Codrea: Georgia Gun Owners Going For Constitutional Carry – HB 679

(Illustration by Oleg Volk)

David’s Examiner column has the story of what hopefully will be the fifth constitutional carry state in the nation (after AZ, WY, VT, and AK).

Bill text here.

Georgians, please call your representatives.

Brothers and sisters in the several states:

Please push for these bills in your jurisdictions.

“By any means necessary” still includes the political means, wherever rational.

5 responses to “Codrea: Georgia Gun Owners Going For Constitutional Carry – HB 679

  1. Be aware that the NRA **actively opposed** Constitutional Carry in Wisconsin’s recent efforts. Watch your back for friendly fire.

  2. They (NRA) also gummed up the works in the legislative process in New Hampshire. Dump your NRA membership and support Gun Owners of America(GOA).

  3. This’ll be big if it happens. Phoenix is a big city, but the ATL is on the east coast, in one of the original 13 states, and the 9th largest Metropolitan Statistical Area in the country.

    VT and AK can be written off in the popular mind as woodsy backwaters and AZ and WY as Wild West holdouts, but GA could be the last crack in the dam needed for a lot of other states to follow suit.

  4. William Clauss

    The NRA doesnt stand 100% behind the second ammendment, havent for years. They say that they do,,but they dont, they are for restrictions on what you can own. Gun owners of America stands 100% behind the second ammendment, they get my money now.

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