Review: Matt Bracken’s Castigo Cay

Entertaining in the extreme.

Equally essential.

At least for anyone interested in successfully navigating the New Amerikkan Police State and its obstacles.

Matt Bracken’s latest introduces readers to Dan Kilmer, a former Marine scout sniper with recent experiences in the Islamic wars who, upon separation, sails off to sea for freedom, adventure, and profit, wherever possible.

His freebooting life is disrupted when a former girlfriend runs into trouble, and Dan decides to come to her rescue.

From there, the reader is taken on a full-throttle blast through the near-future Neo-Depression South Florida, where DHS and local police are full-gear everywhere, the Haves live magnificently, and the Have-Not normal people are reduced to Third World poverty, corruption, and squalor.

Particularly noteworthy is how Matt chose to make his protagonist, as he executes his rescue mission, subject to the same kind of human errors and fallibilities that afflict us all. Dan Kilmer, for all his skills and experience, is NOT a Clancy superhero.

And Castigo Cay is all the more plausible and enjoyable for that decision.

A free sample of Castigo is here, but do yourself a favor and order the whole book from Matt here, or via Kindle here.

While you’re at it, get the entire Enemies Foreign and Domestic trilogy as well, if you don’t already own them.

Where else can you get a series of can’t-put-it-down tales filled with a wealth of tips on how to deal with kinetic and potentially kinetic situations?

Highly, highly recommended.

9 responses to “Review: Matt Bracken’s Castigo Cay

  1. I really like Mr. Brackens work. I read/own one of his books and could not put it down until I finished.

  2. Jackson Waggit

    Great read!
    Good fun. I got the sample a couple of months ago, and it made me buy the whole damn thing. When I get enough scratch I’m going to buy the other three books too. Bracken is a top notch writer.

  3. Matt Bracken’s work is top notch!

  4. He seems to get better with each new endeavor. I can’t wait to see his next one.

  5. Here’s a review I wrote for Amazon back in the fall, even though I bought the book directly from Matt. He was also nice enough to include a personal note and inscription.
    This is my first book review. I never quite saw the need or had the inclination before.

    I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed when I read the original excerpt from Castigo Cay on the Western Rifle Shooters blog some months back. I loved Bracken’s “Trilogy” and was hoping for more of the same. For those of you you haven’t read the author’s three previous books, you have to understand that Bracken’s themes seem to come to life in the real world news. The current “Fast and Furious” BATFE fiasco could have come right out the pages of one Bracken’s books. The author certainly seems to have his finger on the pulse of our new and dangerous world.

    Despite my initial disappointment, I eventually ordered a copy of Castigo Cay directly from the author. I’m sorry I waited. This is one of those rare books where you want to get to the climax but also want the book to never end. I loved the main character, Dan Kilmer. Dan is living MY dream. A free man in an un-free world. Dan Kilmer, Matt Bracken and I all share a love of the sea, sailing, metal boats and large bore, hot lead deilvery systems. For those of us who are tied to jobs and families, and aren’t real life former Navy Seals like the author, we can escape to freedom through books like Castigo Cay. Or maybe for at least a few days at a time just seaward of the nearest harbor’s Line of Demarcation.

    Castigo Cay is action packed, fast paced and full of real flesh and blood characters. Castigo Cay is a world where ex-pats are still patriots. I can’t wait to meet Dan Kilmer again in his next adventure, hopefully in the not too distant future.

    Captain Mike
    Master of M/V TinCan

  6. I have all of his books, and this latest one is good, but not as good as the previous three.

  7. It’s a hallmark of Matt’s books that his characters are real, not superheroes. I was especially glad to read Castigo Cay, because Dan Kilmer gets to live the life that Brad, in Enemies Foreign and Domestic, didn’t get to live. Matt himself is a cruising sailor, and draws upon his own knowledge and skills to bring his books alive. Do what you have to, but read his books.

  8. A real page-turner with believable characters providing a glimpse of what may come. This book is so entertaining that at the end I wanted it to continue so I could spend more time with its characters. Bracken has effectively intertwined his experiences, tactics, and training. Details so vivid I could “feel” and “see” the scenes. Can’t wait for the next one! Good on ya’, Matt.