Skynet, Rising


Do you understand yet?

You will.


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  1. Yay for us.

    Yay for congress.

    On the bright side, look at it as another financially unsustainable program driving this nation further and further into debt.

    Malicious compliance?


  2. Can a .348 bullet bring it down?
    How about 7 .348’s in a row?
    If so, those drones are gonna get expensive.
    Might look nice as a lawn ornament though……on the neighbors roof…..burning……

    • Yes, assuming one even sees them.

      Sometimes the byte is mightier than the bullet.


      • You must be new here.
        Enough PT, posturing, and ideological compliance will take care of this, no problem.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Good luck with that .348 Win., under 150-200m you’re fine. Don’t you think you could find something a little more accurate or easier to find ammo for besides an old cowboy type Winchester Model 71?
      I’m sure you’ve had it forever, or your dad used it, but to be really honest, that’s not a very good example of a survival or tactical type weapon. Yes, I’m familiar with it, almost anything out there would be a better choice, unless you really plan on only shooting for a small time and going under.
      Not trying to be an asshole, but as a custom gunmaker/USMC armorer, for the life of me I cannot understand wanting to go to war with a .35 Win or .450 Marlin, akin to what you’re packing.
      Do your buddies a favor and upgrade to something less antique. At least they can use it when they split up your gear.

      • Yeah, think I’ll trade my ol’ gray haired Pappy’s Pennsylvania deer rifle in on a brand new Remington 700 .308 with all the bells and whistles and maybe even have some change left over. May as well trade the 300 rds I have for it to but I’ll keep one box just because. You’re only the 2nd person I have encountered in the past 20 years that knew .348 = Model 71. Go U!

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        GS, never said to sell or trade it away. ALWAYS KEEP IT!
        I said upgrade. Buy or trade for something a little faster and more accurate. That’s all.
        Model 71’s are one of the smoothest and slickest Winchester lever actions ever made, evolved from the Model 1886. .348 brass almost dried up, folks were cutting them down to make .500 Linebaugh pistol brass and there were none to be found. Grab any you find, it is basically obsolete.
        Truly a wonderful rifle, just not a great choice for what you need today.

      • SF, well THAT would be my choice, to keep it, finances permitting.
        Been wanting a Rem 700 for a LONG time now. I inherited the Model 71 back in 1980 along with a 1917 Winchester Model 12 12ga. my dads Penn. pheasant gun, whom he inherited from his dad. There’s some history in those 2 guns. What caliber would you suggest for a Model 700, .308? Or .30-06?

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        Several of my friends have the Rem. 700 PSS in .308 Win. They bought 5 and got them for under $500 ea. from a local gunshop. The rifle seems to shoot nice, one guy has a Shepard scope on his and constantly makes 600 yd. hits. with cheap FMJ ammo. Stay away from the really cheap scopes. Get at least a Burris, Pentax(American) or even a Jap Weaver, they all seem well made for the low end scopes.
        The 30-06 is a great caliber, but ammo isn’t as readily available as it once was, with surplus FMJ almost non-existant. In a modern defense situation, .308 will be the most common of the two. And more affordable today. Good luck.

      • Thanks, .308 it is, consider it done.

    • Answers

  3. What about a 10 gauge with a 28″ barrel and a full choke? That might be effective against the ones that fly pretty low.

    I think the only answer is for FreeFor to fly their own. Give your local militarized “fusion center” and spineless federally-funded “sheriff” a taste of his own medicine.

    Maybe send the sheriff a few pictures of his wife working in the yard taken from 200 feet up. That would get his attention.

    • An Estes model rocket with a 12ga slug in the nose, launched directly under the drone passing overhead.

  4. Might be better off just jamming the snot out of their radio links.

  5. Might be better off just jamming the snot out of their radio links

    N ow yer talkin’!.

  6. I would prefer getting to them before they launch the drones. Kill them, take what’s useful, then burn everything else.

  7. We must have several ways to fuck this monkey.

  8. Make friends with pilots, dump friends.

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