SHTF School: Selco’s “One Year In Hell” Course

Go here to see the online course Selco has assembled based on his expereinces in the Yugoslavian breakup of the Nineties.

Your call as to the utility, but I am learning/reinforcing much.

Harden your hearts.



Stay alive.

11 responses to “SHTF School: Selco’s “One Year In Hell” Course

  1. Thanks, I already joined the course a few days ago and it really helps to understand how Selco reasoned and what helped him to survive. I will change some of my preparations now. Thank you for pointing me to the articles on that website.

  2. It is an interesting course and I think it will become more so as more people join in the discussion.

  3. This guy would definitely know how a collapse works. Or doesn’t. The Yugoslavia Breakup was one of the most horrific wars post World War 2-Croatians and Bosnians were shot, bombed, starved and nearly wiped out in the face of a self-sanctimonious UN arms embargo that gave the Serbs committing most of the atrocities the upper hand. It took the US government coming in with air strikes to bring them to the negotiating table… of course the US was gaming to take Kosovo for its uranium deposits which is why we eventually entered the war.

    We can expect random acts of violence-some for revenge for the slights for one’s race. A lot by government forces-no need to go into details as the why. We can certainly expect an effective arms embargo as the USA is geographically isolated from the rest of the planet; those two oceans that sheltered America from foreign invasion serve as huge moats to keep us from the global arms markets… save for Mexico but if the enemy’s playing for keeps instead of dicking around be certain that border WILL be guarded at that point.

    Oh, related: next installment of The Future of Warfare’s up:

  4. Semper Fi, 0321

    Is this guy for real, or just another internet knowitall/scam artist? Just another survival school commando? Who knows what’s real anymore? Like with everything, caution is the key.

    • Agreed re caution, 0321.

      But if I learn something that makes me more effective or keeps me alive for one more day from him, is the issue of his “authenticity” largely moot?

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        He seems to know his stuff, BUT, are we really learning from reality, or just some sci-fi novel. Maybe someone using an alias method of teaching to make it more lifelike?
        Kind of interesting how you get some amazing survival stories and then bam, $29.95 to hear the rest of the story. Just reel them in while the fishing is good.There are a lot of folks out there with some incredible VN stories, only to be proven fakes and frauds.
        I like a lot of what Selco says,but my gut feeling is that this guy isn’t real. Just my $.02

  5. I would have to give Selco a 98% probability of being authentic. He is not selling himself as a “survival expert,” but a regular guy caught in a horrendous situation. The course is his narration of being caught in a very dangerous and deprived situation. He tells what worked and what did not. It is a story of learning while you go and making mistakes; and mistakes are the great teachers if you live. The important parts are his observations on the changes in people in that situation.

  6. We’re in a depression; I won’t bust on a guy for trading his experience for cash, I think he’s more than earned it. I mean, we’re not exactly talking about a televangelist or a politician are we?

  7. I gave up my $29 for his story,,as said before this is not a how to book,,,but this is’ what happened to me story’. It’s interesting,but no cigar.His knowledge for instance of weapons is imo lacking.
    Not seeing the coming war,to me shows a lack of something,not sure what.
    It’s a story of grubbing around during war time.He is careful not to mention that is probably a Croat,which over there has more meaning to them than us.Our normal understanding of that area is lacking.
    Overall not bad,,,if you can spare the $29,it’s OK,,ymmv..Also how it plays out here will be a lot different than over there.Different people,history,,,
    and different scores to settle,,, simmering beneath the pc surface….
    Oh well,,,

    “It is going to get much uglier. I am always reminded of a much earlier comment about the real worry,, that of whites living in their cars with only their guns and ammo left.”

  8. ” He is not selling himself as a “survival expert,” but a regular guy caught in a horrendous situation.”

    Yeah, but his intent seems malicious considering that he charges money for his SHTF courses instead of sharing this info freely with other preppers. Those people are scum, making money off the fears of others. Sadly the prepping scene is full of those folks who look for some quick money to make though.

  9. Leandro Marques

    Well, it might be true, but if he’s come up with it all out of nowhere, he must be congratulated, because it all made good sense to me, if you were in those situations. About the course, this can be taken freely on the internet, via torrent, although I think we should pay for some precious information as somebody must have taken time to come up with it.