Ranger Handbooks

Based on feedback to this post, here are some additional resources:

SH 21-76 Ranger Handbook 2011

SH 21-76 Ranger Handbook 2006

8 responses to “Ranger Handbooks

  1. If you can find it, the Army Ranger Dismounted Patrolling Manual ST 21-75-3 Ranger Department 1981 goes a lot farther and provides more ‘meat’ than the handbook.

    They’re occassionally on eBay and range in price from $5 to $20 depending on the shape they’re in.

    Can’t go wrong.

  2. And boss, it fits real easy into a rucksack, in a Glad Bag, mit a little tape on it. Good for settling arguments in the boonies, and for keeping your shit straight. Don’t leave home without it.

  3. While not ruck-able or desired to be, it will gain a person much, to have some knowledge of DSM III, IV, or whatever later version. A basic knowledge of that book, will help you as you see the people being put out in front of you. Snap decisions may be in order, the book will help.

  4. DSM IV? The one which removed “homosexuality” as an “illness”?

    III was better – less “politically-correct” – but one should never forget that the absolute bug-nutz CRAYZEE-EST people on the planet are those in the “psych” field.

    It’s my opinion that most of us have a lizard-brain sense that tells us when someone is “off”, and for our purposes the only real further classification I can see being useful is “trustworthy” or “NOT!”

    I’d bet ALL of us would end up qualifying for one or more of their “diagnoses” as they’re written to pretty much ensure Leviathan’s able to hang a “diagnosis” on anyone they please…

  5. Oh – and am I the only one who ScribD is demanding I upload something before I can download?
    I hate to go stuffing up random crap – especially since most of what I have came from there anyway it seems more than a little wasteful…

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      No, when that crap pops up, I leave. Don’t need it that bad.
      Lots of other places to find free downloads.