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You know the question, right?

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  1. Where, exactly, does my right to privacy begin, and your scanning/monitoring technology require my agreement (in advance) or a warrant? What recourse do I have against peeping meddling bastards who hook a recorder onto their high-tech bio-scanners and millimeter wave imagers to make “sneak porn”? Will they point the “profile machine” at a hot young thing from a club and arrange for a “remote viewing” wherever they go for the next 6 months? Don’t make my remedy the “last answer of free men”, please. Aren’t we pretending to have Rule of Law for a while longer?

    All of these new sensor methods that are non-contact have some weakness that degrades (shielding, spoofing, counter-detection, etc.) their use. Materials and techniques need researching and publishing, rfn, before it becomes classified.

    New locks require new lock picks, preferably lock-factory designed with a reliable manual included. Locksmiths need to be able to get in when they lose their keys, right?


    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Where, exactly, does my right to privacy begin”

      It begins and ends with the Federal court system. They created the right to privacy out of the “emanations and penumbras” of the Bill of Rights; they can curtail it at will. True, some State constitutions establish a right to privacy, but at the end of the day, the States will genuflect to the Feds.

  2. Well i believe many of these companies are located right here in our own “country”.
    Sorry if someones brother,sister,aunt, or ANY family member works there.
    They are part of the the vast network of our enemy.
    Metallica wrote a song once….


  3. Go to Google and get “symbols on the one dollar bill.” Amazing

  4. 0321 sent me an email I erroneously deleted at a website, that says the Senate is going to vote Mon. or Tues on a bill to make it “legal” for our Armed Forces to arrest, without warrant, and without charges, with indefinite confinement. Does anybody else have anything on this? Can’t remember the blog name either. I would appreciate some feedback on this soon.

  5. I should have also said this authorization of arrest is for worldwide,and includes the US, with the endorsement of Sen. Levin.