Avordvet sends, connecting the dots:

As I mentioned before, you will start to see the Government accelerate their movements in order to further consolidate power and control over the populace,

DHS Seeks Industry Feedback on Draft Proposal for Wide Scale Surveillance in U.S.

They will use fear and intimidation to show the sheeple they are out-gunned and out-maneuvered,

Federal “Training” Assault on Social Security Office Startles FL Locals

You will see the continued prepping of Civilian Law Enforcement with advanced Military Grade weaponry 

Local Cops Ready for War With Homeland Security-Funded Military Weapons

Police employ Predator drone spy planes on home front

Why the militarization of local police needs to stop

And once communications are locked down and dissent controlled,

Government Total Recall On Past Communications

Government’s monitoring of social media raises privacy concerns

Internet Kill Switch – Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste: Egypt Today, USA Tomorrow

You will see more instances of “Joint” operations throughout the U.S., these operations will not be asked for or run by the State and Local jurisdictions, they will be run by the Military,

U.S. Military/Civilian Law Enforcement Operations

All we need is a good crisis to bring in the Military… the manpower and structure have already been laid,

U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM)

I know what you are saying, Hey we have the Posse Comitatus Act, they can’t do that! Well, that “old” relic of an Act has been severely watered down over the years.

The Myth of Posse Comitatus

And now that the Federal Government has “strengthened” their hand by unconstitutionally grabing the power to Kill or Detain a American Citizen, without charges, without trial and without judicial over sight… your Liberty is in peril.

Constitutional Expert: “President Obama … Says That He Can Kill You On His Own Discretion” Without Charge or Trial

Stand while you still have the means to effect change.


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  1. What then does the sender suggest the audience do to stand? How does he propose we stand and effect change, as he says.

    There is no stopping what is coming. There will be no diverting or changing it.

    All that is left is to resist, and accept the consequences as a man.


    • Well that may be what you think a consequence of a man is but I’ll have none of it. I’ll do what I can to not be killed. Nor will I be bent, folded or mutilated or abused or caged. You’re not dealing with rational people here, but the exact opposite. There is a better than 90% chance you will fail if they attack you. So how do you deal with irrational people that are trying to kill you?

      There are already people out there that will kill you in an instant. You prevent them from doing that, now, by staying away from them. You do not engage them in any way and if you notice they are getting close to you leave. If they make it to your front door it is too late – you are dead. THAT is not the consequence of a man but rather someone that wasn’t paying enough attention. Only a fool would engage a superior force or not do everything he could to avoid it. You are not here to die, you are here to live.

      As Josey Wales said, “Dyin’ ain’t much of a livin’, boy.”

    • I am talking about people getting off their ass and frigging doing SOMETHING about the current path. Like you, I have been putting it out there 100% (actually more like III%), From Gravelly Point to the many other rallies around the area, I have sounded the alarm… But as you have found, most people are either cowering or are oblivious to the approaching danger.

      The post above was actually one of many warnings to my personal network about the approaching strife. I am sure your situation is no different from mine, trying to awaken family, friends and acquaintances to what is coming and just getting the blank stare… absolutely maddening.

      And the warnings WILL continue until I can speak (or type) no longer.


      • Take heart in knowing that just because some don’t attend rallies or aren’t heard ‘sounding the alarm’ that there isn’t real, meaningful preparation and action to stem (as much and as best as possible) the tide against us.

        Many warnings are word of mouth, face to face, and you’re not alone. In our AO, we have moved to informing only those who have awakened on their own and are seeking information….the rest? Well….they’re the 97%.

        Great post!

      • I believe there are many people out there that simply choose NOT to see. It makes them uncomfortable.
        Lazy children do not like to be uncomfortable.
        But they will change, when it hits them right between the eyes and not one second sooner.
        They will become fodder.
        You can witness some of these folks now, they are the people in the youtubes and elsewhere that are currently being abused and killed by the gov’t thugs. And they take it.

        My fear?
        That even though I have spent enormous effort and spent tens of thousands to avoid them, they will come for me.
        And I will say enough is enough.

        My wife will beg, and she will cry and her voice will be silent to me.
        I have already suffered from a long line of abuses by the animals and I will take no more. They have went too far. My destiny will confront me and I will do my best to prevail, to cast out as many as possible. But as I said before, there is a less than a 10% chance of success, so even in losing I will win.

        Is it worth that?
        What will be gained?
        What will be lost?
        Does it even matter?

        The waiting is the hardest part.

  2. And resist we shall! I’m already prepared for that choice. And I’m looking at my watch, not my calendar.

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  4. This gives perspective that many just don’t want, or can’t, see.

    Very useful, as always, sir.

  5. Here is another link in the chains to add.

    They want to control the movement of everything.

    1. Take away their technology.
    -knock out surveillance cameras
    -destroy their vehicles or property when they are vacated.
    -destroy their comm network with jammers or confuse it as needed.
    2. Develop our own robotic tools.
    -Remotely fire weapons (extremely trivial: solenoid tripped)
    -Re-purpose RC toys for surveillance, delivery systems
    -High powered microwaves for confusion (3000 W focused will do it)
    -High powered lasers for blinding
    -Remotely triggered OC foggers and igniters
    3. Warning networks
    -VIPR locations ID’d
    -OpFor movements tracked
    -Supply logistics monitored

    No direct conflicts. All of you run and hide types are out of excuses.
    AP that criticizes the one politician that directly confronted the TSA – because Paul was not a normal citizen – will now have to step up.

    If you are so much of a thumb sucker that you cannot or will not take out a surveillance or traffic camera, then stay behind that keyboard, or do your feel good PT 6 days a week, while those of us who are willing, step up and push the FreFor movement onward in the real world.

    There was nothing more exhilarating than my cohort and I being chased by a local cop at 2 a.m. after taking just such actions as I described.

    Break your inaction trance. Military/LEO types – you are not tough when acting with air support, a squad, following orders, and wearing armor+ $20k of gear.

    Act alone, no support, life/limb/fortune at risk, you pick the target/time/place/action – then you will have discovered your worth – or lack of it.

    Don’t bother flaming me. Your lack of action gives you no standing with me.

  7. Trainer,
    One good thing that has come out of this mess, is all the people I have met over the last few years. What were small Family Networks, became Local Networks, which became State Networks and are now National Citizen Networks.

    From the TEA Party and 9/12 Project, to the “Restore the Constitution” Movement and Militia expansion, people are waking up… although very late in the game.

  8. “Intensification of struggle.”