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10 responses to “Darknets

  1. …and please PLEASE have them vet my work and/or get in touch with me.
    There are a lot of ground that can be prepared /right now/.

  2. Even using private IPs, you have two issue if you want to do more than communicate among yourselves – DNS and connectivity somewhere to the rest of the NET.

    A DNS workaround is to operate your own DNS cache servers, which will degrade over time, domains change their DNS records. Ultimately, you need some connection to the rest of the NET somewhere.

  3. An alternative is in the works.. for Mac’s now and Windows soon to come.

    It’s an undisputed fact that OpenDNS is the clear innovator in DNS + security. And with our preview of DNSCrypt, our new technology that fundamentally solves a critical problem in Internet security, we’re introducing one of our most game-changing innovations yet.

    Put simply, DNSCrypt encrypts, or hides, the communication between your computer or tablet and our servers while you’re browsing the Web. That means you have heightened privacy and security and no one can see what you’re doing online. We take little more seriously than our responsibility to make the Internet safer, and as the world’s largest DNS provider we’re thrilled about the potential positive impact the new technology can have. Our expectation is that DNSCrypt will fast become the standard.

    DNSCrypt is currently available for Macs. A Windows version is coming soon and will be announced here in this newsletter, so stay tuned. Techies can learn more on our site and find the open sourced code on GitHub.


  4. I didn’t see HF radio on that chart. Barbwire fences, rain gutters, etc., can be and have been used as antennas.