Election 2012: Preparing The Battlespace



Consider such scuffles as a training opportunity.

And keep your heads warm.

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  1. You don’t want to know what I’m thinking right now.

  2. does it start with a “4”, or a “3”? Is it a fraction, or some furrin Metricism?

    Election 2012, sponsored by the letter “r” and the number “3”. As in “r u going to get that Occupy Influenza and STD checked, along with yer 3 baby-mommas at the FREE clinic?”

  3. A warm head is a calm head. Shivering makes a difficult sight picture.

  4. In the presidential race if it actually becomes a race between Romney and Obama I don’t see that it makes a lick of difference who wins. It actually may cost the country less if Obama wins just because they won’t have to change the letterhead.

  5. I see Obama as wide-open throttle into the end-of-runway barrier, and Romney as a methodical march off a cliff. We might get a few more years to get out of the cities, dig bunkers, stack firewood, and improve our garden soil.

    Rawlesean multi-generational reversion to mid-18th century technology scenario, with some high-tech holdover, shouldn’t hinge on a US presidential election and behavior of banksters, but here it is.

    Got hexyurts? H13 is the cheapest 5-year shelter ever invented. Add a foundation, partially bury, properly roof, and it’s a long-term hobbit hole, garden shed, battery building, generator shack, etc. Pre-cut it and 2 people can pop-up several in a day. Search for plans on the inter-webs.
    Stack outdoor-rated plywood deep. It’s a miracle material.


  6. My state (Florida) says that I do not have the obligation to retreat from a threat, even on a public thoroughfare. And that I may defend myself from anything that I personally deem a viable threat, to myself or my family. If any one of these mama-jamma’s wants to try to assault me during a Tea Party rally, I can only refer him to this little snippet:

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  9. Treated plywood must be kept under a roof until used. It won’t rot, but it will delaminate over time. I gave some away rather than see it go bad.

    You’ll need at least one out building for equipment and lumber. I’m still working on this, but our selection of unrestricted property let’s me build what I want. My neighbors are a horse boarding business to the south and an MD to my north, only the horse farmer is visible. I have a range card that takes in his place, but it’s unlikely to be needed because he’s heavily armed too. One neighbor has 16 acres, the other 14, we have 11. There is no such thing as too much land controlled personally.

    I have my own range, people shoot guns around here nearly every day, so gun fire is not a stranger. That’s a big plus.

    • Plywood, like all big-box wood, arrives wet. Wood allowed to dry (under cover, heated or not) for a couple seasons becomes better wood. Drier wood is harder, stronger, lighter and becomes dimensionally stable after a while. Dry wood doesn’t rot, bugs enjoy it less. If you don’t have enough money or materials to cover all of the wood, seal the end grain and edges where connectors penetrate.

      The hexyurt designs are cheapest when designed for one or 2 years use, like a disaster shelter replacing a tent (or several tents as they fail), but they can last as long as any outbuilding if a roof is added and the wood is gotten up from the soil to slow the rot. The advantage of the sturdy shape and minimal cost per area covered remains.

      These can be seen in a hostile (wind/dust/hot) dry environment at the “Burning Man event, Black Rock City, Nevada” as erected by non-construction workers.

  10. Just for starters, a pellet gun and kneecaps might be fun. I don’t think I would ever live in a place where such filth is tolerated.


  11. In the presidential race if it actually becomes a race between Romney and Obama I don’t see that it makes a lick of difference who wins.

    Oh, I think it will make plenty of difference, but not in the way most people expect.

    Policy-wise, very little will change. But Romney is an enemy hidden, while Obama is an enemy revealed. A Romney victory will ensure that the kinds of people we’re trying to wake up instantly go Back To Sleep. Republican = conservative to too many ostensible conservatives; if Romney wins we’ll be hearing “Give his policies more time” and “Would you rather have a socialist in office?” and God-knows what other excuses.

    Of course, there will likely be black riots whether Obama wins or loses, and those may provide the spark. If not, 4 more years of Obama will steel more hearts and people will get an even deeper insight into African-run government.

  12. This will not be tolerated in the community where I currently reside. While attached to a large metro area, this is a small town and voting is taken quite seriously. Whether that vote is actually meaningful is an entirely different discussion.

    On riots:

    Not sure about this one, though the battlespace has indeed changed from 2008. During that one, I was all but certain that mass chaos was about to ensue at any moment. I even handed out a rifle or two to close friends who were without at the time. I was completely wrong. Based upon the #OWS antics, I think 2012 might be the year to prepare and repel borders.

  13. The free internet may be gone by Christmas:

    PROTECT IP (S. 968)/SOPA (HR. 3261) creates the first system for Internet censorship – this bill has sweeping provisions that give the government and corporations leeway and legal cover for taking down sites “by accident,” mistakenly, or for NOT doing “enough” to protect the interests of Hollywood. These bills that are moving very quickly through Congress and can pass before Christmas aim to give the US government and corporations the ability to block sites over infringing links posted by their users and give ISPs the release to take any means to block peoples’ sites, including slowing down your connection. That’s right, some say this bill is a workaround to net neutrality and is bigger than net neutrality.


  14. That is a ridiculous article. Left-right thinking as displayed there is the real example of being a tool – of the ruling class. Time to move beyond that crap.

  15. “They foresee bands of black-masked Occupiers attacking and scattering any legally organized demonstrations the Tea Party may arrange for. The cops can’t do it, but these new Obama Brown Shirts can, while the cops look the other way.”

    Not in Atlanta, thanks to a few folks who have already been preparing the battlespace there. With the legal rifles and pistols, the cops would be forced to get involved one way or another.

    • And do you have ANY doubt which way “Law Enforcement” would “get involved” in Atlanta, of all places?

  16. Doesn’t matter we out gun them too!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The Zulus outguned the British at Rorke’s Drift. The French army outgunned the Germans in ’40. The British army in Singapore outgunned the Japanese in ’41. ARVN outgunned the VC through most of the Vietnam War (and the US outgunned the NVA through all of it). Israel has always outgunned Hezbollah. The Soviet Union outgunned the Afghans.

      Numbers are nice, but organization and willpower are a lot more important.

  17. The moral is to the physical as three is to one.

    Cops will break and run if it looks like a fair fight. We will have to save them from being killed by “occupiers”.

    This isn’t the Battle for Seattle, with set pieces. Much more fluid, intentionally chaotic.