AmMerc: “When you can’t do what you want, do what you can”


Now go train this weekend.

At the range.

The hilly trail with ruck.

The gym.

The high-school track for sprint work.

Or the local church kitchen to whip up chili and cornbread for 30.

Tempus fugit.

7 responses to “AmMerc: “When you can’t do what you want, do what you can”

  1. I’ve always hated jogging, but I discovered yesterday that I was doing it all wrong. First off, I landed on my heel, which send jolts up your legs, hurting knees and ankles, and more. My son taught me to land on the balls of my feet, using the natural spring that nature built. My shin muscles (Tibialis anterior) aren’t yet up to the task, but they’ll get there, without harming knees or ankles. And I was trying to run for a long time. Yesterday, I jogged until I was out of breath, which wasn’t very long, then walked until I could jog again. Made it fun and easy. This fatty may be on his way to getting back in shape!

    In my case it’s more to avoid diabetes than to train, but it’ll kill both birds.

    • First walk, walks some more, walk everywhere. You will save money and wear on your car. Walk quicker, so that you are breaking a sweat, and breathing harder. Speaking, but not conversation, should be possible. As you mentioned, walk-run-walk intervals is good training and will get you to the destination quite a bit quicker than walking-only, or running to exhaustion/stopping/running more. People who must name everything call the walk-run-walk training “Fartlek”, (yes, pronounced how it looks).

      I’ve noticed some resistance to weight loss, but have definitely gained strength, added run-distance, and have better wind. Adding a pack of modest weight is convenient in bringing groceries or mail home from the walk and might add a little something to the training. I try to mix the foot training with a few bicycle rides during the week, which seems to use different muscle groups and is more consistently aerobic.

      Being ahead of the curve on long-distance human-powered travel might be useful when fuel gets unaffordable for routine local trips. $6 gasoline is being planned for by the PTB, but it might become somewhat unavailable instead of just being high priced in dollars.


      • $6 gasoline is being planned
        Guess I’ll be doin’ a lot of stayin’ home then cause everything is at least 20 miles from here and I ain’t walkin that far for a loaf of bread…..

    • Keep at it, Bill. Good on ya.

  2. Do this when walking or jogging.
    Get a military pistol belt or any other wide belt will do.
    Put it on over your shirt but not laced in your belt loops.
    Center it on your belly button and cinch it pretty tight but not uncomfortably so.
    If you have that belt on for a couple hours and then take it off you will find your abdominal muscles will try to resist going back to their original shape.
    I noticed this when I went through basic where we wore pistol belts all the time, when I finally took it off at the end of the day it was almost uncomfortable to do so. I lost 30 lbs in 6 weeks in basic, from 185 down to 153. I’m a little more than that now. 🙂

  3. Ran 9 miles today. A year ago I could run 5 minutes. Doing a 1/2 Marathon mid-March. C25K really is a great starting point, and just go out and do it.