Codrea: Gunwalker – DOJ Knew Early On

David explains.

The first black POTUS is not going to fire the first black AG.


So the Gunwalker investigation will either take down both men, or prove once and for all that race and power are all that matter in without-rule-of-law America.

Players, place your bets.

11 responses to “Codrea: Gunwalker – DOJ Knew Early On

  1. Well, ‘course not.

    “His people” will take care of him. And he will take care of “his people”.

    This is just nature.

    I bet for “nothing happens to anyone”, as I have from day one, except for maybe a promotion or two for the “noble” oathbreaking whistleblowers (who, btw, were totally complicit in gunwalker until one or their fellow “praetorian class” was killed).


  2. Your perception is strong.Thus, your fate is sealed.

    Mine too, bro….

    Good column tonight, btw….

  3. Charles Berthot

    This fiasco is a false flag to cover the efforts to join Mexico, the United States and Canada under one border as Bush was trying to do. The efforts have been ongoing but you need to read a
    canadian paper. It is not in our papers. I think this is the reason there is no concern about our money. If this is accomplished, the proposed Amero will replace the dollar. My relatives in Canada are just opposed to this as I am. Chamber 45….

  4. It is curious that this being described in the Examiner link, and yesterday by Mike, as being a White House document dump, and not a dump from DOJ as the other Friday night follies in this case have been.

    I’m just wondering, if it was higher-than-DOJ which released the pounced-on smoking gun, maybe Eric is going to take a hit and move up to a higher-paid gig outside of government for a very short while … then cruise back in during Zero II as replacement for Janet. Those heads get old enough in the public eye that after some years of spewing shit, replacement spewers are needed. Trusted heads are required as replacements, of course, and Eric does fit that bill.

    I hear that Davos is a fine place to go this time of year if a person is in need of a rudder correction.

  5. I’m not sure of the exact date but I probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.”

    That’s his out for perjury, right there. His memory is uncertain and he doesn’t read his emails. He can’t possibly give Congress any more accurate information and he has cooperated fully with all aspects of the investigation.

    Move along, citizen. Get back to work. Nothing to see here…

    • Complicit or incompetent…either way he needs to go. For that matter so do the alleged Republicans that sat on their hands when he stood for appointment in the first place.

  6. None will stand at the bar of justice. The prevaricator-in-chief will get another term. Holder will graciously step away after the election. Various alphabet agency managers will quietly change slots or agencies. They win, we lose…so what will we do about that? Right, nothing.

  7. As a Country we have done this to our own,and others,for a long time.

    Think Teddy Roosevelt. Look at General Emilio Aguinaldo,aka the Washington of the Philippines. Freedom fighter.(us?)

    Kicked Spains ASS regular like and wanted what we have.

    But he wasn’t white. Read the Teller amendment.

    Now those of “teutonic blood” are the enemy,so to speak. We are now the minority.


  8. Passenger 57

    “Players, place your bets.”

    Always bet on black.

  9. My bet is that we are a dictatorship before Obongo takes his second oath of office. Oh, snap! We already is. Whassup, home slice?

  10. Hmm, It seems that a black man can point his finger at a white man, but a white woman can’t point her finger at a black man without calling it racist, time to hit the sheets…