Disaster Mythology and the Curtailment of Civil Liberties

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Are you ready for what will happen in CONUS if things go badly with the FedGov’s ongoing prodding of a ChiCom and neo-Soviet client state?

Tempus fugit.

9 responses to “Disaster Mythology and the Curtailment of Civil Liberties

  1. So, the upshot is during a disaster, you are more likely to be murdered by an over-zealous authority figure than some thug looter? Swell.

  2. That is becoming the case even when there is no disaster taking place.

  3. or by an overzealous nervous nellie next door neighbor type thinkin he’s “protecting” somethin.

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  5. Perhaps the realization is sinking in among more folks, that realization is the greatest danger to Americans is the US government, state and local governments as well if they’ve been made adjuncts to the US government.

    Compared to the danger posed by the US government, et al; the threat of Muslims coming to America to bomb Americans pales into insignificance.

  6. I question the logic of this article. Katrina may indeed have played out as is described in this peice, HOWEVER that is an isolated case. While we can learn a great number of leasons from Katrina and its responses we cannot use that to formulate our overall plan. The tone of this peice is that we should all just realize that when disaster strikes people will just come together and work for the common good. We wont need to protect ourselves so we should not be reaching for guns just our shovels and trash bags…..
    Thats bullshite!
    A regional disaster in the the US plays out a specific way. Everyone involved in the disaster expects it to have a limited timeframe. Everyone expects the government will show up and while it may take time things will get back to normal. In third world countries thats not how it plays out. In places where the government cant “show up” thats not hhow it plays out. While you may have an initial coming together of people to dig out of the first blows, as time passes and people realize things may not get back to what they consider normal that coming together will disolve.
    I know most of you know this but for those readers who may read this peice and think “wow I should dial it back a few notches I really dont have much to worry about”. Bullshit, hope that is the case but plan for Zombies at every window. That way you wont be disapointed.

    • Well said. The article about Katrina and the comments about people coming together after the Loma Prieta earthquake may be true. The big reason is that outside of these disaster zones, society and the ECONOMY were still functioning and help was on the way, if the victims would just hang in there. When the big Argentinian-style economic meltdown hits Amerika(probably within the next two years), there will be no cavalry coming to the rescue. A good fictional scenario is Matthew Bracken’s FOREIGN ENEMIES AND TRAITORS.

      • Just wanted to add some additional thoughts. I mentioned government specifically as being the expected relieff force. Katrina did deomonstrate to us that government cannot handel such a large response. The vast majority of relief came from private sectors, either through donations or services. In a long term or wide spread disaster those private sector services will be used locally and not sent far afield. You will be on your own. THATS when it gets zombie.

  7. Let a smile be your umbrella and your ass will get soaking wet.

    This thing read as some kumbaya, they’re not bad, just different we can all get along when we have a common goal pedagological B.S.

    I’m not sure that last is even a word, but does stink just as bad as the other 3 concepts listed with it. They were able to feed the unprepared and that kept a lid on the pot. Next time might not be so easy. Get to know your neighbors now, if for no other reason you can figure out what they have to put in the Rawlesian “charity” locker.