Read it.

Ask yourself who are YOUR paramilitary guerrilla, subversive underground, and auxilliary allies.

Then read, for detail, both all of ND’s stuff from post one and Spungin’s NPOP.

This material will be on the final exam.


By any means possible.

By any mean necessary.

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  1. Will post this here as I dont want JM to think I am dissing on his information.
    I will use his designations as they are as good as any I have seen on the various types of groups.
    My previous post on load out didnt quite convey what I was trying to say. It came off I think as more critical of the specifics of loadout than I intended.
    What i intended to get across was the idea that the Paramilitary force will be the tip of the spear and the primary action force in the coming fracus. I just dont think that is the case. I am convinced that the subversive force will be the prime actor and it is the paramilitary force that will be supporting them.
    I think in order to explain that idea we have to understand goals and motivations of the actors. The OPFOR has the following goals and concepts.
    They seek to control the population. In order to do that they must
    1. Control travel
    2 Control food
    3. Control communications
    4. Control utilities

    FREEFOR has the following goal to replace the current government with one that promotes freedom and liberty or at least ideals more concistant with the contitution. To do that we must
    1. Delegitimize the current government
    2. Win broad based support for FREEFOR and its political goals
    3. Disrupt OPFOR systems and abilities
    4. Maintain this threat

    Now when you look at these you have to apply the concepts to the curent environment and that should lead to the identification of tactics that acheive those concepts. If OPFOR is going to implement those controls they have to be where the population is in order to control them. If FREEFOR is going to build a broad base of support among the population it also has to be where the population is.
    Lets look at Alabama
    Its a typical southern state with a few large urban centers surrounded by suburban sprawl and those areas sperated by large rural spaces. The population is 4.8 million. The population of the Birmingham metro area is 1.2 million. So a quarter of the state lives within about 75 miles of the city center of B’ham. If you want to control Alalbama you have to control this city. The city is the destination of rail lines, highways, and power lines. The city and its outskirts feed off of the surrounding rural areas. So lets look at how OPFOR will control B’ham.
    OPFOR will need to control the rail systems, the highways and the utilitys that feed B’ham. Travel within the area can be easily restricted for vehicles. utilities can be controled down to the individual homes and food distribution can be restricted because the vast amount of people will not have the ability to grow enough food to sustain themselves. Normally these are all of the reasons that prepers and survivalists list for not staying in a metro area during a crisis time. So how can FREEFOR acheive its goals if its primary force is a rural paramilitary one? If the Paramilitary force attacks the lines of communications, utilities and travel networks then they do present a threat to OPFOR, however they also damage broad based support from those people within the metro area depending on those services to survive. The attacks would delegitimize the current government but they would not offer an alternative. The attacks would appear to be directed at the population and the OPFOR would use massmedia to script the story in that manor. Unless the Subversive force is in place to offer the population an alternative to the current government the attacks would be counter productive. If an attack on a power station removes power to a large swath of metro neigborhoods the Subversive force must be in place to provide alternate means of producing power locally to those neighborhoods. If an attack destroys a water treatment site the Subversive force must be in place to provide the population with clean drinking water and sanitation. If the OPFOR places sufficent resources in remote areas that prevent the rural force from acting the Subversive force must be in place to attack local nodes and networks. It will be the subversive force that carries out actions on government agents. They will not venture outside of that metro area to place themselves within reach of a rural paramilitary force. It will be the Subversive force the spreads the political message to the population. It will be the subversive force the gathers intelligence. It will be the subversive force that gathers the resources from supporters. It will be the subversive force that runs the escape network to rural safe houses. I dont think a rural paramilitary force can really exists and fuction without a subversive force in place. I do think a Subversive force can exist without a paramilitary force in place.

    I dont want this to turn into a book so I will stop here but I think you can see where I am going here.

  2. And if the dollar collapses, FreeFor could have an alternate economy…

  3. Actually grenadier, I agree with you 100%. For MOST people in America, the fact is, any G force is destined to be a support DA echelon of the overall resistance. Even in urban areas and alpine regions, there are limited spaces available for the establishment of secure guerrilla bases, thus limiting–by necessity–the number of Gs a local area can support.
    I think there will be far different missions for both the subversive underground and the G force however, based on local METT-TC. You bring up Alabama, and Birmingham specifically. If I could stomach living in a large metro area–like B’Ham–I would probably focus on those types of missions. Unfortunately for readers, I live in an extremely rural area. We have slightly less than 2 people per square mile for a population density…The largest town in 100 miles is less than 2000 people…hardly a secure bastion for establishment of a hard-core subversive underground. That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of juicy targets available for a subversive underground…just that here, with an encroachment of regime security forces, the primary mission of the resistance WOULD be direct-action attacks on regime security infrastructure. Considering the number and type of arms in the area, even a battalion of conventional force infantry would last…MAYBE….a month, before either A, they had to call in a LOT more help, or B, they said fuck it, let’s go somewhere else. There is a LOT of money here, a LOT of military veterans, and remarkably, as someone pointed out to me recently, an inordinate percentage of the population is comprised of military SOF vets.
    While my goal is primarily to share useful information for patriots everywhere, the sad reality is that I work a full-time+ job, have a family to raise, my own training to continue to re-learn and improve, my personal reading to do, and so, I have a limited amount of time to write the blog. As such, at the risk of sounding like a raging dick….I’m going to focus on TTPs that will work best for people in the areas surrounding mine, first, with ancillary concerns secondary. Sorry.
    Irregardless of that though, the underlying principles apply regardless of whether you live in an urban area that mandates a stronger subversive underground main effort, or a paramilitary G force as the main effort. Principles are constants.


  4. Roger that JM,
    I got no beef with what you have been preaching just wanted to take the opportunity to bring up something I have been chewing on for some time. You keep doing what your doing brother and I will keep taking notes.

  5. “I have a limited amount of time to write the blog.”

    Less excuses, more excellent work. 😉