Gunwalker: The OIG Report – Still Waiting

David explains.

They do not care, and they do not respect anyone who opposes them.

Not a one.

9 responses to “Gunwalker: The OIG Report – Still Waiting

  1. Why should they care or respect any of us?Judging by those we keep sending back to D.C. (the vast majority anyway),and a majority of Americans not holding anyones feet to the fire,we are nothing but a paper tiger.

    Bread and circuses for the masses…….

  2. Bread and circuses and Air Jordans.

  3. Semper Fi, 0321

    You just know they are laughing their asses off at the gullibility and stupidity of the amerikan masses. Tell them anything, they will believe it. As long as it comes from the .gov, it’s gospel.
    Lie, cheat, steal a few trillion, murder, smuggle guns and drugs, start a war or 3, it’s OK, we’re doing it for YOU!
    And don’t nobody be askin questions either!

    • It’s like the citizenry doesn’t even exist in their world.
      They just do whatever they want with no consequences for their actions.
      The proles are neutered, and know it, and accept it.

  4. I have a feeling they won’t be laughing soon.

    • *Feel* if you want.

      I *think* this will go like any of the other crimes perpetrated at the upper end – nothing will happen, or, people at the bottom of the stack will burn and then be pardoned later.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      I don’t think they have much to fear. Look how many Russians stood up to Stalin, or Chinese to Mao. We’re no better. And we have better bread and circuses too.

  5. As long as they have power, and we don’t, this is the way it will go. Only power that can make them come clean, or leave, is what will matter here.