Next Wave

Sam links to this piece and then offers sage advice on local political activity in 2012.

Remember this: to an outsider, a political activist meeting looks exactly the same as a local extraordinary action group meeting.

Food for thought and local motion, as the Bolshies advance.


7 responses to “Next Wave

  1. It’s not just the streets next year.

    Tick tock…

  2. I like the graphic, it’s so… Stalin-esque. That does appear to be the road headed down these days.

    • Socialist Realism is what that art style is called. Naturally it originated in the USSR regime.

      That Occupy is using it speaks volumes.

      • Thank you for that educational hit. I will look it up. You and me both know the source of their propaganda, the Wall fell and Eastern European regimes fell with it, but the commies never have given up, they have not yet been beaten, here or elsewhere.

  3. and RED uber alles. nice

  4. Jimmy the Saint

    As someone once said – Utopia always ends in death camps.

  5. Real realism would have drawn in hairy armpits and track marks on that heroic comrade chick as she stomps her glorious way across SF Bay with her big-ass man feet.