SK: State of Disunion

(illustration from Daletoons)

Sultan Knish posts his take on the Mighty Kenyan’s SOTU.

Here’s the real thing, if you can bear it.

Second term’s gonna be a sleighride, campers.

Best to use the time ’til 1/2013 wisely.

Tempus fugit.

6 responses to “SK: State of Disunion

  1. Greenberg is correct, the Obama junta is as eff’d up as the Bush II junta, there’s never been any doubt about that.

    Responsible, knowledgeable people, yes even me, warned everyone we knew that the wars Bush II entered would produce a bad result, just about what has, in fact, happened. In some ways, it’s too bad that Bush II couldn’t have had a third term, that way he’d have the burning tire around his neck instead of his black clone.

    However, Greenberg’s own advocacy for middle east tampering has produced most of the results he mentions with regard to wars.

    As for the economics, well, all of the administrations from at least Nixon’s to this day have produced what we see happening now.

    Keynesian nonsense in place since Frank “the cripple” Roosevelt staqrted the ball rolling.

    Alas, pointing fingers is of no purpose now, it’s hunker down time.

  2. Correction, Greenfield not Greenberg.

  3. I’m SO glad that I have others who’ve gotten the message that Barry is going to handily win the election for a second term. It shows me there are people, other than me, who are paying attention.

    Yes, I think we need to use the time we have left wisely.

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