Spengler: The Fifth Horseman

Spengler muses on faith, its loss, and the consequent effects on geopolitics.

A less hellbound person than I could certainly write a similar piece on faith’s loss and its effect on the rise of tyranny here in the former US of A.

Any takers?

12 responses to “Spengler: The Fifth Horseman

  1. oldsmobile98

    Um, population decline? We’ve gone from 3 billion in 1960 to 7 billion today.

    • Yes, but WHERE are they and WHAT are they doing? THAT is the problem he addresses. Third World Muslims do not bode well for the survival of civilization. And I do NOT mean “Western” civilization, but rather use the term in its generic sense.

  2. A truly chilling essay. Went a long way towards clarifying for me the incomprehensible cultural suicide now nearly complete in EUrope. I have three children and work diligently to make sure that America, in whatever shape and form is arises from the coming collapse, is a place thay will be proud to live in. God help us.

  3. Semper Fi, 0321

    This guy is nuts, he seems to be preaching to a very naive group. There is a population explosion going on, just not the way most folks would like. Most of the white european groups are seeing a downturn, but almost every 3rd world nation is exploding.
    1945-95, population doubled
    1996-2012, doubling again?
    And we’re in a decline?

    • There is a big difference between historical population increases and the collapse of current birth rates which herald a future population decline. With a birthrate of less than 2 children per couple, each succeeding generation WILL shrink. And among all the developing countries of the world, only America has a birthrate of 2 or greater. Yes third world populations are exploding – but at what point will they too collapse without the help of the first world countries? Read Mark Steyn’s book American Alone for an in-depth look at this problem.

      Semper Fi
      USMC 78-85

  4. Pete, I will attempt it, in 200 words or less.

    Once upon a time, mostly everyone believed that there was such a thing as truth and falsehood. Ideas were true, and deserved to be lived and defended even to the death, or they were false, and didn’t. People still broke their word and lied, but they believed, deep down, that Truth was a real thing. From this idea of truth as real and transcendent came the idea that there were Laws that even governments should not break. There were arguments, I am sure, about the contents of this transcendent law, but the idea that it was there to be discovered and heeded was common enough to be a guide. Even after the rationalists and the Utilitarians got involved, there still remained the idea that there were things worth dying for. See John Stuart Mill. Then, a few decades after Marx and Darwin, things started to come apart. Doubt crept in as to the nature of truth and then as to the existence of truth. The idea of natural law began to get lost. The idea that there were things a government just shouldn’t do likewise got lost, or shoved off to the sides. This suited the Progressives just fine, because they thought they know how to make people better. They thought they would make any rules they wanted, and as long as the rulemaking itself followed a previous set of rules for rulemaking, nothing would be wrong. See Nazi Germany. Fast forward to the present day. Those now in power will not accept hardly any limits on their power. Those on the left and on the right see fit to deny to us anything they themselves find harmful or do not value – whether it be the contents of our gun safes, or our pantries, or or anything else.

  5. The problem, as we are already seeing, is not so much running out of people but having a demographic biased heavily to older no longer producing people who demand a great deal of care. Care that is no longer provided in a family setting.

  6. At the risk of pissing off all them folks who shriek at the mention, without G*d, without learning what G*d thinks, without following what He says are da rules, without an eternal life to seek, we basically got nothing. We know our 100% mortality, and a lot of us spend what time we have trying to either outrun it, or evade it, and it still results. What then, eat, drink, and be merry, for tommorrow we die? Is that all there is? Not for me. My hope, my reason, my joi de vivre, is in well, you know. I’m a little different from most Christians, I curse liberally, when it suits me, and I will commit any mayhem, and I mean any mayhem, to remain free, to allow my family and tribe to do same. Regardless of my failings, I still have that hope. A mans’ reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?

  7. And yuh, I know, hypocrite, sinner, liar, yadda, yadda, yadda. That’s why my salvation depends upon G*d, not men. I’m a soldier, not a saint.

  8. Sean, you speak for most of us, I think. Without God, there is nothing, and we’re seeing the consequences. Most of the OWSers were basically nihilists. I’m spending what little time I have left trying to see that my grandchildren have a decent world to grow up in, but it’s tough.

  9. A bit of wisdom for those who have an Ear.