Welcome To The Future: Government Total Recall On Past Communications

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Remember, too, that not only is the substance of these communications preserved in perpetuity, but also the facts of each of the contacts – i.e., who, when, where, and how.

You do understand now, don’t you?

UPDATE 2320 EST 28 DEC 2011: Different song, but same beat.

And the beat goes on….

5 responses to “Welcome To The Future: Government Total Recall On Past Communications

  1. Add to this automated license-plate scanning via the cameras that are now ubiquitous at every intersection, writing to a database of every car which passed that point and which direction it was going – day or night – 24x7x365.

    It is now guaranteed that when you travel your destination will be known to within a city block.

    It would be equally simple to use the “street cams” now also ubiquitous to use facial-recognition to further narrow it down to a building entrance — and it’s not like there are cams INSIDE buildings now, right?


    NONE of which is actually necessary since we all carry a personal-locator-beacon which makes it trivial to know when two (or more) people are close enough for a conversation, and nearly as trivial to eavesdrop thereon, even if the device is turned off.

    Imagine what Hitler, Stalin, Mao or any of an endless crop of others would have done with such tech and you have an idea of what WE are in for unless we decide to take Deputy Fife’s advice and “NIP IT!!”

    “IN THE BUD!”

    The fact that my fellow Americans have bought nearly three million guns in the last two months is the only sign I can see that we have any chance whatsoever of doing so – but it’s still SOMETHING to give me hope…

    This monster — which I frankly believe is “The Beast” prophesied long ago – will continue to grow until we decide to stop it and the human monsters which feed and nurture it.

    I can only hope that we get there before it’s too late…

    God help us — and GOD SAVE OUR REPUBLIC!

  2. AMEN!

  3. G*d can save the Republic, but I don’t think He will. We had our chance, and with a lot of help from commies and such, here we are.

  4. God is a prohibited word here?

  5. OK, guess not as it didn’t put an asterick in it before posting.