Robb: A Thanksgiving Weekend Meditation

The Parable Of The Happy Turkey

What Are You Thankful For?

Et tu?

4 responses to “Robb: A Thanksgiving Weekend Meditation

  1. OT, sot of:

    Jay Leno on how to handle speed and surveillance cameras in general. Oh, yeah, this is England.

  2. Thankful for a 4 hour break in the rain, and temp getting up to +55F. Went to hardware store and found extra break-down pin for SU-16. New crank arm for bicycle: installed for $19. Wondering how useful a 10 mpg car really is, besides making an $80 tank of gas disappear in 200 miles and criminal penalty if I drop insurance before selling.


  3. At the link to Denninger’s “What are you thankful for?”, TOR users get this:

    Banned IP Address
    This IP address is barred from all access to the forum.

    Either this address is associated with an anonymous proxy service of some kind, or it has been flagged as belonging to or being used by someone who has abused the forum.

    If you are attempting to use something like TOR to access the forum, turn it off; we do not permit the use of these proxies to access the forum.

    If you are not using any sort of proxy and believe you have gotten this message in error, send email to “” and, if you get a spam intercept bounce, follow the instructions returned to you. Include enough information to identify yourself, including your login ID on the forum, and we will investigate and get back to you.

    Thank you
    Tickerforum Management


    So Carl is now tracking ID’s. Interesting turn of events.

  4. I’m always thankful to G*d, for whatever I get, good or evil, because that’s what G*d sends us. Sometimes what we desire, and sometimes not. I believe He puts us through the fire, and beats us with His Hammer, it order to make steel, something He can use. In any case, I am grateful for what I get, and I never believe that it is anything but Grace. I ask to be wise as a serpent, but innocent as a dove.(Ahem). And by the way, thanks to you CA, for I grow in wisdom and knowledge here, and I’m grateful for that, too.