Gunwalker: Vanderboegh’s Post-Mortem On The Holder Hearing

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God bless Mike and David Codrea for all of their herculean work on Gunwalker.

God bless Larry Pratt of GOA and all of the other members of the Coalition of Willing Lilliputians for every single thing done by every single one of them.


Some cold-eyed, cold-hearted realism is in order now.

Putting any FreeFor resources whatsoever into electoral “punishment” of Speaker John Boehner is a fool’s errand for anyone not in that putz‘s home district.

For those good people in Ohio, give him hell. Don’t stop kicking, punching, and beating electorally until John Boehner is a bloody pile of torn clothes and oozing flesh.

For Americans outside of that small part of Ohio, however, you each have a much bigger problem on which to focus:

– The Communist President of the United States is well on the path to re-election.

– There is NO – repeat: NO – effective political opposition to the President and his treasonous policies in the House, the Senate, or the judiciary.

– You have an army of more than 2.15 million Federal leeches and tyrants standing over you.

– There will be a massive tax hike on January 1, 2013 that will further tank the already-moribund American economy.

– The few electoral political restraints on the Mighty Kenyan and his stooges will disappear should he be re-elected to a second term.

– The Republican Party is completely finished as anything but a junior collaborator in the destruction of America.

– And most importantly to each of you, you and your families are consider irredeemable kulaks by the Obama regime – suitable only for plunder and eventual relocation to reeducation facilities.

So what?

Stick to your damned knitting, folks.

Resistance elements need to max their PT and other training/organization efforts, while continuing to work on their reconnaissance surveys.

Support elements need to focus on materiel preparation and storage efforts, along with acquisition and refinement of skills.

Propagandists need to keep their efforts focused on building effective resistance, rather than the utterly-futile political arena.

And novelists need to finish their work.

Focus, people.

Time is indeed flying.

And that resource is literally irreplaceable.

What will you accomplish in the next eleven months?

Alea iacta est.

6 responses to “Gunwalker: Vanderboegh’s Post-Mortem On The Holder Hearing

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  2. An accurate synopsis and look-ahead.

    Now that we have learned (again) (how many times do we have to re-learn the nature of government ala katrina, waco, ruby ridge, gunwalker) that the government is not to be trusted, can we get on with the business of resisting it?

    Until we quit trying to learn over and over again what we already know, we’re gonna keep circling ’round this diving plane until we join it in an abrupt stop at the bottom.

    There are only so many times one can dissect a frog, before intellectual curiosity just turns into sick.

    A fighting-the-system-by-using-the-system approach is as productive as the folks who complain about facebook- using facebook.

    All that is left is to find peace through acceptance.

    Enough with the vain struggling.

    Good post, CA

  3. Thanks for the motivation and the hard truth!

  4. I will do my utmost to try not to shit and fall back into it. Other than that, kill them all, G*d will know His own.

  5. Good post. I suppose that it was just another “necessary fail”. You just can’t reason with a bunch this corrupt. Only force will do. Prepare for it.