Buppert: The Other New World Order, Michael Collins, And The End Of Empire

Read it all.

Understand what is coming.

Train harder.

Store (and disperse) more.

Dispense with the trivial.

Build better networks, in every sense.

Complete and update your range cards.

Make sure your mind is straight enough for the hard things.



5 responses to “Buppert: The Other New World Order, Michael Collins, And The End Of Empire

  1. Something to keep in mind is the Marxist element of the Irish revolt played a huge roll in the civil war that followed.
    Never turn your back on a collectivist.

    • “Never turn your back, etc.” Why not? Because those you’ve left due to philosophical differences will kill you with an ice axe. Trotsky left… physically left… the Soviet Union as his ideas became un-welcomed there. Didn’t matter for his life… he was tracked down overseas to Mexico and kilt by Stalin’s people.

      Similar things will happen around these parts, when the grappling between the winners of the “restorista fight” happens. All this is predicated on FreeFor beating Marxists here in this country. Some will like a constitutional restoration one way, others will like the result to go another way. Ugly things will happen, some between different freedom-loving factions. Meanwhile as the FreeFor has won, I hope that there is enough history in their heads, that they will drive their beaten opponents out of this country. Maybe on Italian cruise ships to a port of the losers’ choice.

  2. Jimmy the Saint

    ‘Course, Mick ended up becoming a state enforcer and got shot for it.

  3. Regarding taxes: The constitution had it right. Tariffs and excises could be collected by government at the borders. The sixteenth amendment created the income tax in 1913 along with the seventeenth amendment that made election of senators a popular vote instead of appointment by the state legislators. This changed the country a democracy instead of a republic. It also took all of the control away from the states. Prior to this, the costs were levied on the states and the fight was on. There could be some control. When the graduated income tax was instituted, we were , as individuals, responsible for payment to the federal govt. Also the senators were no longer responsible to the legislature and the thinking of the state but to the popular vote and that was bought by their individual supporters. Can you imagine any state legislature supporting John McCain.

    The ironic part is that the sixteenth amendment was never ratified. Two Montana chaps wrote a book. The Law That Never Was. They went to each state and checked the records. They determined that three states were lacking having ratified the law at the time of implementation thereof. After ten years it was challenged. The Sec. of the Treasury named Dillon, as I recall, stated that since it had been being used for ten years it would stay in effect. How about that, Gentlemen? Feel free to look it up. I could not believe it. I got the book from the library.

    These two laws and the Federal Reserve completely changed the nshape of the country and the effectiveness of the Constitution. There have been other screwups but thede are the most egregious They were instituted in 1916, ten years before I was born but my mama was a school teacher and a history buff and I got lots of instruction from her.

    This could be laid at the feet of the sports page but there were no sports pages at this time. I cannot believe that the founding fathers could think the citizens of the country that they founded would ever sit on their butts and let this happen. Only the trash will put up with serving as representatives. These individuals, by and large, could not make a living at anything other than robbing banks.
    Talley Ho.
    PS. I flew Navy 43-47. All I am good for now is support and bitching. Chamber 45….