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Don’t underestimate the opposition while doing a chest-beating dance.

WE will have ourselves: outgunned; outmanned; vilified/demonized, scattered about the country; few technological resources; virtually no intelligence apparatus; most likely no active foreign support (unlike the Founding Fathers).

THEY will have: massive firepower at all levels; control of the propaganda machine (aka MSM); much greater manpower; support/assistance of the majority of the population; an established and superior intelligence community; well-trained, well-funded, motivated and seasoned troops with combat experience in various theaters of war; massive reserves of manpower in the form of the security forces (FBI, DEA, DHS, state/county/local law enforcement); communications capabilities that include space satellites.

This is a fight we cannot win as the facts stand.

That is, noting the facts above, FREEFOR cannot achieve a Constitutional restoration that encompasses the territory of what is now the United States of America. The corruption within the political system reflects the corruption in the body of the People itself; the People do not want Liberty. They want bread (food stamps, Social Security, welfare, MedicAid) and circuses (NASCAR, American Idol, Fantasy Football, Blue State/Red State antagonism). If we attempt to replace what they have and want with what they willingly gave up and don’t care for, then they will gleefully assist the FEDGOV in crushing any incipient liberty movement.

No, the best way to achieve a Constitutional polity is to retreat, concentrate, and build an entirely new entity truly based on principles of Liberty. Put simply, a secessionist/separatist movement, concentrated in one or two states, might (MIGHT) succeed.

Such a movement has several advantages:

(1) It concentrates the FREEFOR within geographic regions where FREEFOR would be embedded among friendly natives, reducing the percentage of the population willing to betray you;

(2) It places the FEDGOV in an untenable position — it won’t use its most powerful weapons against you if such entails revealing its true face to domestic and international audiences — the FEDGOV must maintain the fiction that it is one of the “good guys”. A separatist movement might thus leverage “international opinion”, as the Palestinians and Bosnians did, in our favor by manipulating the narrative — you can move from being a “terrorist” to being a “dissident” or a “militant”.

(3) It nullifies the motivational advantage for the OPFOR — by securing a geographical base, with a political-military framework that claims constitutional legitimacy, it might plant the seed doubt among the OPFOR as to the interests for which they fight. In such a fight, PSYOPS will be crucial for de-moralizing OPFOR and even (maybe) securing defectors.

(4) A separatist movement has the high moral ground and can leverage it for recruitment — the purpose is not to “overthrow the government”, but rather to “re-constitute the vision of the Founders”. In the eyes of the world, YOU are not initiating battle (No Fort Sumters). By seceding, FREEFOR withdraws its obedience and FEDGOV must either attack or cede the ground. The first serves to alienate part of the population and international opinion, while the latter undermines the legitimacy of the FEDGOV.

A separatist/secessionist movement serves as the political framework within which the military options are exercised. Politics with no military option only lends legitimacy to the current system (Tea Party, for example); exercising the military option without a coherent political strategy devolves into terrorism, and can be easily isolated and crushed (Weathermen, Montana Freemen).

Editor’s Note: cf. Free State Wyoming and Free State Project (NH).

Reports from readers in Wyoming and New Hampshire will be most appreciated.

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  1. I’ve seen this argued both ways. The arguments presented here are compelling. The counter-arguments put forward by others, such are Kerodin, is that once America is broken external enemies will align with some of the remnant components. Soon you will have the Chinese Army as guests of the Yankee Socialist Collective threatening your Free State Confederation.

    I still come out in favor of separation, at least, if not outright secession. I”ve often thought that if liberty lovers could win a single state then could start to frame a discussion. For instance the state could end participation in things like Food Stamps, Medicaid and Section 8. Of course this would mean they would be paying for the rest of the countries welfare state, but if you are going to pay anyway I’d still rather have the parasites far away, like in California.

    Their was a movement call the Free State Project that got a bunch of people to agree to move to a state together to grow freedom. Lots of research was done, 10 states were selected as finalists, and a vote was held. New Hampshire won, and so there are people ther trying to do this there.

    It was pretty obvious to a lot of people who participated that New Hampshire was not a good choice, or not the best choice. Wyoming is. So there is a spin-off Free State Wyoming movement. Wyoming only has about 600,000 resdidents. So an influx of 100,000 freedom advocates could change everything there, if they were politically active. Plus it’s already one of the most free of the states in the USA, based on things like gun rights and no state income taxes. The FSW project went even further and selected three counties as the initial target for in-migration.

    So a huge amount of work has been done by some liberty seekers on this question, and there are at least two programs, one in the East and one in the West that are embryonic Free State programs.

  2. And base that free state’s money on precious metals otherwise the whole damn cycle will repeat itself again.

  3. Please be aware of the Texas Nationalist Movement as well.

  4. I posted this response on the original thred, so I’ll just add it here for continuity.

    Mike: You had me right up to retreat. I agree with your analysis of the current state of the ground, but we take different tacks to achieve Restoration.

    Your reasoning, especially #2, has already been demonstrated to underestimate FedGov. (RevWarTwo/Lincoln). OpFor will simply call the new State of FreeFor “…rogue terrorists plotting the overthrow of the legitimate US Government from within the borders of their large extremist cult compound…and they eat babies, kick puppies and make clothing out of kitten hides…” and then send in the drones.

    #3 is based on a premise that I think ignores the fact that OpFor is self-righteous and has all the political/military/trade advantages.

    #4 underestimates the willingness of the FSA to support FedGov killing all those “…right-wing secessionist puppy-kickers…” so the FSA monthly payments don’t get interrupted.

    In a fight, the guy who rolls up into a fetal position makes it really easy to stomp the snot out of his head. The guy who expands into the physical space of his enemy usually wins.


  5. “….it won’t use its most powerful weapons against you if such entails revealing its true face to domestic and international audiences….”

    You are mistaken.

  6. Things can move in parallel. It isn’t necessarily an either/or situation.

    I have thought for a long time that the Free State idea is the best chance. People who like the east have New Hampshire and those who like the west have Wyoming. .At least in the case of Wyoming there are outliers who are at least sympathetic to freedom. Northern Nevada, parts of Idaho and Montana.

    And there were 130 thousand guns sold on Black Friday, so the news isn’t all bad.

    • Leonard: Here is the magical question about gun sales spikes – how many of those 130,000 were to new gun owners, and how many were guys & gals just adding another new piece to the cabinet?

      Sadly, the number of new first-time gun buyers is very small. We are not growing our numbers, indeed when one looks at gun ownership it is a shrinking percentage as every new generation is further and further removed from 2A traditions. How many folks at any gun show are under 30? It is a small percentage. The anti’s are winning by attrition.

      Two more generations and the 2A fight will be over, without ever firing a shot…and our side will not be the victor.


  7. Kerodin:

    I’ll echo Jackson: “I’ve seen this argued both ways”.

    Going on the offensive, into the enemy’s space, would certainly have its advantages. FREEFOR has the element of surprise, the choice of target, and choice of timing for attack. It would sow fear and confusion into OPFOR. I like it.

    As I said originally, we’ve got little and they’ve got a lot. There’s no way around that reality. Whether we concentrate and attack, or concentrate and defend will depend entirely on the circumstances existing just prior to a collapse.

    My perspective derives from a political-military orientation that borrows from independence movements of the past, and I assume that circumstances will be favorable for FREEFOR to “make a break for it”. Securing a base of operations, and then making a bid for independence and international recognition can achieve more than urban operations or targeted elimination in such a scenario. Here we might compare the political work done in Slovenia and Croatia prior to the break-up of Yugoslavia or that carried out in south Sudan before partition versus the chaotic, seemingly illogical destruction wrought by the insurgents in Iraq and Peru.

    Concentration-and-defense as a strategy might take the form of an accelerated “Free State” model. Which states to choose is another matter. I certainly wouldn’t choose NH, I’ll tell you that. In my view, states that already have a rough orientation towards liberty and with an international border would be best: the Southwest (AZ, NM, TX) or the Northwest (ID, MT). Location there would facilitate the smuggling of materiel, personnel, and propaganda; and would complicate pursuit operations by OPFOR of a mobile guerrilla force willing to cross international boundaries, like the Taliban, the Viet Cong/NVA, and the Anbar insurgents have done in their time.

    None of this is going to be easy, and, in the end, we may still lose. With all that said, I am still adamant that FREEFOR needs to pursue recruitment within the security forces now, preparing one piece of the battlespace to swing in our favor when the time comes.

    • Mike: Thanks for expanding.

      Here is where I see the fault in the premise: The models you are using have not yielded a Constitutional Republic or anything close to Jeffersonian Liberty for those who used the model.

      Indeed, there is only one model in all of history that has given birth to genuine Liberty, and that is the model used by our Founding generation. They sought to evict Enemies of Liberty, be they Redcoats or Loyalists.

      That model worked.

      Some will argue that it is an obsolete model, because we are not facing a foreign enemy today and circumstances have changed.

      I take the position that it is the perfect model, because the Enemies of Liberty have self-identified already, we know EXACTLY who they are and where they live, and we are among them today. We are behind their lines today. Circumstances have changed – in FreeFor’s favor – since our founding. If we fall back and form into a group, isolating ourselves geographically and economically, infiltrating back to this level again will be impossible.

      If every Patriot just focuses on the task of getting the herd in his own AO on the move, we can drive the Enemies of Liberty from our midst, Restore the Constitution, and then real Patriots can live in any State they wish, secede or otherwise just be left alone, because that is what the Constitution provides, if we entrust it to moral men.


      • Kerodin:

        What are we talking about? Urban operations with “targeted engagement” of single OPFOR personnel?

        I can see the advantages: a lot harder for OPFOR to deploy heavy firepower and drones in built-up areas that contain the bulk of their supporters. A lot easier for FREEFOR to get lost in the mass of humanity.

        I can also see the risks: a lot easier for FREEFOR to be betrayed, isolated, and neutralized. Especially true in the cities, I think the herd is more likely to kill you than help you. Easier for law enforcement to choke off arms and ammunition re-supply. And there is always the option of evacuation, cordoning, and clearing, as happened in Fallujah.

        Multiple strategies, depending on circumstances of time and place, will likely be the case when the collapse happens. Godspeed.

      • Mike: I agree, there are so many variables that we have to have several strategies ready to be implemented.

        FreeFor should be putting itself into a position today that is such that relying on the benevolence of the general population, especially in the opening phase, is not necessary. As you say, far too much opportunity for betrayal. When it comes to re-supply, FreeFor will simply have to take OpFor’s stuff. 😉

        A serious and smart CV strategy, employed by Patriots across the republic within individual AO’s, will get the herd of OpFor and OpFor sympathyzers, moving. Once they are on the move, we simply refuse to let them stop until they clear the borders into Canada, Mexico, or get on a ship or plane that takes them further from the land of Liberty.

        America belongs to Americans who want to live in a state of Liberty. We are under no obligation, moral or Constitutional, to share our space with people who are intent on violating our Rights and enslaving us.

        Thanks for the conversation. You and I identify the same people as bad guys, even if our Strategy for victory differs.


  8. I was going to say something, but I stepped on my dick, and lost interest. But I like what I heard(except for the shouts and screams that were my own).

  9. The free State argument is a very compelling one, but…
    The biggest problem I have with this is income. I would love to move to a ‘Free State”, but how would I earn a living? I can’t afford to just up and move, and I certainly can’t afford to live without a steady income for any length of time. I’m a relatively crippled person (I can do quite a bit for a short period of time, but then I have to rest my aching bones); therefor I am stuck at a desk job. While I like my job, it is very difficult to find another, especially in a place without major manufacturing facilities.
    So, while I love the Free State idea, I personally can’t participate in times of relative peace… at least not in the near term.

    • Take a closer look. There’s more manufacturing here in Wyoming than you might think. It’s possible that you’ll find something workable easier than you think.

    • Don’t stumble on the obstacles, focus on the opportunities.

      Why work for $100 and have 1/3 stolen from you when you can work for $75 and keep all of it?


      • Don’t stumble on the obstacles, focus on the opportunities.

        Why work as a wage slave when you can make no-paperwork silencers and primers and $20 claymores …or armed UAVs and darknets that support anonymous versions of ebay and amazon that take bitcoins. Or just plain old drugs.

        Why work for $100 and have 1/3 stolen from you when you can work for $10,000 and build enough weapons to keep all of it?

  10. Jimmy the Saint

    As a practical matter, wouldn’t North Dakota make a better starting base? It already has a state bank, so a key piece of infrastructure is up and running. Oh, it also has oil reserves – as useful thing for attracting the foreign support that will inevitably be needed.

  11. I would note that not ALL of us are interested in moving to those weather conditions. But at least the ones left behind can make life interesting for the damnable swill running this country, as well as their enablers. Maybe give the rest of you some time to set things up…

    • Mark, this is “our” country, a country exclusively for those who want, or at least respect, genuine Liberty and unalienable Rights.

      Let’s make the bad guys move, instead. I think the Castle Doctrine applies to all of the 50 States…those who want Liberty are under no moral obligation to back up a single step from those who want to impose tyranny.


      • That opinion certainly has merit.
        I own what I own so why let others dictate anything to do with it?
        If someone doesn’t like anything about me then it is THEY that should move.

        Having said all of that my wife and I have been considering for the past couple of years a move to some acreage in northwestern Montana. I’m not a people person.

    • No matter which state you go to or stay in, we have one enemy. The fed will have several, no doubt. Someone mentioned a movement in Texas. Why not there? While we’d love a bit more company here in Wyoming, not everyone likes the weather.

      • I LOVE Texas, let me tell you.

        But the way things are going, I wouldn’t be too surprised if Texas (along with AZ and NM) is engulfed by Mexico’s narco-insurgency. Under the surface, away from the eyes of the sheep, Texas is becoming a very dangerous place. All that the cartels need is significant weakening of the American security apparatus and increased social unrest/chaos, and they will begin to operate more openly and more boldly in Texas. They will not lack for recruits among Texas’s barrio and prison gangs, and are likely to succeed in co-opting the state security apparatus as they have done in Mexico.

        Unless something changes radically to undermine the power of Mexico’s cartels, this another factor to consider.

  12. Sean – cracked me up there – thanks!

    I vote for ‘all of the above’ – think – “thousand points of light”.

    It’s the same thing I was telling someone about the OWS business: the best thing they could do is disperse to points afield and carry their campaign individually – using brains and creativity. I appreciate why people feel better when banding together in groups – and there’s some value in that – but it also becomes an excuse. An excuse for waiting for a leader or a place and an excuse for wankering.

    It’s already pretty apparent that the center cannot hold – the daily ‘news’ verifies this. The PTB cannot begin to ride herd on this mess – but it is easier when people are all clustered in groups – both in physical space and ‘headspace’.

    When I say – ‘thousand points of light’ – what i mean is to carry these seeds of ‘aiming to misbehave’ out and abroad – this talking amongst the choir members has a limited value. Take all these precepts out for a real test-drive – and don’t bring the vehicle back!

    Sure – there’s going to be individuals who get nabbed exercising their own freedoms and they’ll get ground up within the gears – but That’s Already Happening – it just may not have happened to you – yet.

    For goodness sake – show how unwhipped and unruleable free men can be – drop creative sabots into the works that would grind you and yours up for fuel.

    This is and will be what you individually make of it – and – see to your preps – you’ll probably need ’em.

  13. One thing that consistently goes unmentioned is the rich vein of incompetence that runs though a degenerated society in particular it’s government masters.
    Yes they have overwhelming advantages but they also are the source of their own demise. What ever solution they impose only increases their difficulties.
    As for the FS projects anyone that has read Molon Labe has the beginnings of understanding on the logistics and organisational structure required to carry it out. Just moving aint enough when you start out in the hole and that even includes Wyoming.
    Like it or not organisation is required or results will be rather less than hoped.

    • IOW, no matter what the gov’t attempts it ends up a giant clusterfuck for all of the usual reasons, starting with waste, abuse and inaccountability. On a large scale it fucks up even worse. The only thing it can *win* at is sending a large mass against a small mass and even then is it still a clusterfuck.

  14. Oh god. We’re doomed. We’re bitching about the weather as if that compares even a little bit to no-fooling-its-for-real Liberty.

    Look at what the Founders sacrificed. Look at what happened to the vast majority of men who signed their name to the Declaration.

    Buck up, chums. Seriously… or we’re fucked.

    – Cato, the American.

    • As I said above, I will be glad to keep the damnable swill busy elsewhere while you and yours set up in Wyoming or New Hampshire. I don’t expect to survive, but I will take as many of the bastards with me as I can. I’m sorry if that is not good enough for you.

      And by the way, the weather in New Hampshire and Wyoming tends to make setting them up as independent countries somewhat challenging. Or do you REALLY think the concerns about Canada invading and taking over the US are as credible as the OTHER way around?

    • Some people have health issues that would make them useless most of the year in some climates. It’s not worth them coming and causing trouble.

      As I said in an earlier post though, a few states of interest are much more habitable than others. We can do Wyoming/Montana, Mark can do Texas, and everyone comes out ahead.

      • Also note that the growing season is short in Wyoming, New Hampshire, and North Dakota. Wyoming and North Dakota are land-locked with NO ports. New Hampshire has oceanfront, but no significant port facilities beyond Portsmouth, which is classified as a Medium port. This makes feeding a credible population difficult for ALL of these states. Of course, North Dakota DOES have missile silos. Judicious use of the contents thereof would tend to give OPFOR second thoughts about active offense. One to Washington, DC, and one to New York City should leave PLENTY to take care of continental as well as international problems. But there are OTHER locations with similar capability, and used judiciously they would tend to make secession far more likely to succeed. Note that OPFOR population centers tend to be VERY concentrated. Unlike the situation of FREEFOR…

  15. Just as we have been told to “butt out” of “internal affairs” of other nations, our leaders will tell others to “butt out” of our internal separation/secession issues. International opinion doesn’t mean s- – t to our elites.

    • You’re right there. But do note that, if our “leaders” are busy, they may not be able to do much to anyone who MIGHT want to butt in.

      Of course, as I have said before, our “leaders” will be glad to accept help from their Russian and Chinese friends to subdue the terrorists in this country. After all, they DID show the Russians the Chicago way. And since that has proved so beneficial for the Russian “leaders”, it is only appropriate for them to help our “leaders” in return.

  16. @Gardenserf
    “And base that free state’s money on precious metals otherwise the whole damn cycle will repeat itself again.”

    Honest money, or more specifically the freedom to use honest money, would of course would be an absolute requirement. IMHO, the state should simply butt out of the issue. There should be no “state” bank or some other type of central bank controlled by private entities and incestually wedded to the state. There should be no laws either prohibiting or mandating a particular currency or standard. No legal tender laws, in other words. Simply let people use whatever medium of exchange which they find available to them given their circumstances at the time and which they mutually judge most suitable to the conduct of their affairs at the time – whether promissory notes, electronic bitcoins, hours of labor, or barterable tangible items such as pints of whiskey, bushels of wheat, MREs, rounds of ammo, etc. Left alone, the markets would begin sorting out competing currencies. There can be little doubt that in time silver, then gold, would naturally emerge, without or force, as the currencies of choice and the standards against which others will be priced.

    In time private banks would offer currency exchange services and storage facilities for metals and other concentrated forms of wealth. Disciplined by competition they would willingly submit to private independent auditors who in turn would be subject to market competition. Those banks which developed reputations for safety, security, accounting precision, privacy, anonymity, flexibility, and efficiency would very soon attract foreign investors, and there would no lack of capital flowing into the state economy. IMO this would maximize the potential for economic prosperity and the probability of political and military success over the long haul.

    I agree with @Jackson that all federal funding, most especially social welfare programs, should be refused. The net outflow to Fedgov could be minimized by small businesses and industries run by extended families who keep their capital in-house and minimize reportable income.

    As regards weapons, my understanding is that Wyoming has no state statutes which address private ownership and bearing of guns one way or the other. Guns are neither permitted nor regulated at the state level, though private businesses and corporations can of course impose bans on their own property. Whether individual municipalities can do so, I am uncertain.

    It is also my understanding that the folks active in the Wyoming Free State Project consider this legal “silence” better than having the state stick its snout into, or even talk about, something that is not its business. If I am mistaken, I hope a Free Stater joins this discussion.

    Along this vein, in such a state, the government should also, I hope, be barred from any ties with the schooling of our children. If not, this too would restart the whole damn cycle.

  17. Don’t forget that secession will be treated as a Fort Sumpter: you/we just stole “their” land!!!

  18. May I nominate Utah for a FreeFor state? More centrally located then the other States mentioned. Four seasons, from north to south. A vast wealth of natural resources. A wide variety of terrains and occupations.

  19. Folks,

    Allow me again a moment of your time.

    I have now seen, on video, what I have been saying in text with regards to the topic of “long-term recruitment” of awakening Patriots now working for OPFOR.

    See this:

    Forward it to every law enforcement and military member whom you think has even an inkling of doubt about the Master they serve. Let the seed be planted now.

    • The comments at that site concerning that video are very revealing, people always react to truth viciously. In fact you could say the likelihood of it being true is directly proportional to the venomous nature of the denials.

      Wait someone famous already said that…

      • I agree completely.

        One commenter dismissed the underlying message simply because the creator of the video used Nazi imagery to convey his point.

        I thought the Nazi imagery was right on, not excessive. It highlighted the point that security officers can always claim to be “following orders” in the execution of inhuman laws and in the prosecution of mass murder. Yet, the Nazi experience, and the subsequent Nuremberg Trials, put that excuse to rest forever: no man is obliged to follow unlawful orders, no man is obliged to participate in genocide simply because his superiors have ordered him to kill. In keeping with the message of the video, the Nazi imagery was used to good effect to help the targets of that video (law enforcement and military) to reflect on the depths to which human beings can sink when they rationalize evil as “only following orders”. A regime need not be literally National Socialist to commit the same atrocities as the Nazis — the lessons of Nazi Germany serve as a stark reminder that any government, of any ideology, can become an enemy to humanity, and Liberty and that men and women of conscience are obligated to disobey orders when the prosecution of those orders pits them against the “…Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God…”

        The message, its substance, was dismissed for a minor point of visual aesthetics.

  20. with the above in mind, could one adopt a winning play?
    as in creating sanctuary cities/counties/states?
    with the correct liberty emphasis of course, in all things

  21. Craig Cavanaugh

    Here’s the thing. I neither fear, nor give a rat’s ass about the PTB. They can all burn in Hell as far as I’m concerned, and I’ll be glad to send them on their way. I am not afraid to die. What I AM afraid of is the world my children will inherit from me. I would rather die on a pile of spent brass, spent in defense of Liberty for my children, than try to explain to them that I sat on my dead ass doing nothing because I was afraid of what might happen.

  22. “Here’s the thing. I neither fear, nor give a rat’s ass about the PTB. They can all burn in Hell as far as I’m concerned, and I’ll be glad to send them on their way. I am not afraid to die. What I AM afraid of is the world my children will inherit from me. I would rather die on a pile of spent brass, spent in defense of Liberty for my children, than try to explain to them that I sat on my dead ass doing nothing because I was afraid of what might happen.”

    Bravo Sir. One day this should be set in stone. It is set in my heart.

    CA, you would be surprised to find out that certain townships along the NH boarder have agitated to leave Vermont and return to the state of NH. While this was first attempted in the time of Ethan Allen, (Vermont was created from land claimed by NH and NY), there is a movement resurfacing now as I speak. VT has gone too far in trying to shutdown VT Yankee, and the locals seem to have had their fill of Montpelier. I will have more on this very soon.

    While is is a microcosum of which what you speak, an elephant is eaten in bite size pieces. If the boarder townships all go this way, 1/3 of Vermont would disappear.

  23. I have wondered offhand about what “foreign support” might look like in a modern US revolution? French navel blockade of DC? Chineese drones flying over Virginia? Heavy weapons supplied by Korea? Troops trained by Russian “advisers”?

    • I would expect that “foreign support” would be FOR the OPFOR, and would consist of Chineses and Russian troops helping “loyal” US military and “Law Enforcement” exterminate the FREEFOR terrorists. I would NOT expect these forces to be worried about “war crimes”, because the opponents they face are clearly far more heinous than followers of the Religion of Peace. I would expect their entry into this country through major port facilities to be facilitated by Perfumed Princes in the military,as well as by the vast majority of union workers in those ports.

      I would expect that “foreign support” for FREEFOR would be virtually non-existent. Any further questions?

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  25. Just a reminder that we ALL need to work together for Liberty. We have a large cross section available from Restoration of the Republic to Total Secession, that gives us depth and options IF we find the common ground and work together!


  26. As I mentioned some time ago (and few read, of course), the Chinese are already in the process of establishing their LSAs/FOBs across the country from the so-called American Redoubt to the American Midwest. But, don’t take just my word for it:

    Something to consider “nearly 2/3 of the entire US population (197.4 million people) live within 100 miles of the US land and coastal borders”:

    Now combine this with the new border security initiatives involving that same 100 miles within the USA via something like HB1505:

    There’s your big picture.

  27. I am not moving anywhere. I will have freedom in my AO or I will burn it to the ground trying!

    • But timing is critical. One “lone wolf” striking is of no concern to the OPFOR. Yes, one of their enablers or others in their group will pay the price, but then they will overwhelm the lone wolf, destroy him, and proclaim how evil he was through their mouthpieces. A series of strikes across the country, however…

      • Mark,
        I am the guy who keeps telling everyone to network up and work together while remaining as anonymous as possible. I dont follow the “lone wolf” nonsense and I believe that it is the source of our weakness. It all sounds fine and good for people to say “I dont need a team I can be a lone wolf, an unknown threat” Well thats like saying “I dont need to lose weight to be a fighter, I can just shoot them with my magic .45 and their arms and legs will fall off, and I wont have to run.” In other words its the bullshit that people tell themselves to justify their own stupidity, lazyness and paranoia!

  28. In business as in any venture you should never underestimate your opponent but neither should you overestimate them. It may seem that he has overwhelming resources but in reality how long can he deploy them? Who manufactures and transports those resources that they need? 20 million Americans are in government employ, not all of them are opposition. When the money runs out and the crisis becomes a catastrophe, who will feed the opposition, provide their electricity, their fuel, etc.?
    You have been stocking up on necessary provisions for yourself and your allies. You are building a resilient community along with your family. You don’t rely on government services and you are capable of providing for your family in good times and bad. You do stick your finger in the eye of the tyranists occasionally and let them know they have no legitimacy with you. Not every area of the country can be a safe haven or a redoubt but you can make your area safer by doing the above things.

  29. “No, the best way to achieve a Constitutional polity is to retreat, concentrate, and build an entirely new entity truly based on principles of Liberty.”

    I agree.

    Potential sites for secessionist movement, a la Molon Labe: Wyoming( of course) or Northern CA/ southern OR in the west, Eastern TN/Western NC/SW Virginia (Appalachia) in the east.

    Ideally, you’d want territorial contiguity with the ocean. I doubt they would allow it. The best way to handle this politically is outlined in Boston T Party’s book. Displace political opponents by immigrating to certain target counties, vote in a Sheriff from the constitutionalists, and passively resist. Otherwise, go Galt: do not earn more than you need. Minimize tax exposure. Homeschool. Build a new community based on agreed upon principle of self reliance, and the law’s only function is to protect people and private property.

    I will be at Liberty Summit with TL, and hope for return to a republic, but otherwise have my ear to the ground, not ruling out other options.

    BTW, nice flag.

  30. Sorry, of course, AK, VT, NH are also good options. My bad.

  31. Semper Fi, 0321

    I live in NW Wyoming. Moved here 18 yrs ago from Idaho.
    The weather is terrible for most, wind hardly stops blowing, Monday night we had -20 F. If you don’t love the outdoors, don’t come. This is not a place for city dwellers, especially if you have to cut your own wood and hunt for food. When the power goes, so does comfort.
    If you’re not in the oil business or a gov’t employee, wages can be pretty crappy and also intermittant. Work comes and goes at the drop of a hat. I’m a carpenter, work has been slow for the last 3 yrs, but everything I have is paid for. I get through the slow times easier than most.
    I met Ken Royce (Boston T. Party) at a combat shoot several years ago. Very nice guy with a bit of a following in NE Wyo, can’t say too many people here even know of him. Go read their forum
    He has great ideas but getting them across to the main populace won’t work. The majority here is as stupid as anywhere else, they refuse to see what’s happening and denial is rampant, based on what the TV tells them this week.
    Think hard about moving anywhere, at this late stage in the game, you can find yourself in a worse position than if you had stayed in your old AO. Or, if you live in a big city, get the fuck out now!
    Good luck to all of you.

  32. One thing to referring back to the idea of things run in parallel, i know many of you have heard of “the gulag archipelago” by Solzhenitsyn. Artic Patriot has a great post on it. (Sorry I cannot find the link) Everyone in the 3% community needs to ‘harden’ our homes. Personally I feel it in my bones, there absolutely will come a time when they come for us to take our arms by force. We need that to cost the LEO’s involved VERY dearly. Wake up the ones that can still see right. They can’t get us all at once, and it my cost some of us our lives and maybe even our families lives, but no way we can allow ourselves to become another Jose Guerva. I won’t.