Corzine = Franz Ferdinand?

Interesting synthesis from Silicon Graybeard.

Unintended consequences, indeed.

Tempus fugit.

2 responses to “Corzine = Franz Ferdinand?

  1. He’s more like the Roman guard that Alaric bribed, to let his mob into Rome. At least Ferdinand was open to the ideas of sufferage and representation. The only ideas that Corzine is open to, is ripping people off, then claiming ignorance. Him or Gorelick shows up, I’m covering my wallet and running for the exits.

  2. I’ve always suspected the British had a hand in that particular “unintended consequence”.

    After all, they had many in the American ruling elite in their employ, worked tirelessly to require the US government to assist them, to stop Germany’s successes in Africa and elsewhere, in fact to enable Britain to steal everything outside of Germany for themselves.

    It’s always, qui bono.