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John Robb: ‘Comply or Die’

(The Autonomous Rotorcraft Sniper System; see also this link)

The latest from Global Guerrillas closes with these grafs:

…What can we look forward to?

The mid term future of a national security apparatus in secular ($$) decline?

Drones, drones, and more drones. Shrink the headcount. Cut training. Put manned weapons systems in life support mode. Cut mx.

All the money is on cyber intel (to generate targets based on “signatures”) and drones to kill them. When domestic unrest occurs in the US due to economic decline, these systems will be ready for domestic application.

Oh joy.

Bring it.

And reap the frigging whirlwind.

Do it, tyrants.

Do it.

Swarms And Boids

Read the latest from Virginia Rifleman, along with this related article.

Think principles and concepts.

Then apply them (or their opposite) to the facts in front of you.

“Kill people and break shit” is one such principle.

“Shoot, move, and communicate” is another.

So is “man make, man break”.


SHTF School: Selco’s “One Year In Hell” Course

Go here to see the online course Selco has assembled based on his expereinces in the Yugoslavian breakup of the Nineties.

Your call as to the utility, but I am learning/reinforcing much.

Harden your hearts.



Stay alive.




Talk to your team’s IT guru.

Share thoughts below.


DumpDC: Dollar Cataclysm

Read it.

Don’t count on a lot of transition time.

Especially if Europe craps the bed as you are sleeping.

Could you and yours live for a month on what you have right now?

If not, best get hustling.

Tempus fugit.

Steyn: The State Of The Union Is Broke

Mark Steyn begins his latest:

Had I been asked to deliver the State of the Union address, it would not have delayed your dinner plans:

“The State of our Union is broke, heading for bankrupt, and total collapse shortly thereafter. Thank you and goodnight! You’ve been a terrific crowd!”

I gather that Americans prefer something a little more upbeat, so one would not begrudge a speechwriter fluffing it up by holding out at least the possibility of some change of fortune, however remote. Instead, President Obama assured us at great length that nothing is going to change, not now, not never…

Read the rest.

Alea iacta est.

Operation Phoenix

Recommended, along with this thesis paper.

If one ever had to resist a Communist takeover of one’s country, there would be much to gained by studying and identifying not only key materiel and communications nodes of the conquering forces, but also the political infrastructure by which the Communists obtained and maintained power.

Resistance efforts could then be focused at not only interdicting directly and indirectly those nodes and human terrain elements, but causing the occupying regime to dedicate resources as force protection to their cadres which otherwise would be deployed against friendly forces.

Thanks be to Lee Greenwood, such a contingency can remain only the fantasy of alternate history majors.

From his NYT obit, General Loan was quoted regarding the execution:

…Mr. Loan later suggested that the execution had not been the rash act it might have appeared to be but had been carried out because a deputy commander he had ordered to shoot had hesitated. ”I think, ‘Then I must do it,’ ” he recounted. ”If you hesitate, if you didn’t do your duty, the men won’t follow you.”

Vo Suu, a cameraman at the scene for NBC News, recalled that immediately after the shooting the general had walked over to a reporter and said, ”These guys kill a lot of our people, and I think Buddha will forgive me.”


Hayek on “The Great Utopia”

From ZeroHedge:

While it is hardly necessary to provide commentary to one of F.A. Hayek’s timeless observations from his book, The Road To Serfdom, rereading the chapter titled The Great Utopia, in this year of what could possibly be the most important election in the history of the United States, in which the US public will be promised nothing short of utopia by virtually every candidate except the one who really knows that fixing America would require pain and sacrifice, is everyone’s duty. Courtesy of the Center for Economic Liberty, we recreate it below in its entirety, and urge all readers, regardless of political persuasion of economic beliefs to consider what F.A.Hayek was saying some 70 years earlier, and how very applicable it is to our current situation.

The Great Utopia

There can be no doubt that most of those in the democracies who demand a central direction of all economic activity still believe that socialism and individual freedom can be combined. Yet socialism was early recognized by many thinkers as the gravest threat to freedom.

It is rarely remembered now that socialism in its beginnings was frankly authoritarian. It began quite openly as a reaction against the liberalism of the French Revolution. The French writers who laid its foundation had no doubt that their ideas could be put into practice only by a strong dictatorial government. The first of modern planners, Saint-Simon, predicted that those who did not obey his proposed planning boards would be “treated as cattle.”

Nobody saw more clearly than the great political thinker de Tocqueville that democracy stands in an irreconcilable conflict with socialism: “Democracy extends the sphere of individual freedom,” he said. “Democracy attaches all possible value to each man,” he said in 1848, “while socialism makes each man a mere agent, a mere number. Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word: equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.”

To allay these suspicions and to harness to its cart the strongest of all political motives—the craving for freedom — socialists began increasingly to make use of the promise of a “new freedom.” Socialism was to bring “economic freedom,” without which political freedom was “not worth having.”

To make this argument sound plausible, the word “freedom” was subjected to a subtle change in meaning. The word had formerly meant freedom from coercion, from the arbitrary power of other men. Now it was made to mean freedom from necessity, release from the compulsion of the circumstances which inevitably limit the range of choice of all of us. Freedom in this sense is, of course, merely another name for power or wealth. The demand for the new freedom was thus only another name for the old demand for a redistribution of wealth.

The claim that a planned economy would produce a substantially larger output than the competitive system is being progressively abandoned by most students of the problem. Yet it is this false hope as much as anything which drives us along the road to planning.

Although our modern socialists’ promise of greater freedom is genuine and sincere, in recent years observer after observer has been impressed by the unforeseen consequences of socialism, the extraordinary similarity in many respects of the conditions under “communism” and “fascism.” As the writer Peter Drucker expressed it in 1939, “the complete collapse of the belief in the attainability of freedom and equality through Marxism has forced Russia to travel the same road toward a totalitarian society of un-freedom and inequality which Germany has been following. Not that communism and fascism are essentially the same. Fascism is the stage reached after communism has proved an illusion, and it has proved as much an illusion in Russia as in pre-Hitler Germany.”

No less significant is the intellectual outlook of the rank and file in the communist and fascist movements in Germany before 1933. The relative ease with which a young communist could be converted into a Nazi or vice versa was well known, best of all to the propagandists of the two parties. The communists and Nazis clashed more frequently with each other than with other parties simply because they competed for the same type of mind and reserved for each other the hatred of the heretic. Their practice showed how closely they are related. To both, the real enemy, the man with whom they had nothing in common, was the liberal of the old type. While to the Nazi the communist and to the communist the Nazi, and to both the socialist, are potential recruits made of the right timber, they both know that there can be no compromise between them and those who really believe in individual freedom.

What is promised to us as the Road to Freedom is in fact the Highroad to Servitude. For it is not difficult to see what must be the consequences when democracy embarks upon a course of planning. The goal of the planning will be described by some such vague term as “the general welfare.” There will be no real agreement as to the ends to be attained, and the effect of the people’s agreeing that there must be central planning, without agreeing on the ends, will be rather as if a group of people were to commit themselves to take a journey together without agreeing where they want to go: with the result that they may all have to make a journey which most of them do not want at all.

Democratic assemblies cannot function as planning agencies. They cannot produce agreement on everything — the whole direction of the resources of the nation-for the number of possible courses of action will be legion. Even if a congress could, by proceeding step by step and compromising at each point, agree on some scheme, it would certainly in the end satisfy nobody.

To draw up an economic plan in this fashion is even less possible than, for instance, successfully to plan a military campaign by democratic procedure. As in strategy it would become inevitable to delegate the task to experts. And even if, by this expedient, a democracy should succeed in planning every sector of economic activity, it would still have to face the problem of integrating these separate plans into a unitary whole. There will be a stronger and stronger demand that some board or some single individual should be given power to act on their own responsibility. The cry for an economic dictator is a characteristic stage in the movement toward planning. Thus the legislative body will be reduced to choosing the persons who are to have practically absolute power. The whole system will tend toward that kind of dictatorship in which the head of the government is position by popular vote, but where he has all the powers at his command to make certain that the vote will go in the direction he desires.

Planning leads to dictatorship because dictatorship is the most effective instrument of coercion and, as such, essential if central planning on a large scale is to be possible. There is no justification for the widespread belief that, so long as power is conferred by democratic procedure, it cannot be arbitrary; it is not the source of power which prevents it from being arbitrary; to be free from dictatorial qualities, the power must also be limited. A true “dictatorship of the proletariat,” even if democratic in form, if it undertook centrally to direct the economic system, would probably destroy personal freedom as completely as any autocracy has ever done.

Individual freedom cannot be reconciled with the supremacy of one single purpose to which the whole of society is permanently subordinated. To a limited extent we ourselves experience this fact in wartime, when subordination of almost everything to the immediate and pressing need is the price at which we preserve our freedom in the long run. The fashionable phrases about doing for the purposes of peace what we have do for the purposes of war are completely misleading, for it is sensible temporarily to sacrifice freedom in order to make it more secure in the future, but it is quite a different thing to sacrifice liberty permanently in the interests of a planned economy.

To those who have watched the transition from socialism to fascism at close quarters, the connection between the two systems is obvious. The realization of the socialist program means the destruction of freedom.

Democratic socialism, the great utopia of the last few generations, is simply not achievable.

Codrea: Gunwalker – DOJ Knew Early On

David explains.

The first black POTUS is not going to fire the first black AG.


So the Gunwalker investigation will either take down both men, or prove once and for all that race and power are all that matter in without-rule-of-law America.

Players, place your bets.

Why We Fight

Read Virginia Rifleman’s piece, followed by Arctic Patriot’s take.

Our persons.

Our property.

Our parenting of those entrusted to us.

Each of these fundamental human freedoms is under unrelenting assault by the Evil Ones and their minions.

Each as currently exists must be destroyed in order for the collectivist Utopia to arise.

The Bad People are not going to stop.


Unless they are stopped.

Change does not occur until the pain of staying the same is worse than the pain of change.

No pain, no change.

Do you understand yet?

AmMerc: “When you can’t do what you want, do what you can”


Now go train this weekend.

At the range.

The hilly trail with ruck.

The gym.

The high-school track for sprint work.

Or the local church kitchen to whip up chili and cornbread for 30.

Tempus fugit.

Gunwalker: Mortui vivos docent

Mike draws some reluctant conclusions.

There will be many, many lessons taught by many, many dead in the coming years.

The die is cast.

Ein Schweizer, sieben Deutsche.

Get It?

Curtis sends.

Bring it.

SK: State of Disunion

(illustration from Daletoons)

Sultan Knish posts his take on the Mighty Kenyan’s SOTU.

Here’s the real thing, if you can bear it.

Second term’s gonna be a sleighride, campers.

Best to use the time ’til 1/2013 wisely.

Tempus fugit.

Any Questions?

The bottom line.


A Reminder About Shooting The Colonels

Please take the time to read this post from 2010 and its embedded links, and update your answers to the question posed back then.

I’d like someone to make the rational case that things are now anything but two years worse, with the re-election of the communist Mighty Kenyan pending in under eleven months.



Tempus fugit.

The Head-Shot Cadence Drill


Then do.

With both your sidearm and your rifle.

Then do it with each weapon immediately after a balls-out 100-yard sprint.

Then do it more.

Pretty damned hard to armor a face, even against pistol ammunition.

Regardless of the gang affiliation of the bad guy.

And the casualty’s death gurgles and convulsions will dishearten and expose his mates.

Audentes fortuna iuvat.


Read it.

Ask yourself who are YOUR paramilitary guerrilla, subversive underground, and auxilliary allies.

Then read, for detail, both all of ND’s stuff from post one and Spungin’s NPOP.

This material will be on the final exam.


By any means possible.

By any mean necessary.


Avordvet sends, connecting the dots:

As I mentioned before, you will start to see the Government accelerate their movements in order to further consolidate power and control over the populace,

DHS Seeks Industry Feedback on Draft Proposal for Wide Scale Surveillance in U.S.

They will use fear and intimidation to show the sheeple they are out-gunned and out-maneuvered,

Federal “Training” Assault on Social Security Office Startles FL Locals

You will see the continued prepping of Civilian Law Enforcement with advanced Military Grade weaponry 

Local Cops Ready for War With Homeland Security-Funded Military Weapons

Police employ Predator drone spy planes on home front

Why the militarization of local police needs to stop

And once communications are locked down and dissent controlled,

Government Total Recall On Past Communications

Government’s monitoring of social media raises privacy concerns

Internet Kill Switch – Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste: Egypt Today, USA Tomorrow

You will see more instances of “Joint” operations throughout the U.S., these operations will not be asked for or run by the State and Local jurisdictions, they will be run by the Military,

U.S. Military/Civilian Law Enforcement Operations

All we need is a good crisis to bring in the Military… the manpower and structure have already been laid,

U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM)

I know what you are saying, Hey we have the Posse Comitatus Act, they can’t do that! Well, that “old” relic of an Act has been severely watered down over the years.

The Myth of Posse Comitatus

And now that the Federal Government has “strengthened” their hand by unconstitutionally grabing the power to Kill or Detain a American Citizen, without charges, without trial and without judicial over sight… your Liberty is in peril.

Constitutional Expert: “President Obama … Says That He Can Kill You On His Own Discretion” Without Charge or Trial

Stand while you still have the means to effect change.


They Thought They Were Free

Commenter William Munny sends this excellent essay on another educated, sophisticated people who acquiesced in their own demise.

Read it all, please.

Thank Greenwood nothing like that could ever happen here in Amuhrica.

And by the way – “deserve” actually has quite a bit to do with it.

Alea iacta est.