AmMerc: Two Minutes Of Precision

American Mercenary preaches truth.

Supplemental gospel:

USMC – Rifle Marksmanship MCRP 3-01A




Dan Newberry’s Optimal Charge Weight Load Development

JBM Ballistics Trajectory Calculator

Scoped Hunting Rifles As Long-Range Rifles

Contrary Action: Defending Your AO Against Hostiles

There will be a test.

Pass or fail.

No curve.

Tempus fugit.

12 responses to “AmMerc: Two Minutes Of Precision

  1. What?

    No curve?

    Well then, dang. We’d better get our ammo now, and use it, before prices go up again.

    Lapua .308 brass is up $9/100. The general ammo market is not too far behind.

    I love my reloading press.

    Also, try here:

    Get your guns our of the safe/closet/case, and use them. To twist your quote, better a beat up Mosin Nagant with powder in the bore than a PSG-1 in the safe collecting shine.

    Generally speaking, when receiving advice/wisdom from a fellow shooter, I try to look at his rifle. The amount of wear on it is generally a good barometer of how seriously to take his words.


    Will link.



  2. American Mercenary gets it. And Thank G*d. Some of the things I’ve been seeing at the range are really difficult to watch and listen to. $5,000.00 scopes are great, love what they do, but once things get dirty, nasty, and rough, you’re going to have an expensive paper weight. I practice with relatively cheap (under $200.00 scopes) and iron sights, and nothing that has to have batteries. I still would recommend the super-duper stuff, because you will have that guy or gal who isn’t much for the rough stuff, but man, can they shoot. My experience in the Army was that really good snipers were a bit like NFL place kickers, nothing really special to look at, and you wouldn’t pick them out of a line up, but man can they put the rounds down town. Kind of quirky and not well disciplined. I’d have and save the real expensive good stuff for them. Show ponies, but it takes all kinds to get a job done.

  3. BUMPED:

    Thanks for the new link AP!

    My rifles are for punching flesh out not paper, and yes my rifles do have wear.

  4. I got some advise from a gent who has been shooting since Franklin was a teenager.
    It was that you can learn more about long distance shooting with a decent 22LR and good glass at 100 yards than a 30-06 you cant afford to feed ammo at 300.
    All in getting your mind off how much that round in the chamber is costing and getting your mind on the principles of making the shot.
    Anyway he pointed out that every thing affects a 30 cal at 2600fps affects that 40g 22 at 1100fps many times worse. It works folks.
    Just an idea if your situation could benefit from it.

    • I never have worried about the cost of the round in the chamber… all rounds are free, they are just a cost of the lifestyle… but your advice is sound regarding .22LR basic training. And that .22LR makes less noise, for those who the making of noise, degrades training opportunities.

      • Some can afford it without taking food from their kids mouths others cannot. I learned a lot of things working with Project Appleseed and one was the value of a 22 in preparation for worse to come. The better those that love liberty can shoot, the better off we all will be.
        If you ever get a chance, support Appleseed, they are doing good work and in more than just marksmanship.

  5. I do have some history there. Our host does, in spades. WRSA was launched by CA along with half a dozen other malcontents as a splinter org from Appleseed, in ’07. It all started in a motel room in Worland, an AAR in ’06, when the subject of people wearing pistols on the firing line came up. Things went generally North from that time until the grand split which has brought us all here to this fine place.

    Again, I support your advice of the .22LR in a suitable platform to learn skills and to train others. I see that Brownell’s is now carrying a M1 Carbine look-alike kit for the Ruger 10/22. Perfect learning tool for the person who will be handed the real M1 Carbine and its laboriously done stockpile of ammo.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      PF, Where are you located?
      Went to some shoots myself in Worland, met Boston, in ’05 we had targets flying out of their frames from the wind when the temp was around 107′. I was getting a good sight picture on the 600 yd line with my M-14 when my target went airborne, mags were so hot you couldn’t touch them. Sound familiar?

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      So we have crossed paths. A buddy and I came down from the upper Wind River country. I was also looking for a piece of Fred’s ass. He had ripped me off on some M-14 parts(online) and I never once got a chance to confront him. I was in the butts and he was on the firing line, flip flopped all day like that. So, late in the day, I was behind the firing line, talking to Boston, buying some books and silver coins, looking at an M-14E2 stock some guy had for sale when we decided to call it a day. I was the guy in the safari jacket and blond ponytail.
      And where were you?

  6. Spent the day at the range with a buddy and his wife yesterday – mostly teaching her how to shoot.
    Once done at the pistol range, we went over to the large bore range and discovered the range has been extended out to what looks to be 2000 yards.
    I dunno, my laser rangefinder won’t measure that far.

    Shooting conditions were ideal.
    There is a 15″ round target at 600 yards that has lost its challenge now that I found this good ammo for my rifle.
    His wife wanted to try the rifles.
    You should have seen the look of joy and excitement on her face.
    She hit a target at just under 500 yards on the first try, then popped a few at 450 until her shoulder got sore.

    My buddy talked me into making my first attempt at hitting the 18″ x 18″ target at 1000 yards.
    They spotted for me as I figured out the comeups on my scope.
    I got it!!! At that distance I had to compensate for 20 inches spindrift and 39 feet of bullet drop to make the hit.
    Sure felt nice to reach out that far and make a good hit.
    I love that rifle!!!
    Still in all, while 1000 yard hits are thrilling, that really is pushing the envelope for a .308 coming out of a 20″ barrel.
    That combination doesn’t have much in the way of useful terminal ballistics at that distance, so I think I’ll stay an intermediate range shooter.