Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Russell at DumpDC writes about secession, Balkanization, and the death of the former US of A.

Those who believe that the borders of Pax Americana can be maintained, be it here in CONUS or throughout the Greater Empire, are simply not dealing with ground truth.

The central ground truth being that most of mankind (>90%) is perfectly fine with being slaves, so long as their latrine is reasonably well-maintained, their shoes are comfortable, and various creature comforts are available.

Plan to have all of those folks agin’ ya.

Got enough to beat ’em?

Do ya?

Two, three, four
Down doo-wee doo
Down, down
Comma, comma
Down doo-wee doo
Down, down
Comma, comma
Down doo-wee doo
Down, down
Breaking up is hard to do….

10 responses to “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

  1. Denninger says nothing about this:

    : yet covers the other matters rather well. Well of course he doesn’t he drank the kool-aid a few weeks back instead of being patient and now he is trapped. Where is outrage for the crimes committed by the protesters the AFP function?

    People may use him as a source if they wish but its a very tainted one, more a warning than an example now.

  2. Hope everyone’s going to AP’s place through this post and reading the entire Succesion Post.
    Some of THE BEST comments and such that have been posted in quite some time. Taking a very solid direction to where we are going.
    Best to all!

  3. Nope, we do not have enough to beat them.

    Nor is it a reasonably achievably goal. They have at least 200,000,000 in CONUS alone that we’d need to push out of our borders. Patriots do not have the manpower or the willpower.

    …but it is the only plan that has a chance to keep Jeffersonian Liberty alive, so I’m going that direction until someone shows me a better plan for actually achieving Liberty from coast to coast.

    The Warrior need not emerge alive from a battle to be victorious…


  4. People thinking about going the secesh route might think harder about how events will play out this time around. It would be bad advice to remember and study about how the last round played, with good stump orators, one state after another falling into line, and volunteers lining up.

    The other people will be much more efficient this time. Lincoln did some bad things to the great-great-grandfathers of readers here, but what his armies did, cannot compare well to what the armies can do to individuals here currently. (We do not know how the military will behave here. Argue it elsewhere, just assume that they will come on board for three hots and a cot… plus internet service to their loved ones at home. I do.)

    States seceding from the Union of States in the future? I’d like that, but I doubt that much would be … allowed… if that were to be tried. Some states might get froggy, it would be interesting to see how things played out on the political v military fronts. This assumes that the US military is still paid and intact.

    A more effective way of “secession”, is on the neighborhood front in rural areas. Residents do what they can to beat thug forces, as what might be called vigilante forces defending their own neighborhoods against predators. Big subject there. It is treated some in the novel “Neither Predator nor Prey”, which CA has flogged here numerous times.

  5. Try reading some of this young mans’ experiences
    He’s BTDT. We could all learn a few things.

  6. “The Warrior need not emerge alive from a battle to be victorious…”

  7. Man, do I hate that fucking song.

  8. WarriorClass III

    And an entirely new threat: