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JDA: The Fed Goes Balls Out…Again

Junior Deputy Accountant asks an important question:

Does anyone else find it funny that they still feel market conditions warrant all the dollars the world could possibly need?


Ten Questions

Bill Buppert interviews Russell Longcore.

Read it all.


Mike notes a likely upcoming attack on new media communications infrastructure.

*Thank God It Will Only Be Used Against The Mooslims.


SHTF School: You Get What You Give – But Different

Another lesson from Selco.

Read and think.

Many of your neighbors are part of your problem.

Understand that and plan alternatives, if you want to get by.

Robb: The US Is Hollowing Out (Quickly)

Read it all, including Robb’s definition of a “hollow state”:

The hollow state has the trappings of a modern nation-state (“leaders”, membership in international organizations, regulations, laws, and a bureaucracy) but it lacks any of the legitimacy, services, and control of its historical counter-part. It is merely a shell of a state that serves as a legal conduit and enforcement mechanisms for global financial interests to loot what’s left of the state’s economy.

Corruption and violence are its only traits.

Stick a fork in it.

You ain’t one of Them.

And you ain’t voting your way out of this.

Got tribe?


From Natalie Dee.

Thank God It Will Only Be Used Against The Mooslims

S1867 passes 61-37.

I sure feel safer, as Will Grigg notes.

And freer.

Right, Lee?

UPDATE 29 NOV 2011 2318 EST: See this comment below; anyone with info on what exactly was voted today and/or the status of S1867, please provide links. Thanks!

UPDATE 30 NOV 2011 1110 EST: See this comment providing additional detail on yesterday’s vote. Thanks, Bill!

(image courtesy of Bill St. Clair)

Codrea: Feinstein Violates Tiahrt Amendment

David explains.

Think there’ll be consequences?

Those are for the little people, aren’t they?

A Little Truth Escapes

ZeroHedge: S&P Downgrades 37 Global Banks

Imagine what would happen if the consequences of this fact were properly booked.

Got cash?

Spot On

Read Mark Steyn’s latest, then watch these two vids (h/t to Vanderleun):

Doing the same thing will yield exactly the same results.

Why wouldn’t it?

SK: Yes, Obama Wants To Win

Sultan Knish tries to cure some delusions.

I’d go one further:

Consider voting (if you must) for the Mighty Kenyan in 2012.

As loathsome as that may be, consider the overall impact of electing a stealth Bolshie such as Romney or Gingrich.

Think hard.

Liberty Summit Planning Forum

TL has established this site for planning the upcoming rendezvous.

Go there and share your suggestions.

He notes:

I might interject that the Liberty Summit is not a Tea Party, it is not a rally with a bunch of speakers and entertainment. First, it is a gathering to see who is ready to act. Then, it is a meeting to decide when to act, what is that trigger point? It had better be the same for all of us or we are just a bunch of campfires to be put out one by one.

If we can accomplish even those few objectives it will have been worth our time, because without consensus on WHEN who doesn’t really matter.

GardenSERF: Last Post

GS says goodbye.

I know the feeling.


Commenting on the lengthy comment thread for this post:


If anyone thinks that there will be a detailed ‘one size fits all’ answer, you are more optimistic than me.

I go back to the formula:

Myself, my property, and my family — leave them the f**k alone, directly and indirectly, or die – your choice.

Everything else can be agreed or disagreed by mutual consent.

Yes – that makes taxation a bitch to enforce.


“How does one deal with supra-tribal defense issues?”

Good question. Tell me how one survives in the real world without some kind of supra-tribal structure with the knowledge set and funding to keep bad people from our continent. It’s why I do not consider myself a pure libertarian or anarchist – ZAP and other key tenets simply do not account for the presence and efficacy of evil in the 21st century world in which we actually live.

And that is why that whatever entity remains after the coming Collapse had better have its sh*t together enough to control the skies and space over North America. Otherwise, anyone who survives the first round of Great North American Die-Off excitement is very likely fated to be some foreign warlord’s prison-yard bitch. Joe Foreign or Domestic Enemy (substitute your own personal favorite boogie-man here) doesn’t need 99% of the American and Canadian people that currently hold the territory, but he sure as shooting wants the ground of North America itself, as it is worth scores of trillions.

Any ideas on that little problem, now that we all have dumped a couple of mags into each other in the obligatory fratricide-fest?

And for those with lots of gumption – how about some smart thinking on how each of us avoids getting lashed to the debt repayment wagon for the trillions of dollars in debt that others have accrued?

The restoration effort is towards freedom – now and in the future.

Anything else is misdirected.

Focus, people.

Tempus fugit.

Partisans: Linking Up

More solid advice in AmMerc’s tale of Jewish resistance.

Read and think, please.

GoV: The Totalitarian EU Tightens Its Grip

Read all of this post from Gates of Vienna.

Thank heaven, such a thing can’t happen here in the US of A.

Just ask Lee Greenwood.

Bracken Sends: Internet Access Control?

Matt Bracken sends this link, with the following endorsement:

Hi Peter,

Interesting article; not sure if you already covered this topic.

Step one: “voluntary” internet “trusted user” IDs.
Step two: Make them mandatory.
Step three: Make political enemies “unpersons” on the net.


Thankfully, the forces of evil in this country are deterred from their nefarious plans by the prospect of millions of armed Americans….

Doing what, exactly?


Pounding on a keyboard?


Pretty scary.

Gunwalker: More Media Coverage

David explains.

Keep hammering, gents.

TL Davis: Summit

TL calls for a meet.

Cato asks some good questions.

UPDATE 1115 EST 27 NOV 2011: Let’s switch the comments over to TL’s place to keep them in the same place.

Partisans: Hide With Pride

Another entry in the series from AmMerc.




Effing Lovely

Green Mountain Homesteading links to this ACLU alert re Senate Bill 1867.

Read it all.

Make the call.

Ready to go?

UPDATE 2315 EST 26 NOV 2011: Here’s a .pdf for those who want to actually read the current language in question.

It will be important to read what actually gets enacted by both the Senate and the House, as with all legislation.

Three From AmMerc

Thanks to American Mercenary, who walks us through the thought processes of a Jewish freedom fighter in an alternative universe defiantly resisting Nazis:

Coordinated Defense/Use The Terrain

Urban Warfare/Use The Terrain

An Army Moves On Its Stomach

Robb: A Thanksgiving Weekend Meditation

The Parable Of The Happy Turkey

What Are You Thankful For?

Et tu?


The Tricorder Lives

UK Telegraph: Banned From The Web

You know the question, right?

Vanderboegh: More On PATCON

Mike provides more detail on another ongoing and very succesful FedGov cover-up.

Ruby Ridge, Waco, OKC, PATCON, Gunwalker/Fast & Furious…not to mention DHS, TSA, Total Information Awareness, Echelon, and many more.

Advocates of continued electoral and judicial engagement with the current system should think hard, and then honestly account for the actual results of pro-freedom efforts over the past 20 years.

Are you more free than you were in 1992?


And for those who respond “yes”, is it because of steps you took, or steps that the FedGov and its subsidiary minions in the states took?

Be candid with yourself, at least.

Tempus fugit.

Power To The People

Consider what you could do with this equipment.

Life’s better with motive power.


SK: The Impossible Numbers

More on the coming excitement, courtesy of Sultan Knish.

I’m sure it will be fine.

After all, the American Dollar has always been King.

Just like the British pound.

And the Roman denarius.

Best to have your neighbors and friends sorted into two categories.


And not.

Do what you must to protect your family when it is time.

A Reply To Spooner From A Reader

In reply to this post:

I originally wrote this in response the request for opinions was made after a friend, and fellow patriot, read a couple of quotes from Spooner’s No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority.

Having never read the book where the quotations were found, nor heard of the man quoted in the book, I limited my response to the isolated quotes:

“But whether the Constitution really be one big thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or it has been powerless to prevent it.”

“In either case, it is unfit to exist.”

Having now read both works, my position is the same now as it was then. What follows is my response to a friend asking people to think…

Spooner puts forth two possible options regarding the Constitution, and for the sake of this discussion, let’s initially pretend that those are the only two possibilities: either it essentially gave us the government we now have, or it was unable to prevent it. And in narrowing our focus to these two possibilities he leads us to a conclusion being the Constitution is unfit to exist. I would disagree.

Originally, I had planned to take a different tack. I propose we begin by looking at the second premise, as I believe this provides a surer footing when approaching the first. That being said, could the Constitution ever have prevented the government we have today? Nope.

If you will allow, let’s start with another quote:

“A law cannot restrain anyone from doing anything. It is like a book, written on paper, meaningless, except that it conveys an idea. The restraint is self imposed, from either fear of punishment or a sense and alignment of morality.”

In order for the author of this statement to believe what he wrote here, I suggest to you that he, too, would agree with my simple answer. When has a law, edict, dictate, mandate, legislation, regulation, et al, ever been able to prevent, let alone stop, the immorality of man? Never.

Paul, in his letter to the Romans speaks of this basic idea (Romans 7). Though chapter 7 does not stand alone, in it Paul makes the case that the Law was not meant to save mankind. Rather it was meant to show man his sinfulness and need of a Savior (he continues this thought through chapter 8).

Consider the history of God’s Law as it relates to man. First, there was only one law (and consequence): don’t eat this fruit – you do and you die! Some have argued over whether God made such a silly law. To spend time here is to waste a lot of energy and miss an important point in that there was only one restriction placed on mankind – and we blew it! The law did not prevent man from sinning against God, it merely defined sin.

[One point worthy of contemplation here is man’s ability to choose. As it pertains to God’s Law, though God gave man the ability to choose, He never gave man the right to choose. Had he done the latter, He would be unjust, and therefore not God, in punishing those who chose to rebel against God by violating His law(s).]

We move forward in history, and God has now given man ten laws to abide by. Oh, my! What would we do if congress ever tried to make us abide by ten laws? (Sorry, the sarcasm slipped out.) Ten laws which did not have any more ability to prevent man from sinning against God, nor committing offenses toward others. Does that mean that the Ten Commandments are unfit to exist? (If you believe that, you can argue that one out with God on your own.) Certainly not. The Ten Commandments point out a number of things that are both offensive to God and hurtful of others. Regardless of where one is at in his faith, who can argue that murder is wrong? That one should not steal from another? That adultery destroys lives?

Well, just a few steps farther on our journey through history, and we find a group of individuals who decided that it was necessary to add to God’s Law. Hundreds upon hundreds of [religious] laws were made which affected every manner of an Israelite’s life. Imagine our government… (Oops, sarcasm again). None of these laws made a man more holy in God’s eyes. Instead, these additional laws became a burden to those on whom they were placed and benefited those imposing them. (filter, filter, filter)

Now for the real fun. Jump all the way to Revelations (chapter 20). Here we are told that Satan will be bound in a bottomless pit for 1000 years and mankind will be free from his temptations during this time (vv.2-3). And at the end of the 1000 years, Satan will be let loose (v.7) and he will go about the earth to gather as many followers as he can muster in one last rebellion against God (vv.8-9).

My intent here is not to preach but rather make a point. Not only did God’s Law not make man holy, let alone a morally upstanding and law abiding citizen of earth, but even after living in what will be the most just and peaceful time the earth has ever seen, man (generally speaking) chooses a path of self-damnation. So my question to Spooner is: what makes him think that man-made laws will be of any greater effect than those of God? Spooner sees the Constitution as something it is not: something that could stop man’s propensity for evil. In the physical sense, the Constitution is but thoughts penned on parchment. But the idea, the spirit of those thoughts is where the power is. It was never meant to be rolled up to beat an offender over the head with. Rather, it was intended to empower the individual to stand on his God given freedoms. It was intended to be the measure by which the people held those in government accountable. It was intended to warn our government that it was only to operate within prescribed boundaries, and that it should fear the people if it did not.

I believe our Constitution is second only to God’s written word in its beauty and content. But again, man still has the ability to choose whether or not to adhere to the Constitution – be it the man elected to office who usurps authority, or the man who sits idly by watching his neighbor’s life being stripped from him by the elected official. As it relates to power, the issue isn’t with the Constitution, the issue is with mankind: both the governor and the governed.

Suggesting that the issue is, as it always has been, with mankind, we naturally come to a place where we can discuss Spooner’s first premise: that the Constitution authorized the government we have now have.

The handling of this premise could easily lead into much debate. To put it simply, I believe that the Constitution was intended to set the boundaries within which government was allowed to act. I also believe that, like today, there were many who wanted more power in the hands of the government. But why would a person, or people, who had just escaped tyranny, want to set up a government which could/would ultimately become more tyrannical than the one they just escaped? I suggest to you it comes back to mankind’s natural bent toward evil. Though he may resist [on his own] for a time, he eventually succumbs to it – much like he does to gravity. So it isn’t really an issue of what kind of government the ink and parchment of the Constitution wanted for our country: left to our (generally speaking) own volition, we have brought this upon ourselves.

Finally, Spooner’s asserts the Constitution should no longer exist. He is wrong. I propose to you that Spooner, and those who hold this tenet, are themselves incapable of solving the problems we face today that stem from our government.

Let me explain.

The minute one either fails or refuses to accept responsibility for a situation he forfeits any ability to solve it. I did not say blame, I said responsibility. By transferring the responsibility to the Constitution, Spooner, and those of similar mind, are attempting to transfer the ability to authorize and/or the power to prevent in the proverbial hands of an inanimate object; thereby emptying himself of the ability and/or power necessary to solve the problems we face. And the solutions we must find today to the problems within government are our responsibility. No amount of Viagra can cure the impotence of Spooner’s conclusion here.

Consider what would happen if an armed resistance came against the Feds – and won. Would that guarantee we would instantly return to the Republic we were intended to be? Nope, and I will tell you why. First, our culture has degenerated so much over these past two hundred years. It isn’t that they were perfect then, but when stood next to men and women of generations past, we pale in comparison. Second, without the cultural integrity of years past, what will fill the void left by an overthrown government? It is the latter question that scares me more than an armed conflict.

Now consider what would happen if we threw out the Constitution. What kind of government would fill the void? What would be the character of the men/women ruling in this new government?

Spooner is wrong. The Constitution should stay.

What IS unfit to exist? The person within government who is unwilling to discipline himself to live within the bounds of the Constitution for the United States of America; who would rather destroy the life of free men and women for financial gain. And what about the person who allows him to get away with it? The person who does not resist the tyrant; who sees his own life more precious than his prodigy.

We have gone to great lengths to preserve the written record of the idea, and yet, generally speaking, we have done little to fan the flames of that idea that once burned bright in the hearts and minds of the men and women who safeguarded our freedoms – often at the price of their lives.

Before the smoldering embers are extinguished, we need to stoke the fire.

Laugh, Or Cry?

Or both.

You make the call.

Thoughtful Analysis

Kevin Baker posts these links from MikeIstan:

Concord Bridge or Fort Sumter: Part I

Part II

Part III


Let me repeat from yesterday:

[But] that would mean every single one of us is on our own in the coming showdown, except for what we can do at arm’s-length in forming mutual-defense arrangements with tough, trustworthy friends and relatives.

Forge links.

Build tribe.

Harden hearts.