Frikkin’ Lasers

Oleg notes; key quote:

FDA-regulated lasers top out at 5mW, while these range from 300mW to about 2W in a variety of colors. The other interesting feature was the adjustable lens, so the laser could be focused into a tight dot a mile away or a 12ft “flashlight” circle at a hundred meters…


And useful.

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  1. And having worked with lasers in this power range you can go blind in an instant even if you are a highly trained specialist in this area …. while I don’t like the idea of the government telling us what we can and can’t do I also don’t like the idea of some idiot blinding me for life. Problem is that a gun goes bang and we can emotionally connect with the death it causes. Laser pointers are used already to paint airplanes and all sorts of other interesting objects — if you up the power levels being used you can blind the pilots on take-off or landing.

    Then again what do you get when you cross a nerd and a redneck? Somebody who says “Hey y’all watch this” and blows off the other guys testicles by mistake … (has to put the beer can with the cherry bomb in it between his own legs so he can use his fingers to plug his ears …. older joke if you don’t get it).

  2. MIG and TIG welders do the same thing to sight. Its a tool just like a fire arm. We dont need regulation on any of these things. Know the danger and act accordingly.

    • Hey G1,
      I was going to leave a comment like the one you did at Olegs place and you beat me to it!
      I was a bit suprised by all the crying there!
      Man the F up indeed!


      • For real!
        I understand the need for safety considerations but lets keep it in context. “Be carefull you can hurt yourself or someone else unintentionally. Now go forth and burn shit”!!!

  3. Hugh:
    Yes. The downside is that some yahoo could blind a friendly pilot.

    The UPSIDE is that some PATRIOT could…… never mind.

  4. Welders do it up close … within a few hundred feet at best. Lasers in this range if properly focused will blind you at 10’s of miles. The Nortel technician that blinded himself with a laser did it from about 40 miles away … of course it was pumped into a piece of fiber optic cable etc. but you get the idea. Idiot had to turn on the far end and when he took the fiber out of his mouth to attach it, swept his own face.

    So yeah, agree 100% with its a tool and all. I’d love to see safety classes a la the NRA Eddy Eagle though. Because let me tell you having seen what such an innocuous little device can do I am scared that somebody who hasn’t seen a laser blinding will play with their “flashlight” and cause some real grief.

    That being said the 2.2 Watt violet laser kit is on its way to me before the Federales figure this one out.

      • Shorter wavelength = higher power on target at range (generally) i.e. it is less affected by atmospheric crap. This is why the sky is blue 🙂 Blue/violet passes through all the stuff in the atmosphere more readily than longer wavelengths such as red which is almost infra-red which is really absorbed by about anything out there.

        Yeah the kids hated asking “why is the sky blue” questions with me because I had all the answers.

  5. Come on, guys. This subject has been going on two blogs and not once has someone said, “it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye”?

    Is the sarcasm machine dead, or something?

  6. Reboot snark generator in 3…2….1

    [sfx: snap of electric arc]

    Should be good to go now…

  7. The Watchman

    Got to play nice with this one………Link Below…

  8. Hmmm. Could one of these rapidly end violence in what is supposed to be a gun free zone? Would it slow down a troop of stormtroopers in your house?
    Attach to a motorized security camera and operate remotely.

  9. Any idea which color – blue, violet or green – would be most effective if used in an anti-personnel role? How about against cameras – in drones, surveillance, or speed/red light uses? I seem to recall reading that IR was good for low-light surveillance cameras.

    BTW, I’m currently living about 40 miles s/o Cedar City, UT 🙂

  10. The Watchman

    I have a friend that has the Arctic- Blue Light–1000mW, that he paid $299.00 for…. He did pull up to surveillance camera, not straight in front of it. As he says…”Down away to the side”… He gave the side of the camera two blasts from his laser… Burned a hole through the side, as he said within 15 seconds, and shorted out the unit…Tried the laser on a few spare tires he had on the rims… Blew them apart in 3 seconds…I watched him burn holes in wood, plastic, metals….Hard metals may take longer, like minute, to a minute and half….Powerful Laser….

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  12. The all seeing eye of Big Brother – now THAT’s an eye that I’d like to blind!