both a concept and in practice. It’s good that the Jews have a nation of their own. It’s in a tough neighborhood, but they choose it freely and seem to be finding a way to make a go of it there.

    Yes, it would be nice to stop sending them money, along with all other American foreign aid recipients.

    • Ethnostates are a proven workable model for building stable regions.

      I would go so far as to say that any nation lacking the leadership of a single, specific ethnic group and its culture will not endure.

      In abdicating our leadership and importing mass foreigners in the hopes of creating some bizarre “melting pot,” all we’ve done is allow little enclaves to come into being. We’ll be hearing from each in turn when the lights go out.

    • Jackson, best comment of the bunch, by far, in this thread.

      Jon III

  15. Aren’t the bush family as close to the rulers of Saudi Arabia as you can get, aren’t they close as well to the Bin Laden family, Saudi Arabia’s richest family. The Republican Party are as bought off by oil money as any other group.