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JDA: The Fed Goes Balls Out…Again

Junior Deputy Accountant asks an important question:

Does anyone else find it funny that they still feel market conditions warrant all the dollars the world could possibly need?


Ten Questions

Bill Buppert interviews Russell Longcore.

Read it all.


Mike notes a likely upcoming attack on new media communications infrastructure.

*Thank God It Will Only Be Used Against The Mooslims.


SHTF School: You Get What You Give – But Different

Another lesson from Selco.

Read and think.

Many of your neighbors are part of your problem.

Understand that and plan alternatives, if you want to get by.

Robb: The US Is Hollowing Out (Quickly)

Read it all, including Robb’s definition of a “hollow state”:

The hollow state has the trappings of a modern nation-state (“leaders”, membership in international organizations, regulations, laws, and a bureaucracy) but it lacks any of the legitimacy, services, and control of its historical counter-part. It is merely a shell of a state that serves as a legal conduit and enforcement mechanisms for global financial interests to loot what’s left of the state’s economy.

Corruption and violence are its only traits.

Stick a fork in it.

You ain’t one of Them.

And you ain’t voting your way out of this.

Got tribe?


From Natalie Dee.

Thank God It Will Only Be Used Against The Mooslims

S1867 passes 61-37.

I sure feel safer, as Will Grigg notes.

And freer.

Right, Lee?

UPDATE 29 NOV 2011 2318 EST: See this comment below; anyone with info on what exactly was voted today and/or the status of S1867, please provide links. Thanks!

UPDATE 30 NOV 2011 1110 EST: See this comment providing additional detail on yesterday’s vote. Thanks, Bill!

(image courtesy of Bill St. Clair)

Codrea: Feinstein Violates Tiahrt Amendment

David explains.

Think there’ll be consequences?

Those are for the little people, aren’t they?

A Little Truth Escapes

ZeroHedge: S&P Downgrades 37 Global Banks

Imagine what would happen if the consequences of this fact were properly booked.

Got cash?

Spot On

Read Mark Steyn’s latest, then watch these two vids (h/t to Vanderleun):

Doing the same thing will yield exactly the same results.

Why wouldn’t it?

SK: Yes, Obama Wants To Win

Sultan Knish tries to cure some delusions.

I’d go one further:

Consider voting (if you must) for the Mighty Kenyan in 2012.

As loathsome as that may be, consider the overall impact of electing a stealth Bolshie such as Romney or Gingrich.

Think hard.

Liberty Summit Planning Forum

TL has established this site for planning the upcoming rendezvous.

Go there and share your suggestions.

He notes:

I might interject that the Liberty Summit is not a Tea Party, it is not a rally with a bunch of speakers and entertainment. First, it is a gathering to see who is ready to act. Then, it is a meeting to decide when to act, what is that trigger point? It had better be the same for all of us or we are just a bunch of campfires to be put out one by one.

If we can accomplish even those few objectives it will have been worth our time, because without consensus on WHEN who doesn’t really matter.

GardenSERF: Last Post

GS says goodbye.

I know the feeling.


Commenting on the lengthy comment thread for this post:


If anyone thinks that there will be a detailed ‘one size fits all’ answer, you are more optimistic than me.

I go back to the formula:

Myself, my property, and my family — leave them the f**k alone, directly and indirectly, or die – your choice.

Everything else can be agreed or disagreed by mutual consent.

Yes – that makes taxation a bitch to enforce.


“How does one deal with supra-tribal defense issues?”

Good question. Tell me how one survives in the real world without some kind of supra-tribal structure with the knowledge set and funding to keep bad people from our continent. It’s why I do not consider myself a pure libertarian or anarchist – ZAP and other key tenets simply do not account for the presence and efficacy of evil in the 21st century world in which we actually live.

And that is why that whatever entity remains after the coming Collapse had better have its sh*t together enough to control the skies and space over North America. Otherwise, anyone who survives the first round of Great North American Die-Off excitement is very likely fated to be some foreign warlord’s prison-yard bitch. Joe Foreign or Domestic Enemy (substitute your own personal favorite boogie-man here) doesn’t need 99% of the American and Canadian people that currently hold the territory, but he sure as shooting wants the ground of North America itself, as it is worth scores of trillions.

Any ideas on that little problem, now that we all have dumped a couple of mags into each other in the obligatory fratricide-fest?

And for those with lots of gumption – how about some smart thinking on how each of us avoids getting lashed to the debt repayment wagon for the trillions of dollars in debt that others have accrued?

The restoration effort is towards freedom – now and in the future.

Anything else is misdirected.

Focus, people.

Tempus fugit.

Partisans: Linking Up

More solid advice in AmMerc’s tale of Jewish resistance.

Read and think, please.

GoV: The Totalitarian EU Tightens Its Grip

Read all of this post from Gates of Vienna.

Thank heaven, such a thing can’t happen here in the US of A.

Just ask Lee Greenwood.

Bracken Sends: Internet Access Control?

Matt Bracken sends this link, with the following endorsement:

Hi Peter,

Interesting article; not sure if you already covered this topic.

Step one: “voluntary” internet “trusted user” IDs.
Step two: Make them mandatory.
Step three: Make political enemies “unpersons” on the net.


Thankfully, the forces of evil in this country are deterred from their nefarious plans by the prospect of millions of armed Americans….

Doing what, exactly?


Pounding on a keyboard?


Pretty scary.

Gunwalker: More Media Coverage

David explains.

Keep hammering, gents.

TL Davis: Summit

TL calls for a meet.

Cato asks some good questions.

UPDATE 1115 EST 27 NOV 2011: Let’s switch the comments over to TL’s place to keep them in the same place.

Partisans: Hide With Pride

Another entry in the series from AmMerc.