Any Questions?

UK Telegraph: Portugal Raids Pension Funds To Meet Deficit Targets

Not that such a thing could ever happen here.

In America.

Land of the free, don’t you know?

7 responses to “Any Questions?

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  2. If, and when, they decide on that here, what is going to keep me off them?

  3. Socialist, anti-GOD describes DC, perfectly.

  4. I’ll try it again, Socialist, anti-GOD our politics exactly.

  5. I can’t wait to see the look on others’ faces when someone in Congress comes right out and tells us all that not only they are doing a similar reappropriation here, but how legal it all is…and they’d be right.

    Millions have funneled years, or even decades, worth of savings into what can only be called a government-approved savings plan, and they’ve done so, willingly. The District of Criminals doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the ethics of doing it, only that the funds can be legally transferred, by the same mechanism by which it started, another damned law, in their own shell game, and without any real consequences.

    The talking heads will then start in on how it’s all going to be so good for us and all will be fine, if we proles will just be patient with Dear Leader.

    Sick, but that’s the way I see it happening.

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  7. Ann Barnhardt has recommended taking the hit and pulling your 401k assets now, rather than waiting. I’m tempted to try, but I believe the rules I am stuck with will not allow me to do that now that I’ve been taking a monthly withdrawal for almost a year.