Georgia PATCON – 31 Mar/1 April – Hold Date

Georgia’s in.

Of course, our patriotic brothers and sisters from around the Southeast are invited, too.

Location to be announced asap upon conclusion of admin details, but site recon done with positive results.

Think central Georgia, with ample support on site for vehicle, RV, and tent camping, along with possible inside space. Standard interstate exit support within 20 miles as well.

Draft outline below; please provide feedback in comments below:

Day #1:

0800: Colors

0815-1000: Core team assemble/make coffee/complete preps

1000-1100: Meet/greet; coffee/doughnuts

1100-1500: Split at attendees’ discretion, with field lunch supplied by each attendee:

a) range time, or
b) discussion of next steps by provisional group of volunteers

1500-1630: Free time/clean what needs cleanin’ (so core team can make sure all set to gather for 1630)

1630 – 2000: Pig roast/social time — readout from “next steps” team at 1730, with “next ‘next steps'” call for volunteers to begin at 0900 Sun

2000: Colors; close of day

Day #2:

0800: Colors

0815-0845: Field chapel for those desiring to attend

0900: Next steps teams meet as individual groups

1200-1400: Working field lunch per individual supply, with readout from individual groups and resulting capture of next ‘next steps’

1400: Close event, with agreement on date for next meeting NMT 60 days hence

More info asap.

20 responses to “Georgia PATCON – 31 Mar/1 April – Hold Date

  1. theelectorretards

    Great work gents.

  2. That’s GREAT CA!! good luck to you all. WINTER gathering in Penns Woods a go for sure last weekend of March.
    GO DIXIE!!


  3. Well done Gentlemen!!

  4. Count me in for snuffy work as needed.

  5. Craig Cavanaugh


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  7. Sound off if you plan to attend

  8. PapaSquirrel

    If I can work out my schedule I may venture out of the woods up here in north Georgia for something like that. Usually keep to myself, but nowadays I’m starting to think that having friends of a like mind will be helpful if not necessary.

  9. Hoping to be there. Time to put the south east on the map.

  10. Nice. Been hopin’ someone would have one closer to Fl. May He bless us all.

  11. I see mention of “colors”, I certainly hope that’s either the Georgia state flag (the real one, not the one in this thread) along, or the Georgia flag and the last flag of the Confederacy. Any display of the US government’s national textile would be an outrage.

  12. Please post more details as info becomes available. I would love to attend.

  13. Prairie Fire

    CA: Hard for me to imagine how you continue to do good work after running into problems that would have shut down a lesser person. My best to you, and as they say. on another venue… 73s to you.

  14. I guess I should have mentioned, I’m likely to be in attendance. We’ll see how that goes.

    May I invite the SNC and the League of the South?

    • Pat:

      Anyone who can make it and who meets the following “qualifications” is more than welcome to come:

      1) You see the expansion in government power that has occurred over the past twenty years,

      2) You understand what that expansion means today and tomorrow for the cause of individual freedom in this state/region, and

      3) You are willing to work for individual freedom in the state/region.

      If you are in agreement with each of these fundamental concepts, we look forward to meeting with you.

      In attending, folks will also understand that there will likely be regime elements present and who will likely looking for any reason possible to discredit each of us. Don’t give them that reason.

      As to the colors, I get what you are saying. My thought is First Navy Jack, Culpepper Minute Men, Sons of Liberty, Gadsden, or Grand Union.

      I also like this one:

  15. I would like to attend if possible. If someone’s taking email addresses with the intent of notifying us initerested parties, please email me at GunRights4US AT

    Thank you!

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  17. If I wasn’t attending “Wood badge” the same weekend, I would attend.

    Will have to catch everybody at a subsequent event.