70 Years

Seventy years ago today, Frank the Cripple issued Executive Order 9066, which initiated the internment of Japanese-Americans in series of “war relocation camps” across the West.

Remember the Time magazine cover below from 2008?

Keep it in mind as things get sporty during the coming summer of discontent.

Be an Irreconcilable.


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  1. Rumor has it they are staffing and stocking the FEMA camps. I wonder who those are meant for?

  2. Illegal immigrants & Mooslims………..bwahaha…….not!

  3. Resist we must!!!!!”

  4. Semper Fi, 0321

    Nothing has changed either. Even today, your neighbors will gladly see you escorted away because you own guns and are a threat to their ‘freedom’.
    Whatever spin they put on it, it will work again, for how quickly we forget history(or never learned it in the first place).

  5. We have to keep in mind how many people profited IMMENSELY from the property seizures when the Americans of Japanese descent were rounded up and sent to concen… seminar… internment camps. My stomping grounds as a kid were sprinkled heavily with lands taken from those people, and they and their descendants were my neighbors. I attended an annual state fair upon whose grounds these folks had lived for several years, within barbed wire fences….

    The same thing is about to go down, without a doubt. But the conflagration will be local, rather than overseas. Choose and act.

  6. I lived in Rohwer AR, zip code 71666, imagine that, the single rail track next to the camp still exists, Hellish heat in the summer, snakes, twin engine mosquitos. Now, there is a poorly maintained monument to the horror that was. I took my son, of Chinese descent there. I reminded him of what is possible, I told him I would die defending him and his Mom should this happen again, I told him I expect you to do the same. He said he would. He is 14 years old and knows more American History than the average American college Graduate. He is my Son. A Rifleman.

  7. There are some of the usual suspects that don’t worry about this kind of thing because, after all, it was only people of color that got interned.

    They might want to note that the previous war-time progressive, Woodrow Wilson, interned white, Protestant American citizens of German birth at Ft. Oglethorpe, GA and Ft. Douglas, UT.

    Here is the full New York Times article on the details of the internment:


  8. Nubbin-Finger Jake Roedel

    Knitebane, thank you for pointing out the internment of white Europeans during the 1st WW. However, like many, you are mistaken in your understanding that during the 2nd WW, only “people of color” were robbed of their property, stripped of their citizenship, and sent off to the camps by those nasty white racists in power at that time. It is a liberal canard that only the Japanese Americans suffered. Those same nasty white racists in the Franklin administration also rounded up and interned other nasty white racists – of German and Italian decent – on the suspicion that they might be future Fascists.

    In fact, there is even a German American Internee Coalition (http://www.gaic.info) that seeks to educate the public about the U.S. government’s detention and internment of over 11,000 German American and Latin American citizens of German decent during World War II. If you read the history of the mechanics of setting up the administration of these camps and how .gov “found” these “enemy aliens” among us (did you accurately fill out your Census form in 2010?), then you can understand how it can happen again this next time with even greater efficiency.

    Also, at least the Japanese were allowed to stay in the US after the war. Before it was called Rendition, in 1942 the .Gov initiated “exchanges” of approximately 2,650 internees for Americans citizens held in Germany. Six exchange voyages carried many families to Germany, including American-born children and U.S. citizen spouses of German alien internees. As the war progressed, travel across the Atlantic became increasingly hazardous. Upon arrival in war-ravaged Germany, “exchangees” were unexpected and unwanted by their families. Many were suspected of being spies. Families with young children had to make their own way to family homes through hazardous countryside carrying all their worldly belongings. Some men were beaten and arrested by the Gestapo as spies and put into German camps, leaving families destitute again.

    I guess the point is that FREFOR should not underestimate the evil that our free and democratic Government (OPFOR) will do to our people to ensure the survival of its kind and secure its power base.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Something wrong with FEMA Camps map. Disinformation?
      Heart Mtn, WY has NOTHING there. A small visitor center was put up recently, nothing else but desert and farms. NO FEMA CAMP! yet.

    • Most of the “information” on your map is outdated. 2008 is the best you can do? Checked on the few close to me, empty farm fields. Not a single black helicopter to be seen.
      Just because there is (or was) a military base at a location does not mean that the .gov will build a camp there. Some of that land has been sold off or given to the state/local governments.

  9. There is one at Atterbury in Indiana tho. Right next to the 600 yd rifle range. huh?

    • Saw that, and I’m about 15 miles from there in Bean Blossom. I looked it up on the map and didn’t see any large buildings to house *criminals* but maybe they intend to just fence in areas of open land and let em die off as the weather turns bad.

      2 years ago, on an early Sunday morning drive out Gatesville Rd, just past Larry Byrd’s house (yeah, THAT guy) there was a small convoy of military vehicles and white Chev Tahoe’s with blacked out windows and some sort of insignia on the doors, pulled over along the road and men in suits and shades and soldiers in BDU’s running up and down the line on cellphones and handheld radios.

      I’ve been to that range, once, and promptly left and never fired a gun or spoke to anyone there. Was waaay to military for me.

  10. NO… Best I CAN UP WITH…. You Decide… Dated… April 12, 2011



  11. That so called FEMA camp map is bogus. No offense but lets avoid spreading disinformation because it discredits true info. If folks would take the time to look into that map and clear the old empty locations off it you may find actual camps. Until thats done this map serves to do nothing but paint with a broad brush the “paranoid patriot” movement.

  12. I’m glad that some of you spoke up about these “Fema” camps and let everyone know that there’s nothing there. My group was planning some recon once motorcycle season opened up in my area to confirm on nearby sites.

    Another example to keep your circles tight and small. Who knows how or why this info was posted on the net as “fact”. IMHO, ‘ware the meetups too guys. Go see, but be very, very cautious, else you’ll be joining the Hutaree in their new substandard Fed housing.

  13. Your POINT WELL TAKEN…. Iam sorry for posting this information, that I recieved. I should KNOWN BETTER… I should have researched to make sure it WAS/IS real. Be sure it will not happen again….As been mentioned the worst thing is to put out false information…IT will not happen again………………

  14. Understood,
    Dont let me discourage you guys from confirming things yourself. Like I said this map needs to be vetted its possible that there are a few actual FEMA or government locations on that map. Thats the problem with disinfo. It will contain actual information or at least enough to give it creedance. But once some of the info is discovered to be false it tars the rest. I checked out a couple of the locations on that map local to me. Nothing there. Is it possible that a “camp” could be set up quickly on a big open space? Yes no doubt, but there is nothing there now so its nothing I am wetting my pants over.

  15. Gotta agree with folks: don’t get spun up on Alex Jones-type conspiracy Truthin’.

    This map, though, is an excellent historical teaching aid: “America has had concentration camps, just like the USSR and Nazi Germany. Here, let me show you where those camps were located, and the Executive Order that authorized Americans to be sent to the camps without charge, due process, or trial. What has happened before can happen again.”

    The facts alone are ugly enough.