Hi There!

Feel free to ask any questions you might have, boys.

And have a Happy New 2012!

19 responses to “Hi There!

  1. Are you and your friends going to honor the Oath taken?

  2. Could be a Patriot?

    Your Name is WRSA he could also just Googled western shooters? And was curious.

  3. Hognutz-

    Those fellas pop in at my place once in a while, too. Patriot or agent of tyranny, it’s no mistake.


  4. Home of US Army Intel Command. The best scenario is likely WRSA is training for some new recruits. 😉

    Worst case…


  5. Worse case wouldn’t be leaving bread crumbs to Ft. Huachuca. It could be anyone with access to a computer on base, might even apply to base housing.

  6. It’s a 1 lux lamp in a land of darkness, for Morlocks 40 feet underground in a bunker, checking to see if the sun has gone out yet. Let them look at a place where fear is not the primary motivator, at a people who once ran the former-USA.


  7. o seconds. Must be fast readers……..:)

  8. or it could be someone sponging off of their open WiFi. it’s the government, don’t assume that they’re competent. Individuals are smart, a bureaocracy is idiotic.

  9. What ! You think they are not watching/reading????

  10. Molon Labe Motherfuckin Robots…
    Git Sum….


  11. Brock Townsend,

    o seconds. Must be fast readers……..:)

    Don’t know how Sitemeter works, do you?


    Far as I know, that’s a friendly, but it is a big base, so there may be more than one regular reader.

  12. Hold your fire pending positive ID: don’t want BLUE-on-BLUE fire, right?

  13. I spent a couple of months being trained at Ft Hutchicuchi back in 1967…went to RVN latter in 67. This is likely an ordinary grunt accessing the site from the base library. Spent a bit of time at the library myself as nightlife did not exist in the area. SorryVista was outside the gate but nothing happened after 1800hrs. Drinking on base at the EM club was the only other entertainment. I think it was a dime a beer and a quarter for a hard drink.

  14. I know a patriot who is definitely in the III% who is there at Ft. Huachuca, and has been for a while. A really great guy. He could have just checked in from work once.