Not That Such A Thing Could Ever Happen Here

From JohnGaltFLA.

UPDATE 3 FEB 2013 1655 EST: AP provides context.

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  1. Wow. Holy f-n wow. Ain’t no bugging out OR away from that cloud.
    Remember,CPX Foxtrot is coming up.


  2. On that day millions of eyes will start to see, and not one second before.

    But Pandora’s box cannot be resealed, it can only be destroyed and everything else with it.

    It is then that DC will finally be stormed but the occupants are already gone.

  3. Dirt is your friend. Basements, underground parking garages, subway tunnels,

    Buy and read “Nuclear War Survival Skills” — a fantastic book.

  4. I remember a Jewish friend telling me some time back that modern Israel was the place where Europe sent all the surviving Jews after WWII and that they pretty much expected it to become another Warsaw Ghetto at some point in the future:

    One needs to keep the size of Israel in mind –their entire country could fit inside the Florida panhandle. Due to their small size any attack –especially by air or indirect fire– can happen very quickly with little or no warning. Those of us who’ve had incoming fire on FOBs all know where the bunkers are (and the CCPs for the wounded), but with a single small nuke the entire FOB would be wiped off the map. Keep in mind it doesn’t take big nukes to destroy military facilities and a certain amount of fallout may even be acceptable coming back downwind on the enemy who did it. And, in Israel’s case too many people would assume that enemy would be Iran. Not necessarily….

    • I don’t care what happens to Israel. Israel is the biggest threat in the middle east by several orders of magnitude.

      I’m an American, I’m concerned about what the most dangerous entity to Americans is doing.

      That entity is the US government.

      • I have been eagerly waiting all day to see what our resident Quisling had to say.
        Thanks for being so predictable in your ignorance and bigotry Pat.
        You never disappoint.

  5. Ryan Witterschein

    As much as it sickens me I feel that this could happen in the very near future (months). Hate and greed are filling the world and the good Lord can’t possibly be pleased. Why do we keep killing each other over money, power and religion????????? The first two can never be satisfied and in the last one you can’t be proven right or wrong. When I get to the pearly gates I hope I am seen as having led a good life.

  6. Psalm 121:4(KJV).

  7. Yaakov Black

    Land will be a lot cheaper after it happens. Sad but Its not like they follow YHVH laws now.

  8. Happy D, you just made my day. Mebbe me and Pat could meet some day, and he would have a chance to look at my new Life Member pin, courtesy of the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. I personally know Jews who are pretty awful, being race baiters and hoplophobic leftists. And I know some like the guys and girls at JPFO, salt o’ the earth. People sometimes admit to Christianity, and all the while hating Jews. Which is kind of funny. Which is where you find Pat H. Wonder if it ever occurs to him, that the guy supposedly guarding the Pearly Gates, St. Peter, is a Jew? And that the Big Guy Himself, is also a Jew? Ah, well, he can explain his hatred of all things Jewish when he gets there, that is, if , he gets there. Me, I’ll have to explain why I’m such a dumbass.


  10. Thank You, Sean.

    The final joke on mister Hines is that one Confederate official more than any other that might have saved the Confederacy was Judah P. Benjamin, a Jew. Who I would add put the Confederacy and its so called “leaders” before himself.
    Had the Davis administration and other Confederate leaders put their pride to the side the Confederacy might be a nation similar to Brazil today.
    But the confederate leadership prosecuted their war on reality more effectively than the actual war.
    Pat in his dedication to a false revisionist history has let it completely distort his view of the modern world.
    Rendering him unable to see the lions around him as he only sees the one in front of him.

  11. Pat just buys off on the “Jews are the NWO, evil international bankers” nonsense. He does not hate “jews” really its the “Zionists” he has a problem with. Now maybe he can enlighten us on what a “zionist” is? Then we can all get another round mental gymnastics trying to convince us that the reason the Arabs want to murder every jew in Israel is the fault of the Jews and not the racists Islamofacists.

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